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Instructions for creating a pillow of satin ribbons

pillows tapes

Decorate the interior and create something with their own handsIt is not difficult if there is a clear and detailed instructions, some free time and the necessary materials on hand. We offer you an original idea for decorating pillows tapes.

pillows tapes

The singularity of this cushion will be tomaterial for the production, we will create a cushion cover of satin ribbons. For the project to succeed, you must first decide what colors will be executed decorative pillow case and accordingly, choose a pre-set bands. Finding your way in the color solutions will help the interior, which will be a pillow.

To create a cushion of tapes we need the following materials and tools:

  • satin ribbons of different colors (the same length, width varying from 1 to 4 cm)
  • set of pins,
  • otrez cotton fabric on the lining,
  • cloth backdrop of pillow,
  • thread in the main color of the product,
  • scissors,
  • sewing machine.

pillows of satin ribbons

Select a flat surface,preferably with cork or rubber covering, which is easy to stick the needle in this case it is quite hard to make it convenient to operate. Lay and fix the needles on the corners, procurement of tissue the size of a future pillowcases pillows of satin ribbons, she will play the role of the lining.

pillows tapes

The next step is to create a cushion of tapes: iron iron tape, it is best through the tissue or at a very low temperature. The field which, in order of colors spread sequence or randomly. Tapes must be the same size in length. Each tape anchoring pin on top, leaving the bottom edge free.

pillows tapes

The next step in creating cushions most of the tapesCreative. You need to pick up and to pass a horizontal strip. It is interesting to select a combination and immediately went to see the result- shade or not. Each tape fasten both ends of the pin. First, the left edge, and after netting and right.

Continue to "weave" the pillow of satin ribbons,to the desired length, then fasten all free edges with pins and cut all unnecessary. Before the crucial moment stitching bands on the sewing machine, it is recommended tack them to the lining fabric wide stitches. In this case, the work on the machine will be easier and not have to correct the "cage".

We sew our pillow of satin ribbons. Tapes pristrachevaem to the lining, the back of the pillow sew two rectangles to overlap each other.

To create a consistent look and feel to the rear of the cushion of the tapes, instead of the standard buttons, sew a pair of ribbons.

pillows tapes

Decorating almost completed and now your belt pad will look pretty, not only from the front. Your pillow of satin ribbons - ready!

pillow of satin ribbons

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