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Ideas for Christmas Decor

Christmas and New Year - the most elegant andmagical holiday! How to create at home a real winter wonderland - just include a magician, and the most simple and unpretentious objects, you can create something extraordinary, mysterious, warm and sincere, sparkling and shimmering ... one word - fabulous!

Bright Christmas holiday decor ideas

Beautiful and original ideas

Christmas balls

To decorate the stylish and original ChristmasChristmas tree, it is not necessary to buy expensive Christmas toys. To create a unique design just buy the cheapest plastic Christmas balls. An important point - on the beads should not be drawing! They can be different colors, but always plain and dull. From beautiful pieces of fabric, old handkerchief, napkins ... and other nice tekstilnooy fabric cut out the same or similar motifs and pasted them on the Christmas tree balls. Such balls will no longer be anybody! Even the Queen of England! They are one of a kind! And your tree is also unique!


Christmas snowflakes out of paper

What kind of Christmas and New Year without provocative snowflakes!
The simple tracery element can be a wonderfulChristmas decoration of your home. So it's time to arm themselves with scissors and snowflakes remember cutting equipment: a square sheet of paper folded and cut off as shown in the figure, and then cut out the patterns shown on the template, or any arbitrary patterns.

There is a more interesting way of "materialization"snowflakes out of paper. Amazing snowflakes indescribable beauty that will please you more than a new year, we can make in quilling techniques. This is the art of paper filigree (bumagokrucheniya) when thin slips of paper twisted unusual flowers and ornaments. To produce kvillingovoy snowflakes we need: white paper quilling (flake of plain paper is too fragile, paper weight should be like a sheet of landscape) scissors, ruler, toothpicks, paper cutter, PVA glue.


Snowflake in quilling techniques

Use scissors to cut off the sharp tips of the toothpicks(Photo 3). On the one hand toothpicks paper cutter make a small incision in the middle of, a depth of about B1 cm (photo 4). This will be our main tool!
Now do the blank paper. Standard strip for quilling should byt3 IIM width i27 IIM length. As for the length, you can not particularly bother - let it be equal to the length of the sheet, but the width is better to observe. Carefully cut paper into strips of predetermined length and width (photo 5-7).

Create a spiral - a basic element bumagokrucheniya: We take the first strip and carefully insert it in the edge of a forked toothpick tip and twisting in a tight spiral. Important! We turn not paper, and a toothpick! Do not hurry! Fusilli should get a smooth and neat! Carefully remove the spiral with toothpicks, put on the table and give it a little loose (photo 8-11).
On the edge of a twisted strip in a spiral dripa drop of PVA glue, presses the tip and admire our crumbs! (Photos 12-13) Such spirals have to do as much of your snowflake to be constituent elements. In our case 57!
As seen in the figure, not all the spirals of oursnowflake have a circular shape. If you look carefully, you can see the delicate "droplets" and "eyes". To obtain a drop of the spiral on the one hand slightly presses his thumb and forefinger (Picture 14-15). If the spiral press is not one and the same time on both sides will not "drop" and "glazik" (photos 16-17).

When all elements of the future will be ready snowflakes,add them to the pattern and glue together the droplets of glue. Admiring their manmade masterpiece and hung on a string in a prominent place. Beauty! And pleases the eye and creates a festive mood!

Unique home decorating ideas for the New Year

We decorate the house for Christmas

Christmas bouquets

Why limit Christmas decorations Christmas tree? Especially if it is artificial. And what about the unique pine scent of Christmas and New Year? To revive the space home, infuse it with the joy of anticipation of magic and wonder to help Christmas bouquets made of fir, pine and rowan twigs, cones, balls and festive tinsel.


As a basis for the original bouquet canto make a beautiful bottle, basket, boots, shoes ... to a bunch of fresh pine or spruce branches stood for as long as possible and do not crumble, use floral sponge. New Year's composition perfectly complement red apples, tangerines, nuts, honey and gingerbread, anise stars and cinnamon sticks.


Stylish Christmas composition of dry branches

Very impressive look of Christmas compositionsdry twigs! They can make a serious competition even Queen celebrations - Christmas tree! The branches can be left in its original form and may be coated with a bronze or silver paint for greater elegance.


Candles and Christmas

Create a fairy tale long winter eveningsIt helps defiant glimmer festive garlands and warm lights of candles that drives away darkness and gloom, all lurk in their dangers and fears. The warm living flame candle happy eyes, mesmerizing, reassuring, and creates the magical comfort. Festive candles bizarre shapes, gold and silver Christmas candles and quite tiny svechechki well will look like in the New Year ekibanah and solos, for example, as a solemn highlight of the New Year to decorate a table or mantelpiece.

If you want to go back to the fairy tale and feelherself a princess in a magical castle, use in a festive decoration of long thin candles in colorful and stylish wrought iron candlesticks vintage chandeliers. Wide low candles can be placed in a deep glass candlesticks - mysterious fire glare glass will give the house a special charm. Well, if a glass bowl, bowl, candy, jar of punch or ordinary glasses filled with water, scattering the pebbles on the bottom of the sea, and let go in "free floating" candle-pill, get a magic lighting for a romantic New Year. For more interesting and unexpected effects you can experiment with the color of water.

Beautiful and delicious ideas for the New Year

Tired of traditional Christmas toys? Make a candy from the Christmas tree! Appetizing Gourmet-tree in sweet decoration especially appreciate the ability to pull the kids on occasion with sprigs of lint.
Perfect biscuits, honey and gingercookies, nuts, small tangerines and apples, and of course, candy wrappers and beautiful gold wrappers. Give them a New Year's glitz and glamor will help powdered sugar and white icing. Powder can be sprinkled lightly and spruce branches, so that even the snow on our Christmas tree was sweet!


Christmas-tree toy with their hands - orange with cinnamon

To create this beauty, we need stickscinnamon, oranges, beautiful elegant ribbon for a bow and a cute rope or thread hanging. Oranges sliced ​​and send it in the oven to dry them thoroughly. Cinnamon sticks tied with a golden rope, tie to orange, and the top do loop. As a final touch to the eyelet tie bow.


Photo Christmas decoration ideas with their own hands


Christmas decorations






Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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