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How to sheathe siding house with his own hands: step by step instructions

Finishing Siding - a decoration, which refersfor exterior use and is designed for any residential or commercial buildings. This cladding is also applicable for old houses because the light weight of the structure is not able to damage the foundation.

The popularity of the siding is growing over the years, due to:

  • relatively low cost;
  • long life;
  • high technical qualities;
  • easy care;
  • good protective properties;
  • large selection of colors and textures.

The big advantage is that any structure can be given a modern look with their own hands, to save money on the services of specialists.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

Which siding choose?

Depending on the architectural featuresbuilding and its various types of operating conditions may be used siding. Differ material strength values, the load on the skeleton, maintenance features.

  • Vinyl siding made from PVC, and distinguished panelparameters depending on the manufacturer. It is well imitates wood paneling, brick or natural stone. Excellent is adjusted for any exterior. Among the benefits highlighted resistance to deformation, ease of material resistant to atmospheric agents. The disadvantage is that when installing the linear expansion must be considered that when the temperature drops the material is not subjected to deformation.
  • wood siding produced using antifungal impregnationantiseptic and must pass quality dry factory. This will protect the material from mold and parasites breeding. Often used for decoration of cottages and country houses. The advantage of this type of siding is a good thermal insulation. The disadvantages are a fire hazard, the need for staining, small lifetime.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

For finishing buildings can be used aluminum. zinc-coated and steel siding. A more considered decorative aluminum look that mimics the structure of the tree, and lends itself well to dyeing. This material is not afraid of changes in temperature and does not rot. The disadvantage is the ability to be deformed and the likelihood of corrosion.

  • Cement siding manufactured from high-quality cement with admixturescellulose. This type of finish effectively simulates the noble finishing stone. This material can not be influenced by atmospheric conditions, does not rot and does not burn. But siding is heavy, requiring enhanced framework of the organization and complicates its installation.
  • ground siding is a cement or PVC panels,that faithfully replicate the structure of stone or brick. This material is available in thickness greater than 3 mm, as is set close to the ground and can be exposed to moisture and various injuries.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

Materials and tools

To perform work on the installation of siding required tool:

  1. Scissors, cutting metal, a Bulgarian, a saw.
  2. A hammer, square
  3. A set of screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers.
  4. Construction or laser tape measure.
  5. Folding ladders.

Today, together with the proposed sidingaccessories for decoration of houses of different configurations. When you purchase the buyer is sufficient to indicate the dimensions of the walls, the presence of windows, type of roof and the consultant will calculate the right amount of material and trim elements.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

The paper used the following accessories:

  • The outer corner closed the ends of the material.
  • Internal angles combine the material with each other and with the wall surface.
  • Wind dokoy and spotlights sheathe cornice.
  • The starting bar mounted on the perimeter of the house, except for doors and gables.
  • J-profile, connect the extension, a roof and hide different levels of height differences;
  • Window bar and flow framed windows.
  • Ebb and drain the bar is set on the perimeter of the cap.
  • H-profile panel siding connect with each other, if you want to add length.
  • Siding.
  • Galvanized screws make installation of the material, it is better to use screws 25-35 mm in length that provides the necessary clearance of 1 mm.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands: step by step instructions

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

Preparatory work

In the course of the preparatory work is done dismantling walls protruding elementsIncluding doors, gratings, casings. Around the door and window openings must be sealed slit. Wall surfaces should be cleaned by removing dust, dirt, mold, broken away old trim.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

Install furring

The panels must be fastened to the furring. For vinyl used Profile wooden slatsWhich should be treated pre-antiseptic and dry. For metal siding is better to establish a framework of galvanized profile.

Laser tape measure or level on the wallsare marked by straight lines to form a closed circuit. The following outline is carried out below, at the level of the cap, measuring the distance to the corners of the walls and finding the minimum rate to the cap. At this point it will be set starting strip. This process is very important because it affects whether the entire cladding panel skew.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

At the corners of the wall mounted vertical guides, They are installed with U-shapedelements. These elements must fit tightly to the wall, this can be achieved by using spacers made of wood or foam. The guide should be placed with a pitch of 30-40 cm. Near the window and door openings the number of guides are added for additional mechanical load. The vertical guides to each other do not need to be connected, it promotes good ventilation.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

Thermal insulation and waterproofing

Wooden and are made of aerated concrete building should necessarily have waterproofing. Insulation is installed by the owner. Preference is better to give a membrane with a water- and windproof properties. If you decide not to apply the insulation, the membrane is attached to the wall surface, while retaining space for ventilation. When using insulation, waterproofing material set the top layer, then set the crate, providing venting space.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

Mounting guide elements

The work begins with the organization of drainage in the base. The upper part of the element is located on the planned line. water drainage - A rigid element that is easy toset in a level position. Corner profiles are fixed firmly with screws in the holes located at the top of the element. The following screws need to be screwed into the middle of the hole.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

Door and window openings are framed by J-profiles andwindow bars. H-profiles when mounted vertically adjusted with the level. It is provided in a gap of 5 mm at the ends to prevent deformation during expansion. In the area of ​​the roof is installed finishing strip.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

Mounting panels

Panels are beginning to set whenall additional elements are mounted. The lowest number is assigned to the launch bar at the bottom of the lock element. The panel is attached with screws to the upper part of their twists every 40 cm. In the same way all other install siding panels, with each next rising up to the roof. Siding must be mobile, So you should not mount it too hard. At the top of the structure sets the finish panel.

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands?

How to sheathe siding house with his own hands: video

Siding - is the best way to quickly updatelining the walls of the building and protect from the effects of atmospheric phenomena for many years. With proper installation and compliance with all the requirements of the life of this trim is about 30 years.

The process of installing the panels is not complicated and understandable even to professionals. It is enough to watch the video installation, read the instructions and guidance and you can safely get to work.

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