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How to save electricity in the apartment: 7 useful tips

Monthly calculating the amount of payment for an apartmentEach of us thinks it is possible to save on utility bills. After a communal "eats" the lion's share of our revenue. Fees for services are growing steadily from year to year. In July 2015 the increase was 7.5%, and is projected to increase by 5.5% on July 2016. Unfortunately, the majority of our fellow citizens wage is simply not kept pace with rising prices. On payment of communal average family in Russia spends about 11% of its budget, and 7.5% of Russians do not have enough income to timely and fully pay off the debt.

This article will try to find out as much as possiblesave on electricity. 73% of citizens of the Russian Federation on a monthly basis consume up to 150 kWh of energy, so their consumption does not exceed 750 rubles (at the rate for Moscow). But 25% of energy use is greater than this limit, so their consumption may reach 3,000 rubles. Of course, everything depends on the rates in your locality.

In addition, by reducing energy consumption, we care about the environment. Less consumption of the population - less power is generated, and this leads to a reduction of emissions into the environment.

Control of energy consumption

Save electricity: 7 useful tips

Tip 1: Replace conventional light bulbs to energy saving

The average coverage of 20% of the total consumption of electricity in the apartment. If you have not yet installed in the apartment energy-saving lamps, Is to fix them. Incandescent lamps - it's very expensive. It would seem that they are much cheaper, but consume many times more "housekeepers."

A leader in energy saving - LED lamp. According to various estimates, the work of a light bulb by 50-90% cheaper than incandescent lamps work. For clarity, a comparison with such conditions:

  • a day indicator lights 6 hours
  • tariff for 1 kW is equal to 4.5 ruble,
  • calculation of the bulb 1 with average characteristics,
  • payment for a period of 1 year.

Control of energy consumption

Control of energy consumption

Benefit: the above table shows that the use of LED lamps around the home can save 87% of costs in the light. That is, in general, the electricity will have to pay 17.4% percent less.

Control of energy consumption

Tip 2. Install multi-tariff counter

Another effective way to save electrical energy - is tariff meters. The principle of its operation is thatalone device takes into account the energy that was spent from 23.00 to 7.00, and the one that was spent in the rest of the time. Yes, the vast majority of us are sleeping at night, but the technique is still running. For example, no one turns off the refrigerator overnight.

Residents of big cities often get up at 5-6 am, sotime to get to work, so in that time of high energy consumption, for which you will pay a reduced rate. During the night is spent around 30% of all electricity, which is 3.9 times cheaper than the rest.

Here settlements. Conditions:

  • Rates for Moscow in 2016,
  • payment for a day;
  • monthly energy consumption - 150 kW.

Control of energy consumption

Benefit: differential counter will save 14% of electricity.

Tip 3: Acquire high-quality household appliances

The modern household appliances, there is an important parameter, which we often do not pay attention. It is called "energy efficiency class". To save energy, you need to choose a technique, a class which is not lower than A. Consumption in such technology below the standard for 58-70%. Typically, cost-effective equipment is much more expensive than usual, but he acts the same principle as with LED light bulbs: more expensive, but consume less.

Benefit: assess the real benefit from the use of such devices is difficult. Economy is in a wide range from 5 to 30%. All depends on the energy efficiency class, the number of instruments, the frequency of use and other. So, in 2012, Head of REA tehdepartamenta Shishkov assessed possible level of savings of 20-30%.

Control of energy consumption

4. Turn off the Board! And once again off!

It is important not to forget to turn off electrical appliances,you do not use, from electrical outlets. Even if a microwave oven heats nothing but plugged in, so to speak, is "on standby", it consumes electrical energy. Yes, in small amounts, but remember all the devices, which are also "waiting". As a result, accumulates a significant additional expense. Interestingly, even consume chargers that we forget to pull out from the socket after charging the device.

Conclusion: savings of 1.5 kW per month. More precisely it is difficult to say because it depends on the number of electrical appliances in the apartment. Percentage of e / e savings in the range of 1 to 5%.

Control of energy consumption

Tip 5: Tricks with electric

Electric stove can be shut down for five minutes until cooked dishes. She did not have time to cool down this time. That is, if the plate consumes between 4 and 8 kW / h, the thus possible to save on 0,08kVt 0,15kVt per preparation, with the proviso that only one burner working. In calculating the monthly savings amount from 2.4 to 5 kW, if the cook 1 time per day for 1 burner.

Substantial savings occurs if the pick dishes right diameter. When we put on the plate of smaller diameter pot, the heat is spent on heating the air.

Benefit: 1% of the total consumption per month, depending on stove and frequency of cooking.

Control of energy consumption

Tip 6. Do not buy electric kettles!

If the apartment has gas, the existence ofelectric kettles should forget. Modern gas cookers use a minimal amount of energy, because it is only necessary to set fire to. Gray kettle on the gas, the cost of electricity is not.

Maker considered the "monster" onenergy consumption. On average, its capacity is from 1.5 to 2.5 kW / h. Suppose we Gray tea three times a day for 5 minutes. Daytime energy consumption equal to 0.38 kW to 0.63 kW per day. For a month, respectively, out of 11 kW to 19 kW.

Tip for those who can not refuseelectric kettle: warm only as much water as you need. Water can not warming for the future, because it is cool, and heating consumption will increase. Tea should be regularly cleaned to remove scale, because it increases the amount of energy consumed.

Benefit: without using tea, 73% of families in Russia will be able to save energy by 7%.

Control of energy consumption

Tip 7. Position the refrigerator

Fridge - a device that neverturn off the network. Modern refrigerators consumption varies depending on various conditions. They are "adapted" for the environmental conditions. Therefore, it must be placed farther away from light and heat sources (aside from the windows and the batteries). From the walls must be a gap of at least 10 cm to the device to effectively cool, and not to spend extra energy. Modern refrigerators consume 20 to 40 kW per month. Proper positioning of the instrument will allow to spend the least possible amount of energy for him.

Benefit: saving can reach 5%.

These simple 7 tips will help reduce energy consumption by 2 times! This is a significant saving of the family budget.

Control of energy consumption

The device for saving electric energy: the truth or "duck"?

Now there is an active device advertising, whichcan reduce electricity consumption by 30%. Manufacturers guarantee its effectiveness, and to provide evidence of the quality and conformity certificates. But it is necessary to be realistic! Can not save the device included in the socket!

It should be easy to think, how can a smallbox, no larger than a mobile phone to save energy? It just violates basic laws of physics. For example, the law of conservation of energy. Therefore, the statements of this kind should be treated with extreme restraint.

Control of energy consumption

Control of energy consumption

Let no devices that are "like magic" save electricity, but there are those who supervise its expenditure. Now the attention of consumers presented automated lighting control systemWhich are suitable for a large apartment or house. A holder of ordinary apartments in high-rise buildings suit the individual elements of the device. For example, motion sensors and presence, through which the light will be switched on and off without the participation of the residents of the apartment. The benefit is that you can not worry about that, did you remember to turn off the lights.

Using light sensors are well suitedfor switching on and off of street lights around the house or at their summer cottage. The light turns on or off automatically, depending on the sensor. electric power consumption rate is optimized.

Conclusion: with careful attention to the consumable electricity can significantly reduce your monthly utility bills and the harm caused by our environment. It is necessary to educate themselves and their children a culture of respect for the consumption of electricity!

Control of energy consumption

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