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How to place the bed in the bedroom, or the secrets of a restful sleep

More recently, we have already published an article on the topicYour bedroom according to the rules of feng shui, which describes all the details of planning a successful bedrooms. Nevertheless, we would like to highlight the theme separately bed accommodation in bedrooms, and not only in terms of Feng Shui, but also by the simple layman, who is interested, above all, the practical side of the issue.

So, let's define some basic rules of placing your bed, which will ensure healthy sleep and rest.

Choosing a bed

The bed should be in the first place - comfortable, in a tough measure, the ideal option would be the mattress and the bed can be a framework of flexible slats;

Next - the question of functionality, whether you want a real bed or sofa bed. Of course, in this regard, much depends on the size of bedrooms and apartments as a whole;

And the third is the question of its appearance - it should be suitable to the rest of the furniture and decoration of the room.


The choice of location for a bed

Ideal would be if you have a small alcoveor alcove for the bed - then you will have a small apartment "mink" in which one can always lie down. Why do so many people love the small, compact place, even from childhood - the answer lies in our psychology, it's also connected to the womb, which was very cozy, comfortable and safe. So many people and seek to place the bed at least one wall, or love to do the bedroom of the attic space;

Next rule - it is one with fenshuy- not necessaryput the bed in line with the door and window. It often happens that in the standard layout of the apartment windows and doors are the same and are in line. So, besides the fact that it's bad feng shui, so still and not very convenient. After all, if someone would go to visit, when the door is open, it will be able to see the most private place in the bedroom - the bed. Do not forget about the drafts that are always drawn from the window to the door, and it is fraught with colds;

Standing at the window bed is not always convenient,because bright sunlight or noise from the street, you may wake up periodically. But if there is no other place to bed, take care of good dense curtains that will help keep your peace.

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How to place the bed in the bedroom

Let's consider options for the location of the bed in the bedroom on the example of a single room.


Bed against the wall. Convenient location.

Head of the bed near the window. Failure decision should not pristavlyat bed headboard to the window. With such an arrangement is not enough support, reliable rear, because of your head there is no wall. If you are forced to sleep headboard to the window, the window for the night curtain blackout curtains.

The bed in the bedroom center. Unfortunate decision, because with this arrangement, the bed is not "support" in the form of a wall.

The bed opposite the door. Failure decision should not pristavlyat bed opposite the front door. If the configuration does not allow room to place another bed, put at the feet of some object which would have separated her from the door - screen, bookcase, or a wooden lattice with climbing plants. This item should be above the level of the bed

important details

If you put the bed against the wall, do not hang onher anything heavy or bulky, it's all for the same reasons creates discomfort, and in addition, a shelf or some things may sooner or later fall right at you in a dream. The same applies to the low chandeliers;

Try to place the TV or the computer as far as possible from the bed - it will help keep your vision, and harmful radiation will have time to dissipate at a few meters away;

If you love to read, take care ofAdditional light source, as well as a small table or nightstand, which will be able to store books. It is also good to think of ways the light switch in close accessibility to the bed, then you do not have to get up to turn it off, being in the dream state;

There is one important caveat - the heavy blankets andblankets will keep you from normal sleep, because all night with their weight they will put pressure on you, and do not give change posture freely, so be careful in the choice of bedding;

in addition to linen pillow is an important issue forSleep - on its quality and form very often depends on your sleep. As is often the case when in an uncomfortable position to sleep for the night - in the morning will be a headache or something worse - could jam the nerve. Therefore theft, as well as the mattress should be moderately soft and comfortable.

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