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How to make paving tiles with their hands?

The most suitable material for paths andcovering areas is paving slabs. Garden paths can be made from different materials - wood, stone, plastic, rubber, concrete. They can be combined, to paint and to give them a variety of forms. Proposal stores huge, but it's all you can do yourself, and a big plus is that everything you can also add your own design. In this article you will learn how to make paving tiles yourself.

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How to make paving tiles with their hands?

paving slabs manufacturing Principles

Produce tiles for your own gardenhands and give free rein to their imagination just enough. The only thing you need to remember before starting - it will take some time. But you can save and create your own design of the landscape.

The main thing - is to choose quality materials,to comply with the technology of manufacturing and sustain the allotted time. Then your work will not go to waste. In addition, if you have a creative thinking, you can implement a truly unique design. The quality of the tiles, made with his own hands, of course, in any case will differ from production, but for the cottage footpaths is absolutely critical.

How to make paving tiles with their hands?

Materials and tools

As for the tools - you'll need containerOr a large bowl (can go up and bucket) to prepare a mixture; also need measuring jug or cup. Find a tool to stir this mixture itself - you can use a special attachment for drillsMini mixer or vibrating table. These instruments are classified as professional.

Also you can use Master OKTo align the figures, and for making themselves figures - molds. You can buy special forms to fill orthe creative approach the building. You can create shapes of different shapes, using any containers that do not fall apart when pouring the mixture. These may be all kinds of containers, plastic containers. You can make your own formwork.

  • The main component of high-quality tiles - cement. Take cement m 500 m or 300, the other is not worth taking.
  • SandBest river, sifted. Valid small pebbles - they will make your tile on the contrary stronger.
  • Water. You can take the same river, it must be clean. Not in any way dirty, stagnant.

How to make paving tiles with their hands?

To produce a colored tile should be used inorganic pigments are resistant to alkaline conditions, temperature, light and weather.

When you create sets using all their imagination! For example, laying the mixture in the form, attach to the surface of the previously plucked leaves of the plant; very beautiful and exotic looks fern leaves. Then, you can immediately remove them, that they would not get stuck, and pattern. You can not just put leaves - also suitable flowers. fruit. pebbles; the latter can not clean up. It looks beautiful stones in the concrete tile when the top is sprinkled completely pebbles and allowed to dry. So you can do inscriptions which will remain on the tile forever.

How to make paving tiles with their hands?

How to make paving tiles with their hands: step by step instructions

Now down to business. To begin prepare himself solution. Take cement and sand in the ratio 1:3, this is the best ratio of ingredients, mix in the container for mixing and gradually add pure water. Water must be added so that the solution has turned out not thick, but not liquid, that is, it should not be, and the pieces hanging on the walls, but do not have to be quite liquid. If it is too thick, you can not mix the ingredients and form a solution is not distributed properly. If it is too thin, it will worsen the quality of the tiles, it will be less robust.

To improve the quality and durability of the tiles can be added Dry water-repellent additive for gidroezolyatsii, they are good because they do notpenetrate into the pores of the concrete, and provide a barrier to gidroezolyatsionny surface. No matter how well they prepare and thoroughly concrete, it will still be pores. You can also add armirueschee fiberTo improve durability. All must be mixed as thoroughly as possible.

How to make paving tiles with their hands?

Filling weight

To fill in the form of a solution, the form itself must be handle greaseFor example Emulsol or approach any oil. But if you buy a special form for the tile, then perhaps it is not necessary to grease, then you must read the instructions. Then pour the solution. You can pour the solution to half and put iron bars and then fill out the form completely. This will give greater strength of the tile.

How to make paving tiles with their hands?


In production use block-making. With self-manufacturing of tiles at the time of casting is to create vibrations (you can perform a fill solution on the table shaking it, so the solution excess air in the solution is distributed evenly and disappear). if you have shaker apparatusThen you can use it. It is also worth trowel immediately remove excess to shape and surface.

How to make paving tiles with their hands?

staining methods

If you want to produce colored tiles, you should make use of inorganic pigments. Can be used iron oxide pigments which is composed of iron oxide. Add worth 4-5% of the cement volume. The more consistency, the more intense will be the color of the tiles.

The color also depends on the color of cement, which is why clear guidelines for adding no color.

There is a second way of painting the tiles - this painting has made tiled in the color you want. But this method is not durable and helmet can slip away with time.

How to make paving tiles with their hands?

Drying and removal of tiles

This is followed by the drying step, which is no less important. The form is removed in shady place cover with foil and leave for 3-4 days. Concrete strength increases only when wet so the solution is a bit wet, which would maintain moisture.

After three days, you can remove the tiles, butto act when it is necessary to very carefully, because she did not have time to collect the necessary margin of safety. Further cost put in a dark and dry place 2-3 weeks, preferably maintaining the humidity during the entire period. Complete drying is achieved after about a month after casting. It is then possible to lay it on the site.

How to make paving tiles with their hands?

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