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How to make a rug out of the bottle corks?

The mat of tubes from bottles can be usedhallway or in the bath, because he is well absorbs the liquid and is not afraid of moisture. Make it your own hands is very simple, it does not require expensive materials or special skills. This mat is suitable for any interior, but will look especially good if the space is designed in an eco-style.

Pad caps from bottles of how to do it yourself


To make mat plugs, you must first save themselves cork. For a small-sized products need about 150 pieces, if you want the carpet a little more - and plugs have to be more.

In addition, you should:

  • cutting board;
  • emery;
  • Knife (sharp);
  • base fabric (as a basis we can take the rubber mat, rubber cloth, soft plastic, canvas);
  • glue (super glue, hot glue);
  • a rag to remove excess glue.

Pad caps from bottles of

Do yourself mat plugs


Plugs should be cleaned with detergentfacilities. If among them there are traffic jams of red wine, soak them overnight with bleach to mat stoppers from bottles failed "spotty". After that, be sure to rinse several times under running water and pat dry. Further work is performed only after complete drying. Each plug cut in half, sand the cuts. Do it on the board to avoid injury.

Pad caps from bottles of

The basis

As a basis for the mat of tubes suitablesoft plastic, rubber or dense tissue, and even durable canvas. You can take an old mat, if they are strong enough. From the basics of the future carve mat, and cut it out. The size depends on your desire, your preferred shapes - rectangle or square.


After preparatory work formanufacturing carpet of corks from bottles are finished, you can proceed to the main operation. Lay tube, from the edges and moving to the center. You can do this in a row, it is possible - alternating directions to form a pattern. If at the end of the work found that traffic jams are not included in the remaining space, they must be neatly trimmed.


The final and most important stagecreating a mat of tubes - sticking them to the substrate. The order of operation is the same as that vykladyvanii - from the edges to the center. Immediately remove excess adhesive with a cloth. Try to keep each half cork fell on her pre-reserved seat.


It remains only to give the carpet to dry and treat the bottom and edge sealant if desired, to prevent moisture from seeping through.

Pad caps from bottles of

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