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How to hide the pipe in the bathroom is not in mounting the wall?

Water and sewage pipes, elementsplumbing violate designer appeal bathroom. Masking technical channels of communication helps to hide and protect them from accidental damage. In this case it is not necessary to spend money on the reconstruction of the wall partitions or seek the services of professionals.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom is not in mounting the wall?

Before starting work, it is worth considering some of the subtleties and regulations:

  • When laying the pipe connections must be selected the shortest path. This will help reduce the number of connections and bends and save space in a small room.
  • Before insulation constructions worth check the pipe for defects. Later repairs and complete replacement of the channels can be a serious problem and an unpleasant surprise.
  • It is important that access gates and cranes. To do this, in the structure of a podium or a false wall organizes special latches and doors, which will, if necessary quickly to block the water.
  • Insulation plastic pipes - The most practical option. In the iron and steel in an enclosed space is formed condensate that will lead to the appearance of mold and corrosion.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom is not in mounting the wall?

What is a false wall?

Artificial wall isconstruction of drywall and finishing material. After the pipe repaired, and key bindings eliminated defects, begins the construction of the frame. It is being built from galvanized profile, which is sheathed with plasterboard panels.

Galvanized profile is reliable and durable. The frame is characterized by low weight and the weight stamina, which prevents mechanical deformation. Raised walls of this type can be decorating pottery or tiles.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom is not in mounting the wall?

The advantages of the raised walls are:

  • Aesthetics. This option is finishing successfully entered into the structure of the room. Wall looks like a natural element of planning and does not stand out from the rest of constructions.
  • Reliability. Raised walls are generally isolated large space are massive constructions differing resistance.
  • Accessible. In the structure of the walls can make an extensive door through which easily penetrate to the valves and taps. This simplifies the repair of the pipeline.
  • The speed of erection. Build a false wall is convenient due to the massive structure. not necessary to isolate the individual tubes and connections, operate on complex geometric shapes.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom is not in mounting the wall?

How to build a podium?

The box is the mostcommon type of structures in which masked by water channels. Most podiums are used to isolate the local connections, but we can not exclude such a decision in the case, if you want to hide from prying eyes a pipeline riser.

  1. Construction begins with a podium Profile mountWhich is fixed on the walls and floor with evroshurupov.
  2. When using the self-tapping screws fixed guides. It is important that the distance from inside the box to the pipe wall of the podium exceed 3-5 cm. Otherwise, inside the structure formed humidity, and it is an ideal environment for mold and corrosion.
  3. Plasterboard fit initially on only side surfaces andthen the top panel. It is necessary to think in advance the location of technological holes, through which you will access the pipes for inspection and repair.

The easiest way to decorate drywall or PVCpanel by paint. On the shelves STROYMARKET presented special types of water-resistant formulations that can withstand constant climate changes. Pottery is more expensive, but looks presentable and lasts longer.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom is not in mounting the wall?

How to apply blinds?

Installation of roller blinds is relevant for complex plumbing systems, which required a continuous and fast access. In the same frame of galvanized steel profile, instead of the front wall is set roller shutter systemFor opening and closing movement of which is sufficient.

Externally, the blinds look like old fashioned style decorative panel. In the open state occurs in the wallthe vast opening that helps you to quickly change the pipe, meter reading or close process valves. Blinds, as a rule, are universal in terms of design and well written out in the interior regardless of the color choices.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom is not in mounting the wall?

The advantages of roller blinds include:

  • Thick insulation. When closed, the shutters completely seal the interior of the frame. Lack of technological holes eliminates the ingress of moisture and dust.
  • Corrosion resistance. Roller shutters made of metal-plastic material. This means that prevented the formation of rust and rot, mud divorce. Wash the shutters can be by any means.
  • Durability. Professionally trained mechanism is designed for long-term operation. Shutters are not deformed and do not lose geometrical shape.
  • Comfort. In the open form of the shutters do not interfere with the inspection of pipes do not interfere if you want to dismantle plumbing parts.

Nedostavok shutters - cost of. Independently make blinds impossible. Systems are sold as a finished product in professional organizations. Therefore, the pipeline isolation by such decisions requires a certain budget.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom is not in mounting the wall?

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom are not mounting the Wall: Video

In the video, shown below, illustrates how in just a few minutes to prepare a working platform, mount a metal profile and sheathe plasterboard.

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