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How to make a panel of plants?

composition of dry plants

Decorate the interior, make it unusual forforces almost everyone. You do not have to go to the store for decorations for the house, the usual accessories or look cheap or depress their triviality. Unusual and interesting art objects are often copyright, and the value of their production is not always justified. You can create something unusual, beautiful and fashionable with their own hands. A good option for realization - panels from plants. Make a composition of dry plants to decorate the wall quite simple, see for yourself.

We need:

  • acrylic paint (the color is chosen based on the desired effect)
  • reliable, quick-drying glue (best gun melting or superglue)
  • water-based lacquer (it's best to lag in the cartridge, you can use hairspray)
  • brush for applying the adhesive, a broad brush to paint
  • the same size under thick sheets of paper blank background (specify the number for the desired number of tracks)
  • harvesting of dried flowers and herbs (you can prepare yourself in the summer, can be purchased in one of the departments handmade)
  • frame with background canvas.

For the basics of the most suitable paper for watercolor. In this paper great to go to the paint, the sheet remains flat and smooth. The composition of dried plants should be placed on pre-primed mini sheets. So we put on the ground sheets, do not forget to podstelit paper or tape on the desktop. Broad brush put on a sheet of dense layer of acrylic paint. The paint is applied monotonous movements from top to bottom. We apply a prime coating all the sheets.

kompozitsiyayu of dried plants

After paint on all the small platescompletely dry, apply the adhesive on the reverse side of the sheet, and in turn is glued to the main canvas. The main canvas wishes also you can paint in any suitable color.

composition of dry plants

The example in the photo used by its base panels of each plant, you can enroll in any convenient way.

Further, the most interesting, a composition ofdry plants. First, you pick a combination of stalks, try on, cropped and spread to the optimum, to your mind, picture. When all stems laid carefully, one by one, begin to stick them onto the base. Glue dries very quickly, and rearrangement of already pasted part will leave a mark on the paint, so it's best to play it safe.

panels from plants

Once the plant is completed the panel and all the blades of grass on the ground, apply the varnish to dry plants, paint will protect the composition from dust and scratches.

You still combine all the small plates on a common basis, in the paste composition of the frame and decorate one of the walls of the house an authentic decoration.

panels from plants

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