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How to calculate the flow fabric on the curtains?

Consumption of fabric on the curtains

To correctly measure the consumption of fabric on the curtains, it is necessary to define two main parameters: length and width of the finished products of the future.

calculation of length

Please note that the length of the calculation is done withoutaccounting and undercut the bottom and the top of the curtains, this option will be added later. To calculate the cloth on the curtains, measure using a metal tape measure the distance from the place of fixing the curtains to the eaves to the desired length thereof.

  • Length up to the window sill. In this case, it is recommended to do curtains a little above the level of the sill, about 1 cm. Then they will move easily, without touching it.

Consumption of fabric on the curtains

  • The average length. Not bad look curtains coming down to 10-15 cm below the sill line. In addition, this embodiment can reduce tissue consumption by curtains.

Consumption of fabric on the curtains

  • Full length. One of the most traditional and favorite design options window openings - floor-length curtains. In this case, we need not measure the distance to the floor surface, and slightly higher. This will prevent the fabric from fraying, the curtains can be washed less frequently, and they last longer. Drop-down on the floor curtains will certainly look impressive, but quickly become useless, and prevent conduct cleaning.

how to calculate the fabric on the curtains

calculation of width

To calculate the cloth on the curtains, it is necessary to take into account,how it will be attached to the fabric of the cornice, and how will the lush curtains. The last parameter takes into account the thickness and width of the folds in the curtain in a fully open state.


Before you start your measurements, it is worthhang a curtain rod - it will need to calculate both the length and width of the curtains of the future. Typically, the distance from the top edge of the window to the eaves in the range of 7.5 to 12.5 cm, with the width of the window he must act at a distance of not less than 15 cm, to be able to fully release the window opening of the curtains.

To bend nicely when sewing the curtains on the sides, it is necessary to add 10 centimeters on each side.

How to calculate fabric on the curtains are designed, for example, a standard window opening and a standard-height ceilings?

In this case, the cornice length can be 2 m, the height of the curtains (to the floor.) - 2.6 m that they are not too lush, assembly factor of 2 will take.

Consumption of fabric on the curtains

Consumption of fabric on the curtains

Blind: tulle

Consumption of fabric on the curtains of tulle made the following formulas:

Height: The height curtains + allowance + bottom hem allowance to hem top
In our case, we have 2.6 + 0.15 + 0.10 = 2.85 (m)
Width: length x cornice assembly coefficient, or in this case 2 x 2 = 4 (m).

Curtain: curtain

Flow tissue blackout curtains made using the sameformula, with the only difference that it, unlike tulle made of at least two parts. Therefore, the height will be the same, but the width of the resulting need to divide by two.


Do not throw away the pieces of tissue left over after cutting curtains. Of these residues can sew decorative cushions, tiebacks, and other decorative elements.


If the pattern is repeated on the curtains length,when sewing the curtains have to adjust drawing on their junction. To this end, the fabric must be taken with a reserve by an amount of rapport (repeating pattern on the fabric). If the rapport has a length of 60 cm, the fabric should take 60 cm more than the turns of convenience.

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