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Decoupage furniture wipes his hands: step by step instructions, photos and videos

Many people are accustomed to perceive furniture as asomething permanent and not subject to change ... Furnishings, tend to buy rare and expect to use them for a long time. And this is justified: the furniture is not cheap, this part of the interior is quite heavy and it's just hard to carry out any manipulation. What do you do if the new funds for the purchase is not expected, and update the situation like? You can try to make skillful hands and decorate old furniture using decoupage.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

A bit about the history of decoupage

The French word «decoupage» translated intoRussian language as a "cut." It came in decoupage technique into our lives more fully in the XX century, but the origins of this decorative art go to a distant XII century, not French history, and China. Cut a piece in the country decorated their homes with Chinese poor.

Mentions about decorating paper cut out pictures of furniture to be found in historical documents in Germany and Poland. They date back to the XV century.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

The highest point Decoupage art celebratedin Europe in the XVII century. It was at this time has become a popular furniture imported from China and Japan with beautiful inlay. However, such furniture was not affordable for many who want to buy it, and brought such items in limited quantities.

It was then, and be smart and smalltrick specialists mahogany from Venice. They just carved oriental motifs of paper and pasted on the surface of furniture, covering them with the number of multi-layer lacquer. 30-40 layers of lacquer cabinetry had applied to achieve similar to imported from Eastern countries furniture.

Local Venetian craftsmen evaluated their "masterpieces" are much cheaper, so they willingly sold out.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

Following the furniture like simulation images began to stick on the walls and ceilings of homes. Basically, it is done by people of low income, trying to follow the fashion in the interiors of wealthy people.

Gradually decoupage began to win over the hearts of the ladies, and turned into a means of decoration different female subjects and gizmos: fans, screens, boxes.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

Have changed over time, techniques and materials, but remains the most important thing - the decoration of something with the help of the skillful use of decoupage principles.

Today decoupage technique is an integral part of such styles as Provence and Shabby-chic.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

decoupage techniques

There are five main types of decoupage:

  1. Straight (the image is pasted on the outer side of the object to be decorated or things).
  2. Reverse (use for decorating glass transparent surfaces, in this case the picture is glued to the back face side of the glass object).
  3. Volume (part of decorative elements intentionally done above all others, for that use many layers of decoupage pieces or special modeling mass).
  4. Smoky (this type of decoupage is to simulate the art of painting, the boundary between the image and the surface is almost invisible, around the figure appears smoky halo).
  5. Dekopatch (the entire surface of the object is glued pieces of paper from a diversified one material - napkins, corrugated, sheet of paper, etc.).

Selecting the decoupage technique depends on the ideas decorator, style design in all areas, which will be "embedded" with decoupage items.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

Materials for decoupage

Decoupage does not require large amounts of material.

Due to the presence of the image of the paper and the appropriateadhesive can be obtained excellent decorative element. There is a small caveat - to give individuality and nobility, jewelery in the technique of decoupage, and may require additional materials.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

The use of paper

Like the pictures of cards, colorfulmagazines, labels and even wallpaper - all of which can become the object of which is glued with decoupage. Calendars, notes the newspaper, wrapping paper in the capable hands of decorators can find a second life as a decorative element.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

Napkins helpers

Basic materials that are available and the price, andQuality and Diversity - paper napkins. You can use regular towels three layers and a small four-handkerchiefs of paper. Sold these wipes and economic super-market, and needlework of specialized shops. Buying napkins "Handicraft", you can buy them individually by the single, which you need for creative ideas.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

Maps for decoupage

It is on sale and special glossy carddrawings - themed paper sheets of different sizes, which are grouped into so-called decoupage card. These "helpers" for needlewomen can be produced in a bilateral format (reverse decoupage) and several identical copies (to give volume).

Advantages decoupage cards is that theylittle torn when wet, almost do not change size when gluing. If the swipe is bonded mainly on the bright surface, the fragments of decoupage card can be used on dark surfaces. Maps are very flexible and resistant to abrasion.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

textured paper

In large decoupage and glass surfacesYou can use the rice paper. It is easy to handle and cope with it applying even novice needlewoman. The only requirement when working with it - do not cut the pieces and pull. Paper fiber, easily falls on the surface. The raw materials for its production - rice straw.

Napkins made of rice paper will give the product an original and unusual appearance, because they are the same object shape (because of the fibrous structure).

There is still a banana and mulberry paper, which is also like decoupage master. Rough and loose, this paper includes a variety of inclusions, it is used in the background and textured coatings.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands


To decoupage product looks neat andquality, it is necessary to acquire a water-based adhesive. Of course, it is best to use a specially designed adhesive, but failing this, you can use an ordinary PVA.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

Materials for surface coating

For staining, aging surfaces used:

  • acrylic and oil paints;
  • pigments;
  • metallic paste;
  • bitumen.

To cover it was like a gold-plated, used potal, metallized foil.

Materials used by decoupage master, not limited to the above, in fact there are many more.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands: step by step instructions

Plenty of room for your creativity and realization pans decoupage in life - furniture. For starters, you can practice on something inexpensive - baby chair, stool, coffee table.

Having decided to change the look of your furniture using decoupage, use these step by step instructions:

  1. Create in your head or on paper the project that we want to receive as a result of decoupage.
  2. Acquire the necessary materials suitable for the plan (decoupage cards, napkins, glue, varnish)
  3. Sanded surface of the furniture using fine sandpaper.
  4. Fill the pores of furniture (if any) special agents.
  5. We cut a piece of cloth, which will be glued to the furniture.
  6. After cutting the necessary fragment, separate the "extra" layers leaving only the outer, patterned.
  7. Coat with a fragment of glue with a small brush. It is possible for the convenience of having it on polyethylene or stationery file.
  8. Carefully, so as not to damage the cut piecenapkins, drag it onto the prepared surface of the furniture (it is very easy to do with the file), and iron brush, trying to "kick out" all the bubbles and smooth out all the creases.
  9. After waiting for a fragment of dry (do not rush !!!) cover pasted image with a transparent varnish, water-based.

Decoupage furniture wipes his hands

It is advisable to repeat the last point at least three or four times, and the time between lacquer coatings should be sufficient for drying the previous layer (at least one hour).

Decoupage old furniture with his own hands: video

Decoupage - great for transformationold but dear to the furniture. What if furniture is outdated, and you do not have the funds to purchase a new one? What if the piece of furniture is very dear to you and presents some important piece of your life?

You can try to change the appearance of old furniture, resorting to the help of decoupage.

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