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17 spectacular bedside tables, which can be easily done with their own hands

Unusual bedside tables.

Square bedside cabinets with pull-outbox - standard bedroom furniture. But these habitual patterns are not able to decorate the interior of the room. The desire to acquire interesting tables is understandable, but at the same time do not want to spend large sums to purchase them. Explore spectacular models of bedside tables that can be done with their own hands.

1 drawer - Wall

Laconic bedside of the box.

Neutral drawer of the old desk, painted in the appropriate color to the interior, could become an original bedside table. It is only necessary to close board suitable size.

2. Return to nature

Bedside of a segment of the log.

Natural wood will fit in almost any bedroom interior. The main thing - to make straight cuts to cabinet was stable.

3. Musical furniture

For lovers of retro style.

As countertops for the bedside table serves shellac. The legs are made of thick wire or use ready-made, which can be purchased at the furniture store.

4. New life of old cells

Large, but visually light bedside of the cells in the interior of a bedroom.

Large cage for animals can also replace the bedside table. It remains only to make a wooden countertop suitable size.

5. Unusual cabinet of the usual boxes

Simple but spectacular from a nightstand drawer.

The simplest way to make a bedside table of drawers - is hang it on the wall. Lovers of more sophisticated solutions we recommend to fasten to legs box.

6. Wood Collection

Tables of blockhouses want to consider.

A set of wooden log cabins, fastened together, create a glamorous nightstand. To the furniture lasts for a long time, do not forget about the special impregnation for wood.

7. Fun swings

Suspended cabinets are ideal in the interior of a small bedroom.

Hanging shelves perfectly cope with the role of the bedside table. It remains only to prepare the board the right size and fix a few hooks on the ceiling.

8. chairs instead of tables

One type of furniture is easily converted into another.

Regular chair replaces the nightstand. We recommended to choose the wood pattern of unusual design or use some chairs of different sizes.

9. For the most intelligent

from the books of tables.

We are all accustomed to the fact that on the nightbedside table lay a book or magazine. So why not make a night table of the books? For it to be sustainable, they cover can be glued together with honey or a tie belt.

10. On the garden - bedroom

Bedside of barrels will last for many years.

Inverted metal barrel would be extravagant bedside table. To drum-side table served for a long time, treat it with anti-corrosion compound.

11. The vertical movement

The staircase will replace the nightstand.

Conventional ladder can serve as a venue to host a variety of relevant detail - from books and clothing to the lamp with a clamp. paint a ladder in an unusual color, if desired.

12. Multifunction pallets

Fancy tables of pallets.

Pallets are a real boon for loversdoing things for the house with his own hands, especially furniture. Among them will produce and nightstand. Feet purchased in a furniture store or unscrewed from old furniture.

13. For lovers of minimalism

Bedside table in a minimalist style.

Two small boards, fastened togethermetal corners - and unusual Regiment, replacing the nightstand, ready. If you do the holes in it, such a regiment may serve as the basis for the placement of hanging lamps.

14. Extravagant console

Interesting bedside console.

Any old furniture on the legs, from whichdrank half may be unusual bedside console. For a truly impressive effect dye it a bright color. Then the bedside table will surprise not only the shape but also the color.

15. From the old drum

Bedside of the reels.

Bedside tables from the drum does not evenIt will have to be further processed. Just put a musical instrument, to which there was no direct application, next to the bed. Another option - use a metal drum of a washing machine, do not be repaired.

16. For lovers of brutal interiors

Bedside table with a male character.

In the interior of a bedroom in the loft perfect fitbedside table of a concrete building block. If the porous surface seems attractive enough, it may be coated with acrylic lacquer.

17. For the eternal travelers

Tubochka of old suitcases.

A couple of suitcases there in every house in the attic or in the pantry. Of these, you can make not only spectacular, but also a spacious locker.

Bedside tables are important, but equally important to take care of the interior of a bedroom in general. For example, to animate it environment, using one of the 16 new ideas.

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