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13 best toys for cats, which can quickly make your own hands

Toys for cats with their own hands.

Surely kotovladeltsy often notice that theirpets are more willing to play with objects, accidentally found in the apartment, than with toys from the store. The reasons for such behavior of animals are inexplicable, but the fact remains. Therefore, instead of once again spend money on toys for cats, it is better to make them their own hands out of scrap materials. Share simple ideas that tell us how to entertain your pet quickly and easily.

1. Play Station fluffy researchers

Toy from the rolls of toilet paper.

Glue rolls of toilet paper in differentpositions on a piece of thick cardboard. Inside they put little things that attract the attention of a cat - for example, large buttons, beads. The cat will try to get them.

2. For a few pennies

This toy will entice the cat for a long time.

At the core of the roll of toilet paper, do a few holes in a chaotic manner. Pass them through a cocktail tubules, bright scraps or pompons. This animal toy will take a long time.

3. From a favorite carton

Cats love cardboard boxes.

Well-known fact that cats are partial tocartons. Use of this feature out of the box and make a game station. Inside the box - small items, and on top - bright cords that will also attract the cat's attention.

4. Mini-coil with protection

Simple but interesting cat toy.

Giving a cat to play with the usual tangles orcoils can be dangerous, as it could choke thread. Therefore, we offer little to upgrade this option cat entertainment. Roll of thread an average density of the ball, leaving one end free. Then, wrap the ball of the conventional foil. Cats love it rustling and soft luster.

5. Second Life remains of water pipes

Toy with their hands in PVC pipes.

From the remnants of the water pipes can be donetoy for a cat with his own hands. It is only necessary to connect them with the corner pieces, which are sold in any hardware store. You also need to cut holes in the pipes a little longer legs cats, and put into different stuff. The cat will try to get them.

6. Soft pom-poms

Pompons - a classic toy for cats.

The pompons on a string - a favorite toy of many cats that do not get tired of it for a long time. Ready-made toys can be hung on the door handle so that the cat was trying to get them.

Pompons on the door very attracted cats.

7. Make a cat out of a sommelier

Toys from the traffic jams.

Cats love to play with wine corks becausethey are light. You can just give the cat a stopper, but if you have some free time - make a more complicated toy. For example, tie a hook or attach its bright feathers, ribbons.

This toy can be a favorite for the cat.

8. For the handy people who are friends with a needle

The toy can make a couple of minutes.

Sew a simple toy for a cat person, able to handle a needle, can for a couple of minutes. We recommended to choose the fabric of sufficient density, for example, wool or felt.

Toy for cat jellyfish.

9. From the T-shirts that gathering dust in the closet

Old T-shirt can be useful.

For the manufacture of such toys for your catold hands need to knit T-shirt. Cut it into thin strips, add them together and tie a knot. To the cat was interesting, be sure to use the T-shirts of different colors and different densities on the jersey.

10. Disposal of cardboard

Toy for a cat with his own hands, with the manufacture of a handle and a child.

Corrugated cardboard, used to make largeboxes, useful to create for a cat toy. Cut out of it a lot of circles, each of them make a small hole in the middle. Then nanizhite them on a piece of lace, tying it to the nodules.

11. The bright scraps for the cat

If put into shreds catnip, the cat is crazy about them.

Cut scraps of square shape. To fill them suitable foam, scraps of fabric, thread. To sack caused an increased interest in the cat inside it you can put a little catnip.

12. If the child was left without a pair of socks

Toys from children's socks.

The method described in the previous paragraph, will make a toy for a cat with his own hands from the children's sock. Just fill it with something soft and tie a knot on.

13. Cat Fishing Rod

Cat fishing rod with his hands.

A thin wooden stick, a strong thread and flatthin fabric - that's all that is needed for production of cat fishing rod. Fold the fabric overlap, using a needle thread the string through the strip. The free end of the thread around the tie rods.

When it cats entertainment resolved, it relieved a lot of free time. Why not spend it on improving the interior of your home? For example, to get acquainted with 15 tricks that will turn children into child's dream room.

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