What to do in the hallway floor: a review of materials combining their IT options

Among the common types of coverings for the floor in the hallway and it has low cost, and high-end materials, from linoleum to natural stone. Each embodiment has special properties.


  • Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone
  • Linoleum - the diversity of variations
  • Laminate flooring in the hallway
  • Parquet or wood block flooring
  • Features carpet
  • Embodiments of combining different materials

Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone

Natural stone - a rare visitor in the typicalapartments. It is durable, exclusive and can last you forever, but too expensive - the most common breeds are from $ 300 per square. meter, and the average price of exclusive colors is $ 1000 or more. In addition, natural stone can demonstrate their solemn grace only on large areas - for example, in the design of the front group of a country house.


Stylish floor tiles in the hallway of a private house

Choosing the material, should give preference to coatings that are characterized by:

  • wear resistance;
  • insensitivity to moisture;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • impact resistance;
  • stylish design.


The glossy surface is easy to clean

After such prices the cost of ceramic tilesIt does not seem shocking - an average of $ 15 per square meter. meter. To make the floor very strong material selected from the respective outdoor collections. Most often, they are highly accurate imitation wood or natural stone - water- and abrasion-resistant, easy-to-laying. But keep in mind that tiles - cool stuff. He will serve you for a really long time, but using it can be uncomfortable, especially if you are used to travel around the house barefoot.

If for you the main thing - practicality, choose a tile 3-4 class durability for the PEI, as well as the categories A or B according to the degree of chemical resistance.


Ribbed tiles will not slide

Council. Among contemporary collections - options with glazed, frosted, embossed surface texture. From smooth gloss on the floor in the hallway should be abandoned, since it is too slippery to stay safe coating.

Advantages of porcelain

Porcelain is characterized by frost,chemical resistance, minimal water absorption, and its density - more than 18 kg / m². m. In this segment, you can select products with a matt, embossed or polished surface. There is also a granite with a perfect geometry for seamless laying - rectified. The price of standard material - about 8-20 dollars per square.


Natural stone floor hallway

By the way, ceramic is not only very durable andimpact-resistant, but also dyed throughout its thickness, so that the color remains the same regardless of load level for the coating. However, it is believed that such material - is too expensive for the corridor, where such a significant strength is not needed. Because granite is able to last for about 50 years, and the repair is more often in the corridor.

Linoleum - the diversity of variations

To make an entrance hall you can choose from three types of linoleum:

  • marmoleum (natural);
  • PVC, artificial;
  • tile.

Features of PVC linoleum

Artificial Linoleum islaminate based on PVC. It is classified by the level of durability - it depends on the thickness of the upper protective layer, which may be in the range 0,15-0,7 mm


Linoleum on the floor in the hallway

  • consumer class - for unloaded premises, with a lifetime of no more than 5 years, the price - up to $ 10;
  • Semi-commercial, is able to withstand 10 years of operation, cost - about 12-14 dollars;
  • Commercial, for public premises and designed to be used for 25 years, worth more than 20 dollars per square meter. meter.


Linoleum patterned under the laminate

Council. For the hall better to choose a semi-commercial coating grade. It is characterized by ease of installation, relatively flexible, but it does not form dents after brief pressure. You can choose any stylish design - from imitation of natural materials to the expressive abstraction.

Tiled linoleum

If traditional linoleum - It is a rollFloor, let out a standard width, the tile is a separate module that can be easily installed in rooms of different shapes and sizes. This material is a multilayered "pie":

  • vinyl elastic base thickness of about 0.5 mm;
  • reinforced base of solid glass;
  • the foundation of flexible vinyl and quartz sand - a stabilization layer, providing constant geometric dimensions;
  • decorative - rugged paper with a pattern or texture;
  • polyurethane protective layer - protects from abrasion and UV exposure.


Paul laid out the individual plitochek

The panels provide effective cushioning andit is very pleasant to walk. You can also choose different shapes plitochek - square, rectangle, hexagon. They differ on the type of surface and - for the house best suited glossy, matte and textured.

Linoleum - Marmoleum

Marmoleum and linoleum are producedof cork, jute and resins derived from vegetable oils. The structure also includes antiseptic additives - turns Ultrasafe coating, which is also characterized by high resistance to chemicals, household chemicals, moisture. Indicators of the strength of the material is also very high - 160 kg / sq. See, that is, you can move the heavy cabinet or discover underneath dents.


Paul can be laid out colored modules

As for the graphics, here designerdelights you will not find - a material often monochrome or unobtrusive texture such as "salt-pepper". But he painted the entire thickness, and even if it is abraded, then the figure is in no way affected.


And it is possible - from the black-and-white

Important. Available as separate marmoleum plitochek that facilitates the laying and enables you to collect simple drawings of colored modules. However, it can be installed only on a carefully leveled the ground. Furthermore, brittle material that it requires careful transportation.

Laminate flooring in the hallway

Laminate - a multi-layer coating for the floor, inwherein the base plate used in the high-density fiberboard. The middle layer is a decorative layer of strong paper and the upper protective layer. There are 6 classes of the laminate according to the degree of resistance to wear - 21-23 refers to the "home" coatings, and 31-33 - to commercial.


For the hall better to choose a durable laminate

Taking into account the load on the floor in the hallway, hereappropriate to use commercial coating 31 grade, stable at high loads, exposure to moisture and dirt. They are strong enough and, besides, easy to install - to connect the ends of the modules are special studs and grooves. The cost of such a solution - about 18 dollars, but if you prefer a modern collection with high moisture resistance, then the price will rise by another 25%.


Photo: light laminate floor hallway

Mount laminate and a special levelingsoundproof substrate. You will also need a plinth for fixing the assembled fabric on the perimeter. By the way, the laminate coating is considered to be suitable for the local repair - purchase several replacement modules and you can replace them if necessary, quickly restoring the floor to its former appeal.


Laminate floor hallway and corridor

As for the design, the laminate collectionVariability incredible - they can simulate various types of wood (from bleached oak to wenge), ceramic tiles, natural stone or weathered even natural leather, metal.

Parquet or wood block flooring

Under the piece parquet floor of the wooden understoodbrusochkov stacked various techniques. Such elements may be produced by standard drawings of Christmas trees and the square, and can create a unique artistic figure in the palace art.


Parquet drawing

Parquet is incredibly durable, but demanding andoperating conditions and care - it must be periodically varnishing and avoid prolonged contact with moisture. The cost of this floor with a standard figure - about $ 100 per square meter, taking into account the preparation of the base and the use of lower underlying layer of waterproof plywood.


Wooden floor in the hallway is usually trail cottages

You can also use the floorboard - it is in the range of 30-50 dollars per square differs from the parquet larger dimensions and structure. This material provides 3 layers:

  • veneer of valuable wood species as the top decor;
  • Medium stabilizing layer;
  • a lower cushioning layer of softwood.

But the parquet board is too susceptible to dirty shoes, constant moisture and household chemicals.


Parquet floor in the door area faster require repair

Council. If you want to arrange the hall flooring made of wood, use in an area near the door special absorbency mats or combine several types of coatings.

For example, directly at the entrance can be laidceramic tiles, and then for him level - coating of wood. Their share compensation inserts stoppers for regulation when the temperature drops.

Features carpet

Carpets and carpet rolls canbe natural and artificial. Natural material - this is pure wool or a mixture of fibers of animal origin on the basis of jute. He's too well absorbs water to be suitable for laying in the hallway.


Carpeting on the floor in the hallway

Therefore, the best choice would be artificialcoating - a synthetic jute at the bottom and top of the polyamide type synthetic fiber, polyester, acrylic, olefin. This carpet is able to last for 5-15 years old and is located within 8-15 dollars per square meter. meter. The most expensive and durable is considered a nylon carpet.

Joining carpet with another material using a nut

The material also varies according to the processmanufacturing - considered the most reliable weaving, which yarns are interwoven with the top of jute base. In tufted (tufted) coatings thread attached with glue, and the resistance to dirt and moisture is retained. Lay the carpet onto the substrate and fix the double-sided adhesive tape. As for the design, in this segment, you can choose coverage with small patterns, geometric patterns, stripes or plain version - the main thing that was not brand colors.

Embodiments of combining different materials

On the floor of the hallway can be placed next to floor coverings made of different materials.


Linoleum (in the door zone) + laminate (in the hallway)


Artificial stone laminate +


Tiles, laid diagonally across the linoleum in the hallway +


Natural stone flooring +


Modular linoleum laminate +


Ceramic tiles + laminate


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