Wallpapers hallway and corridor (30 photos): materials, colors, the combination of

It's no secret that your house begins with an entrance hall. Your guests striking interior corridor, its design, layout, and other trifles. Many raises the question about what kind of a finishing material selected for its entrance hall.


  • Recommended hallway kinds of wallpaper
  • Design a wallpaper for the hallway and corridor
  • The choice of colors and pattern
  • Combining the wallpaper in the hallway

Wallpapers are used for finishing the interior oftenTotal. They give the room a cozy atmosphere, also available in different colors and patterns. Wallpapers leave a pleasant feeling when you touch them. If you decide to paste over a corridor of such material, be sure that just increase the area of ​​the hallway visually. It will no longer be perceived as "rough."


Stylish wallpaper in the interior hallway

Let's try to figure out what to choose wallpaper in the hallway that it was light and airy, uplifting.

Recommended hallway kinds of wallpaper

Of the following species should pay specialfocus on liquid, vinyl and washable. Glass fiber is often an additional paint, because initially they are white, but the color is not very practical. Paper wallpaper is not recommended for use in the hall, but they are the most affordable price and so to still sometimes used in the extreme distress in finance.

Liquid wallpaper

Moody, maintenance-free method for decorativefinish, that is, they should be engaged pasting a true professional in their field. In fact, on the specifics of the application they have more similarities with plaster. After complete drying of the formed solid color and a beautiful backdrop.


Two colors are separated by liquid wallpaper gold rim

If you are a supporter of pleasant backgroundcoating, the material is created for you. Today, manufacturers have not come up with a variety of options of color solutions of liquid wallpaper. Naturally, before you decide to use the same wallpaper, it is recommended to look at their live. It is possible that you will give up their choice.


Liquid wallpaper filled

Liquid wallpaper - one of the most modern solutionsfor your hallway. In fact, it is such a dry mixture, which should be diluted with water and applied by working with a spatula. To date, some of the liquid wallpaper has a unique anti-static effect.


Liquid wallpaper - almost as a decorative plaster

The material boasts excellent heat andsoundproofed. If the site is contaminated, you can remove it with a spatula. After removing important to impose a new layer. After drying, it will merge with the first one.

Washable wallpaper

There is nothing unusual in washable wallpaper. In practice, it is quite ordinary paper wallpaper, which are covered with a special layer, easily cleaned with a damp sponge or soft brush. It is worth remembering that they are still the wallpaper, so do not overdo it with the cleaning of dirt with them.


Washable wallpaper for brickwork

Vinyl wallpapers

Do not lose its popularity and vinyl wallpaper. Firstly, they are cheaper, but have different texture. The color range is wide, you can select multiple pictures. Their original texture is achieved through the process of foaming vinyl. With this technology, you can hide certain irregularities in the walls.


High-quality vinyl wallpaper guarantee youhigh degree of resistance to various injuries. If you paste over the wall vinyl wallpaper, even the cracks will not be able to appear on the walls. As we have said, thanks to them, you can successfully hide minor irregularities on the surface of the wall. This feature is especially useful for people who dared to repair building.


Vinyl - easy to clean

Such type of wallpapers are not afraid of the sun's rays ifYou hallway with windows. In the role of the data bases of wallpaper usually acts fleece. The main advantage of the material is that it is resistant to tearing. To create an original decoration, you can choose a special sticker. Imagine this situation. Are you in the hallway pokleit wallpaper of the same color, but to create a large variety can be stuck on a wall flower bud. It looks delicious.


Pay attention to the screen printing - separatesubspecies vinyl. For such wallpaper is very easy to maintain, plus they provide long you faithfully. They tend to do on paper, but the original top layer is made of special strong silk threads.

Glass fiber

We describe another new decoration material,actively applied in our day - fiberglass, which can give any color what you want. At any point in a certain area, you can tint, this step will help to keep the appearance of your hallway.


Glass fiber at any time you can recolor

If you are tired of a certain color of the walls, they can be changed, and the old coating to remove a solvent. It is safe to use a brush.

Photo Wall Mural

In the hallway small size will look great wallpapers. For example, among the images on them, you can select a city perspective, stairs, stretching into the distance.


Colored Mural overlooking the old streets

In addition, we must remember that you have chosenpalette of colors can accentuate the positive aspects of the hallway, but also highlight its main drawbacks. Remember that light-colored wallpaper immediately attracted the attention of all the detected irregularities. This can be avoided if you make a choice in favor of material with large print.


Black and white panoramic wallpaper

For a visual extension of the space can begive the hall a different color wallpaper on opposite sides. What about the use of contrasts in the hallway? Designers believe that this can be done. But overall textured decision should remain the same.

Textile wallpaper

If you are in the room reigns increasedhumidity, the beautiful textile wall in an instant may lose visual appeal that is quickly darken. Remember that under normal circumstances they will serve you for decades.


Chic textile wall into the interior of a large entrance hall

The price of wallpaper textiles formed depending on the naturalness and environmental coatings used.

Paper wallpaper

If you are low on cash, youChoose paper wallpaper for your hallway. They come in single and dual-layer. Of course, the big service life can be expected. A maximum of ten years. In addition, they are very unstable to a number of mechanical effects.


Wallpapers of this type are several types: on the basis of whole fabric or based on special fibers. If you stay on the canvas, then it is quite possible to paste over the room once with a single seam.

Marking wallpaper

Depending on the degree of water resistance of the wallpaper can be divided into three types. To determine which type you have, look at the label to buying wallpaper:


Markings on the wallpaper

  • One wave. These wallpapers must be carefully protected. Use to remove contaminants suede or microfiber. So you carefully manage the dirt on the wallpaper.
  • Two waves. Wallpapers have an average degree of water resistance. You can wipe the dust on them with the help of an ordinary damp cloth.
  • Three waves. The coating in this case has high level of stability. detergent suitable for cleaning wallpaper. If there is a sign with a brush, then Wallpaper - Heavy Duty.

What is better to choose wallpaper for the kitchen - will be discussed in a separate review.

Design a wallpaper for the hallway and corridor

Selection of wallpapers - this is not a matter of one day. As a rule, hall - the smallest room in the whole house, it is necessary to responsibly, competently and design experience to come to the choice of design.

Solid Background

These wallpapers are easy. They are the ideal backdrop decor. If you stop the selection on "odnotonkah" hallway, choose washable wallpaper. Or at least resistant to cleaning.


Washable wallpaper monophonic

The bands in the hallway

You've got to be careful. You can create a sloppy operations room "well" because of the drawing room in height. The strip should not be too contrasting.


Photo: wallpaper vertical stripes

Horizontal stripes are ideal for parallel and the "short" the walls for visual extension.


Photography: Wallpaper in bright horizontal stripes


The traditional option. Functionality and aesthetics are at the highest level. It is possible to use materials of different shades of the same collection. Thanks Polyurethane Moulding can be divided into types of wallpaper.


Combine with wall panels Wallpaper

The use of abstraction

Abstract patterns look great in the hallway. It is practical, scratches, damage will be barely visible. Besides their forte - originality.


Wallpaper with geometric patterns

Imitation wood

If you are going to arrange the room in itsResidence in a classical style, in the hallway is not recommended to move away from austerity and charm classics. Among the finishing materials, select natural wood. If modernity is desirable to place in the hallway mirror, fit and metal fittings for doors, as well as for your furniture. The metallic shine on the lighting fixtures will look amazing.


Wallpapers with simulation stacked tree trunks

In our time, it has gained popularity pasting saturated, bright textured wallpaper that mimic natural materials.

The choice of colors and pattern

The color scheme is important. As a rule, in the hallway do not spend a lot of time, so bright colors should be fine, for example, the shades of pink and red subtle charm.


Luxury red tone

Please note that if in the hallwayThere are no windows, the dark wallpaper selection will lead to the fact that the room will look dark and uncomfortable. A choice of white as it is disadvantageous that quickly loses its attractive appearance, easily contaminated.


The cold gray-blue color

Choosing green reminds us of the nature,It calms the nerves. Orange is able to quickly lift your spirits, as well as yellow. If you want to preserve the appearance of the walls for a longer period, then you should look at the motley wallpaper with dark pattern, but a light background.


Wallpaper with floral print

Fashion, of course, important. But we should not strive for modern trends without thinking. The main thing that wallpaper created an atmosphere of comfort, a pleasant setting. Even if the super-expensive wallpaper, it does not mean that they are ideal for your version of the hallway. Great ornament only visually reduces the space, but small, on the contrary, increases. Much depends on the size of the hall directly. Some designers are strongly advised to immediately wallpapered walls and ceiling, reaching the effect of the cozy "house."

Combining the wallpaper in the hallway

Wallpapers can and should be combined. For example, the lower part of the walls of the hallway, you can paste over the dark wallpaper. As for the top, then you can use it bright wallpaper with a small picture, which will be barely noticeable.


Wallpaper with a pattern of big flowers poppies

It is important to take into account the fact thattexture of the wallpaper should be the same. If you have low ceilings in the apartment (as in most Soviet-style buildings), for visual extension of your suit with vertical stripes.


Combining the two types of plain from the same collection

In a narrow corridor ideal solution is to choosehorizontal lines. You can also apply a metallic pattern (or even better, if it will have a smooth mirror surface). As a result, your entrance will really look luxurious.


Textured wallpapers can mimic naturalmaterials. But we must approach this issue carefully. Whole walls pasting wallpaper so good if they are not too bright. Interesting snake skin, crocodile and others. Even Leopard wallpaper looks good.


An example of a combination of wall panels with wallpaper

So, try to make the halltruly unique, reflecting your views and nature to the fullest. We hope you will help the above tips. Make the right choice.

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