Tiles in the hallway: practicality and refinement

The floors in the hallway when compared to other roomssubjected to severe mechanical stress. Therefore, the best finishing material recognized tiles. It will survive the mud, salt, sand, brought from the street, it is not damaged under the influence heels. This material always looks appropriate in the hallway, giving the interior features luxurious.


  • Benefits
  • Which to choose a tile in the hallway?
  • Which material to choose?
  • The choice of colors and textures
  • Tiles in interior corridor
  • Laying the tiles in the hallway


Advantages associated with the properties of ceramics. She has a solid surface, so that the flooring does not change over the years. For material easily maintained using any detergent. They will not leave streaks, will not harm the topsheet. Tile fire resistant, so is suitable for all types of apartments.

Tiles on the floor in the hallway - a practical solution for flooring

Give her preference, because:

  • suitable as a coating in the "warm floors" system
  • recognized as an environmentally friendly material,
  • a large number of different species.

Huge selection of tiles allows you to choose it for any interior solutions

Manufacturers offer to purchase not only floor tiles but also decorations, plinths. All of these components help to make the hall most cozy and corresponding common housing status.

Which to choose a tile in the hallway?

Before you buy ceramic tiles studiedtechnical specifications. They are listed on the labels of any kind. Pay attention to durability. Since this floor will be in the corridor, you must choose the type that could withstand the impact of bicycle wheels, prams and other heavy objects. Look at the degree of durability on the packaging. You will see PEI letter, and next digits: the higher they are, the stronger material. For the use of the corridor model with a level higher than 3.

Tiles can serve for many years, with the appearance of it will not change

Influence the choice and means to care for the surface,which are most often used. The hallway floors are washed more frequently than in other areas, so the chemical resistance has to be maximized (A or AA).

Tile with a pattern makes the interior more luxurious

An important indicator is watertight. For the corridor is important to prevent moisture from shoes more quickly vanished from the floor. Otherwise, it will be easy to slip and fall. This criterion should not be less than 3%.

A definite plus tiles in the hallway - easy care

However, better opt fora material with a high performance anti-slip (P10, P11). This will reduce the likelihood of an accident. For this reason, stop your choice on the relief surface.

The tile hallway should choose non-slip

Another important factor - the degree of hardness. It is determined on a 10-point scale. For hallway best option would be the tile corresponding to 6 points.

Fact! People prefer the grooved, dark tile. It is not so noticeable dirt, and you can not use optional accessories Anti-slip thanks to its surface.

Which material to choose?

are several types of popular on the market:

  • ceramic,
  • kvartsvinilovy,
  • stoneware.

Regardless of the tile material, it will look perfect

Ceramics obtained using burntclay. A material resistant to wear, thus product design can be arbitrary. Often it is supplemented with drawings, inserts, borders. When buying this type, remember that the floor in the entrance hall, decorated with ceramics, is cold enough. If a large corridor, the wrong choice of colors of ceramic tiles will give it a "official" appearance.

Finish tiled rooms - a sign of taste owners

Kvartsvinilovaya tiles - hard, dense,fairly elastic. Great for hallways, areas with high pedestrian traffic. This variant consists of several layers. As the glass fiber reinforcement is used, which is formed without using harmful components. This floor consists of sand, limestone, PVC.

With the tiles can emphasize the style of the hall, making it more original

The main advantage is recognized as a phenomenalstrength and durability. Due to the PVC material is warm enough, eco-friendly, is used for underfloor heating. Recently it became possible due to the absence of harmful vapors, even when heated.

Porcelain tile under a stone undoubtedly complement the interior of your premises

Tiles made of stoneware clay withadding fractions of granite, feldspar, quartz. The production uses high temperatures. This option allows you to arrange the floor of the corridor under any natural stone.

Proper care of the tiles will give her the opportunity to serve many years

Use full colored granite,heterogeneous and glazed. For optimal corridor first two types as glazed versions are quickly erased and are slippery. The material has low water absorption, does not crumble, it is used both in the home and local area for decoration.

The choice of colors and textures

Too dark or light for the corridor tiles are notIt fits. It would be too visible dirt. Designers recommend to choose a medium shade, such as colorful. For floor tiles will be an excellent option for mosaics, opaque product. On these kinds of dirt will remain invisible for a long time.

Exquisite pattern on the floor covering

Attention! A bar with a corrugated surface harder to clean. Therefore, it is best to combine several types, with an emphasis on matte, unglazed tile. It is not necessary to stop the choice on the black versions, since they will be clearly visible scratches.

Glossy tiles always relevant for the classic interior

Traces of wear will be clearly visible on the shinysurface which fades often places mechanical stress. In this case, choose the color and pattern that will look harmonious with the wallpaper and the overall design style.

Tiles in interior corridor

To the room was harmonious, it is recommendedchoose the type based on the size of the corridor. If it is large, it can be put in the middle of a panel or a complex pattern. This will allow a new accents in the room. For a classic interior fit granite repeating coloring and texture of marble.

Matured strict composition on the floor hallway

The cold tone of light color will make the corridorvisually more spacious, while the warm will give additional comfort. With a combination of these options can get an interesting effect, it fits perfectly into the modern types of interior.

The tiles can be combined and match, and it will only benefit

Manufacturers offer a tile not only differenthue, but also the size. It allows you to create multi-level pattern. And the combination allowed with other tile flooring. For example, light laminate always well complemented by chocolate-colored tiles. The latter can be used not only for finishing the entire floor, but the individual plots. it is often bought for decoration of "carpet" in front of the door.

Different shades of the tiles in the corridor will be able to visually divide the space into zones

If the home is long and narrow corridor, use tiles of dark and light colors, alternating it to the forefront. Contrasts look good and spacious rooms to give elegance.

Laying the tiles in the hallway

There are several ways to tile layout:

  • common - a simple method of stacking rows used primarily for large items.
  • means for biasing brick rectangular shapes.
  • Modular - laying out the pattern in the center, around which the other elements are located.
  • diagonal to hide the defects of the walls, to expand the space considerably.

Proper combination of tiles in the interior corridor

Before you lay the tile selected methodyou must prepare the ground. For this purpose is provided by the absence of drafts. The surface is cleaned of contaminants removed potholes, paint traces, all the elements that prevent adhesion of the mixture.

The process of laying tiles can be divided into several stages

First, place the elements without glue. This will help them determine the best location. Then remove them and apply the adhesive. During one trip is not necessary to handle an area greater than 1 sq. m.

Attention! The cut pieces are glued after all packed whole pieces.

While working monitor to matchtile edge. If some elements were deeper than others, it is necessary to remove them and add a glue solution. Between the adjacent tiles apply specific crosses. They will help you get the same joints.

To achieve a beautiful tile, should work very carefully and attentively

After all the work was carried out, to extend the life of the flooring in the hallway will help some of the secrets:

  1. Periodically grouting. This will not collect dirt therein.
  2. If the tiles began to peel, it is necessary to immediately back mount, otherwise the item quickly destroyed during the operation.
  3. When the cracks performed replacing damaged tiles.

The photo laminate floor tiles creates an impression

In conclusion: hall - the first place to see the man in the house. Therefore, the choice must focus not only on performance but also on the aesthetic component. If you are using strict composition, it is important to comply with the seamless technology of stacking.

Yarka tiles palette is very well suited for the modern hall

Producers of finishing material lot. All of them offer a rich color palette, different collections, showing the styles of different countries. So choose a few. It remains to determine the price and the view of the elements used.

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