The lighting in the hallway: tips on choosing lighting fixtures and their combination

Natural beams in the hall did not fall - unlessthat only some reflections from neighboring rooms with windows. But to leave this dark zone is by no means impossible, otherwise the space will appear inhospitable. Only one way - the right to choose the sources of artificial lighting and arrange them so that you can assess the real comfort.


  • Basic rules for selection of lamps and luminaires
  • How to light up a long hallway
  • Illuminated by a small hallway
  • How to light up the hall in the form of a square or a letter D
  • Several important recommendations

Basic rules for selection of lamps and luminaires

When selecting bulbs installed in sconces and chandeliersin the hallway, you need to take into consideration the intensity of light in the adjoining rooms - as we move from room to room several times a day, and therefore should not experience discomfort from sharp contrasts of light.


Beautiful design of lighting in the hallway

But from the dim bulbs in any event should be discarded, and to have the following explanation:

  • poorly lit hallway looks inhospitable;
  • consider themselves in the mirror, perform a make-up or pick color combinations difficult, if the room is poorly lit;
  • the required element of the wardrobe will be difficult to find.


Council. Bright, blinding light in this area is inappropriate. It will be annoying whenever you enter a dark entrance, and "show" all the shortcomings of repair and decoration.


The optimal choice for the hall area - scatteredlighting sources. For this purpose, a sconce or chandelier with frosted shades, directed upwards. The rays are reflected from the ceiling light cover, thus providing a high-quality lighting. But do not forget that the hanging ceiling out of place - they should be as close as possible to the ceiling, you can not catch them in disguise.


Side lamps on either side of the mirror

Side lighting is not desirable to use,if the main focus is the design hallway wall decoration - such a lamp can cast long shadows, because of which the whole look will be spoiled. As for wall sconces, then it is better to put on a two-meter height above the ground - this will allow the rays distributed throughout the room, and will not fall directly into the person's eyes. The idea of ​​lighting the surface of the mirror is also incredibly popular - reflected light is doubled, helping to expand the premises.

How to light up a long hallway

Most often in our apartments is narrow and elongatedcorridor. With a properly sized lighting, you can adjust the space visually, and is best suited for this purpose spotlights built into the ceiling, or tension.


Spotlights on the ceiling and down the walls

Best to group them as follows: 2 lamps directly above the front door, followed by one over the entire length of the corridor, maintaining the same distance between them. Lighting can also be built into the cabinet.


Large frosted bulb in a long corridor

If the hallway is narrow, and the ceiling too high,the luminaires are distributed over the walls - it makes the room visually larger and reduces the ceiling. If the space is too narrow, you can decorate a bra only one of the walls.


Lighting of entrance and along the length of the corridor

Council. If you plan to install more lighting in the hallway, then it is better to split into functional groups, which will include only the portion of the system, which is really needed at this time. The switches should also be provided in different places hallway.


Illuminated by a small hallway

In the small hall can also be dividedLighting in general and local. The main light source there may be a standard fixture with frosted bubble or spotlights, if you have a ceiling mounted. beam direction must go up, it will remove the ceiling borders visually.


Decorative lighting in niches


Rules lighting mirror

You can hang a lamp near the mirror on the wall, andSuitable devices can be mounted directly on the mirror surface - it will reflect the light beams, making more room light.


Glare of light should not interfere with viewing himself in the mirror

Mirror (well, if it is full-length)necessarily qualitatively and brightly illuminated. So you can see every detail their appearance and image, all color combinations and other nuances.


Options for embedded design fixtures

The flow of light beams should comfortablyperceived by man. That is why it is best to make lights in the upper part of the frame. Lamps, choose to illuminate the mirrors must be practical and functional, and only then pay attention to the decor of pretentiousness. The optimal choice - lights with a simple form, allowing light to dissipate softly, doing it is not too sharp.


Matt pendant lights

If your mirror is located in the cabinet door,you can select rotating lights on eaves or embedded design rotatably the ceiling. Suit and light sources with flexible mobile brackets. And do not forget that the mirror lighting - local, it does not replace the main source of light, but only complements it.

How to light up the hall in the form of a square or a letter D

The square shape of the room is considered the mostconvenient - you can use a central chandelier interesting design, which will be the main source of light. It is better to design the device match the total stylistic concept of the interior. In the hallway of this form can be made and an unusual two-tiered ceiling - then fit LED Strip and hidden lamps, spotlights as lighting.


The square is usually the hallway light fixtures 4

If the hall has a T-shaped plan, itsIt should be divided into functional areas, and the best way for that is to use the grouped light sources. They must be positioned so that rays penetrate into all corners of the room, without exception. Here you can set the central element for general lighting as well as the use of additional functional elements, which are located locally - about the cabinet, a mirror, an attractive pattern or in a niche.

Several important recommendations

In the hall you can use the following lighting techniques:

    1. Install glass interior doors - this will allow you to use and light from other rooms that are not perceived by the dark hallway.


Translucent frosted glass doors in the entrance hall will add illumination

    1. One of the best options - light with sensormovement. This is an economical and very convenient way of lighting, especially at night when you do not want to engage in the search for the switch. Modern equipment is available in terms of cost and easy to install, and because it is often chosen.


Lamps with movement sensor

    1. The most often as decorative lightinguses LED strip, located along one of the ceiling or on the perimeter. But you can also use the backlight on the perimeter of the floor, not the ceiling. This is a fairly original solution that will help you avoid feelings of isolation in the room.


floor lighting in the hallway

    1. If the corridor is long, and walls it is somewhat monotonous, you can create an original decor from the pictures or items handmade illuminated spotlights.


Decorative lighting in the shelves

  1. Also all decorative or providedlayout of niches and ledges, too, it is desirable to cover. However, it is worth remembering that the lighting system does not compete with the finish or painting, so its elements are often arranged in the upper part.


Photo: LED lights built-in lights +

Properly chosen lighting - a pledge of comfort and stylish design hallway. After all, if the room is well lit, it will get the comfort of home.

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