The design of the hall in the apartment (30 photos): beautiful interior

What usually pay attention to your guests,getting to you in the house? Of course, on the design of the hall. You'll want to make a good impression, so pobespokoytes advance about the design of the hall. You can use and implement the most daring innovative solutions from professional designers.


  • Features of arrangement of a small hallway
  • Recommendations for the design of the entrance hall of the designers
  • Features small hallways and the right choice of furniture
  • Tips on arrangement of a narrow hallway
  • Making stairs
  • The choice of colors
  • Wallpaper in an interior hallway
  • Lighting the anteroom

You can also work out on their own the issue and take into account their wishes.

Bright interior design of the hall


Features of arrangement of a small hallway

It is no secret that in our hallways of the Sovietsmall apartments. Designated the imagination here is not enough. You can decide on the global re-planning of rooms, to use the available space to the maximum benefit, but it is unlikely you will greatly benefit from this, but the money and power will lose for sure.


Photo: Design of modern entrance hall

Worth a try through a series of design tips to play design of your apartment:

  1. Sex in bright colors. This allows you to maximize space. As for dark shades, they are only narrow the already small corridor;
  2. Dark hallway wall also will bring nothing good to the hallway. It will seem uncomfortable and cramped;
  3. Do not clutter the small corridor of large furniture, bicycles, skis and so on. Do not stand here refrigerator. The hall will simply unfold.


Design furniture hallway nezagromazhdennoy

Select storage systems

Hallway - the "face" of your house or apartment. According to her of your guest fold your opinion about your home. This is where you greet guests, help them remove outer clothing. You need to be sure to remove all the excess, clutter up a useful place in the hall. Low hide the clothes in the closet, you it will still not need in the near future.


Hangers and hooks should take optimallocation. Vacuum bags significantly save space in the closet. You should also take care of the place for things you need. Significantly transform your hallway closet with mirrors. It will help you to visually enlarge the space of the room.


Once again, carefully you evaluate their own capabilities and make demands with regards to storage. Answer a few basic questions:

  1. We need you to the mezzanine, shelves or a plurality of hooks, if your wardrobe is small?
  2. You will need to install hooks for your young children, so that they were easier to hang your clothes?
  3. What you need to keep things from below, and it will be easier to throw in a landfill or give away to neighbors?
  4. Well if lit room?
  5. Will your guests is easy to put on one's shoes and undress, if there is no chair or ottoman?
  6. Are there any special obuvnitsy you in the hall?
  7. Is where to put the umbrella?


Many storage systems

If you have a layout of the apartment is designed sothat the hall is given only a few square meters, but you want to make it a beautiful and large, do not worry, these days you can easily cope with the task.


Photo: angular furniture in the hallway

Try to choose case furniture, created under the order, then the available space will be used to the maximum benefit for you, and the interior will not be overloaded with furniture or footwear.


Recommendations for the design of the entrance hall of the designers

  • From imperfections premises will save the use of decorative elements. You can paint the doors in bright flashy colors or hang original lamp.
  • An interesting element in the design of the hall can be any object of antiquity, such as a chair.
  • Mirror on the wall visually increase the space.
  • Opposite the door to hang a huge round mirror.
  • The front door should be stylish and clean.
  • Feel free to use in the interior hallway wallpapers. a kind of illusion of transition into another reality is created.
  • The original call or rolls the number of your apartment will bring zest and add a good mood.


Photo: Luxury hall design in classic style

But first, should dispassionately assess the available space, to find the right stylistic decisions before you start work.


Professionally Decorated hall

The space it is necessary to visuallyto increase, it will benefit your home. With this rather simple task to help cope mirror. Just do not overdo it, a mirrored wall will suffice. You can select the wardrobe with mirrored doors, but you can just hang a mirror on the wall.


If you do not really need interior door between the hallway and the other rooms, you can remove it altogether. As a result, the perception of your apartment will complete.

Pay close attention to lightinghallway. It must be properly, that this is the darkest part of the apartment looked lighter. Spot lights can help you with this. They can be placed in the form of geometric shapes.


Entrance hall in Art Nouveau style

Keep in mind that dark shades "heavier" space and bright light and are useful for better execution hallway.


Features small hallways and the right choice of furniture

For small hallways choose wardrobes inThey have a lot of niches and shelves. It is here that you can fold and shoes, and small things, and outerwear, as well as keys and umbrellas. Thus, in the twinkling of an eye all the unnecessary chaos will disappear, and the room will be functional and practical, free of clutter.


Wardrobe is the typical solution for small hallways

In the hallways of the small area it is not desirable to use additional interior details. Some one, but a massive thing looks better than a lot of small items.

If you do not know how to solve the problemyou need furniture, choose a modular design. Here are harmoniously combined stand for bags and cupboard for shoes and is where to put the keys. On the market there are a huge number of such structures. Somewhere better material, and a decision is better in terms of terms of use.

How- to -choose- a- wardrobe- in -the- hall-555


Well it looks natural materials,for example, a tree of light and dark tones. It uses durable material that will last a very long time. In addition, materials that simulate wood, cheaper and more practical. That is, this is the version in which you can create a beautiful interior with limited cash. Those closets are an easy way to design the interior hallway rooms with taste and at the same time does not lose in functional terms.

How- to -choose- a- wardrobe- in -the- hall-555-2

Sliding doors patterned immediately attract the attention ofYour guests will add originality hallway. Suit bright natural tints. Better move away from the use of heavy structures made in dark colors.

Tips on arrangement of a narrow hallway

It is important to know that with narrow hallways to be very cautious and careful, extremely difficult to build such facilities in the right way. And yet to give zest and beauty.




A good solution is represented by the divisionspace area. For example, the area of ​​the entrance hall and lobby. In the lobby is the yellow and white, milk, coffee and other light colors, ambient lighting. In the immediate area of ​​the hall is not necessary to clutter up the space of a shoe or furniture. Here brevity does not hurt.


Long closet along the wall

Due to the different shades in the decoration of the walls can becreate such a distinction in the area. Designers strongly recommend the amount of furniture in the hallway to minimize these cases, and to concentrate on the small details. It is proposed to put on one of the walls interesting pattern.


Mirrors visually expand a narrow hallway

Feel free to experiment with the decoration of the walls in your hallway. If you do not agree experiments, stop for a warm pastel colors. They allow you to freshen up the room.


Making stairs

Your entrance will be a nice twist ifYou have to penthouse property, large house or maisonette. In this case it is necessary to emphasize the individual elements using interesting techniques. It is not necessary to be concerned about the lack of square meters, the space is more than enough. Here you can safely choose a massive furniture, paint the walls in dark colors. In general, the place for the flight of fantasy is present in full.



Making the stairs, hallway

But an important question in the design of suchthe hall is to match the style of the corridor and the stairs to the second floor. It is impossible to arrange a room in the innovative high-tech style, if you have a staircase - a true embodiment of the classics. If there is a mixture of styles, the entire interior will look like crumpled and unattractive. In this case, it will be easier to stop on the classic version, is not alien to the modern trends.


Wardrobe in the hall under the stairs

Undesirable oversaturate plus accessories andthe details of your room, otherwise the accents will be lost. Stairs must necessarily be an organic extension of your hallway. From the overall and useless furniture will be better to give up, choose only what you really need in life from a functional point of view.




The choice of colors

One of the main issues in the design of the hall- The choice of colors. Color range to be such as to create maximum comfort, so choose a bright color accents. After a hard day's work home should make you happy. Hang the picture in the hallway or a beautiful stylish figure.


Photo: Bright orange design hallway

Dark tile good fit for your hallway floor. Tile is practical to use: minimum requirements for cleaning, cleaning and other works.


Photo: dark floor in the hallway

If the front door is manufactured usingglass, the daylight will "come" naturally. However, with the lighting of the hall have to be careful. In this case, the use of a single source is quite acceptable. Designers often recommend to choose the sources of scattered light, they are beneficial to look in the interior.



Remember that the style you choose shouldfit into the big picture. Consistently follow the concept to complement the space only things concise. Furniture should also be functional, no unnecessary things.


Furniture with bright accents

Wardrobe and bedside table - those items withoutwhich you can not do. But here, the interior can be diluted due to all sorts of details. Useful ottoman or a bright umbrella stand. As a result, the room will look more lively.



Photo: green walls in the hallway

Harmoniously will look little things out of wood, creating an atmosphere of a good and comfortable home. There is not exactly going to be like in a museum.

Wallpaper in an interior hallway

As a very bright and dark wallpaper in the hallwayNot needed. This is not a board designer, and the question of practical use of the available space. Typically, no windows in the hallways, and thus little light. Selected wallpaper you have to go well with the furniture (even if you have not yet picked it for its hallway).


The color and style of wallpaper should be combined with furniture

Pre-think over drawing aslarge pattern may make a small hallway even less. Visually stretches, will make the room more than a long vertical stripes. But it is necessary to be careful with them.

Council. Designers are advised to stick to the lower part of the wall wallpaper with dark shades. But for the top you should use white, pastel and light options. But it should be the same pattern.


Two different kinds of wallpaper

Naturally, the selected wallpaper should approachstyle throughout the room. If you have a wide entrance hall, the suit all existing in our time color schemes. But remember that for very long "canisters" big pictures and big ornament disastrous. It is better to choose wallpaper with neutral shades, have a much more simple patterns.

Lighting the anteroom

We will provide some useful recommendations for better illumination of your entrance hall:

  • Use spotlights, wall or floor lamp;
  • Pictures should be well lit;
  • Light switch must be placed at the front door of your home, you could easily use it when entering the room;
  • Choose energy-saving lamps, so you can save your money;



Lighting the entrance area and the space above the nightstand

Trust your own inner sense of style. You can hang on the wall frames with pictures or put a vase with flowers. All this only adds beauty to the interior hallway. But be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the room. Do not "saturate" furniture corridor without measure.





Making the hall in different styles

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