The design of a narrow hallway in the apartment (photo): advice on interior design

How many troubles deliver narrow homecustom corridors. Until now, there is no for a turnkey solution for the design of these rooms. But if you're determined to arrange accommodation with taste, it is necessary to pay special attention to the hallway. After all, this is where you can put a lot of your creative ideas into reality.


  • Objectives and design complexity of narrow hallways
  • Colours narrow hallways
  • Choosing furniture
  • wall design
  • Finishing the floor
  • Design ceiling lighting
  • Recommendations for zoning in a narrow hallway

Objectives and design complexity of narrow hallways

In the interior the narrow corridor is necessary to solve several problems:

  1. To expand the space. Here to help mirror, spotlights and light shades of the walls;
  2. To increase the functionality of the room. Sliding doors, tiny shoes coasters and hanging shelves are appropriate to the full;
  3. Get rid of unnecessary doors. If you keep the door to the kitchen or the living room is constantly open, then replace them with the arch;
  4. Ensure there is good lighting;
  5. Create a "dividing line" between different rooms. While it is important not to depart from the general concepts common to all apartments.


The stylish design of the narrow corridor

Also, a number of errors to be avoided:

  1. Using huge and heavy fixtures;
  2. Choosing dark colors;
  3. Strong clutter furniture;
  4. Close drawing on the wallpaper;
  5. Using elaborate and cumbersome finishing;
  6. Limited because of the passage of furniture;
  7. In sharp contrast to the hallway style with the style of the rest of the home.




Mirrors visually expand the narrow corridor

A narrow corridor will help visually expandUse flooring. Remember, parquet and laminate should be placed across the length of the corridor. Carpet or linoleum is better to lay the transverse strip.


Sliding doors save space

The ceiling should be a whitewash or paint. If you have enough money you can make or modular suspended ceilings, as well as the use of various modifications. Another effective method in our present case - "elated" by removing unnecessary ceiling windows. In fact, many designers recommend instead of the usual swing doors Sliding use.

Colours narrow hallways

It should not be too overloaded Kohler colordecor. When selecting paint or wallpaper future stop on the choice of bright colors. In our case, the almost perfect white color, but it does have some disadvantages such as high degree of contamination. You can instead choose a beige or light green, the air will give cold blue gamma. In combination with white, you can stay on the choice of burgundy, sapphire or purple.



The design of a narrow corridor in light beige

It is impossible to look monotonous and corridorgloomy. It is best to simply divide the walls and floor to specific sectors, that is to apply fragmentation. Of course, it is not necessary to turn the hall into the realm of small colorful flowers. Success will look like the use of the combined finish and vertical division visually increase the height of the walls.


Dark colors are not the best solution for the corridor

On the floor in the hallway should also pay attention. So this is where high loads occur in it. Tile, laminate flooring or parquet must be strong.

Choosing furniture

What kind of furniture we choose? Ideal - on embedded elements to the same minimalist. Long closet space will make it possible to use also as a pantry.



Naturally, in a narrow corridor does not put a full wardrobe imposing. Fortunately, times have changed.


Council. Wardrobe with sliding doors is perfect for a small hallway. many firms now offer services under the order.


A narrow cabinet

Through the use of a narrow corridor of mirrorsYou can visually expand. It is advisable to hang them on the side walls of the corridor. Mirrors placed in the wardrobe, even more help to cope with the shortage of space, also will add an interesting appearance and functionality of the room.

If even a wardrobe nowhere to deliver,It is to use an ordinary clothes hanger, a separate stand for shoes. But at least one mirror on the wall must be suspended because even the small mirror visually expands the space. Under the mirror recommended to arrive shelf with hooks for umbrellas.


Table Console

Pristennye console tables are ideal for suchpremises. Elegance and functionality - that they will give the room. We recommend paying attention to the rather narrow hanging cabinets. For convenience, it is necessary to put and ottomans. In addition, they can add up some small things, useful in everyday life.

If you are lucky with high ceilings, feel free toyou can place cabinets, mezzanine. However, we do not advise their people to place high, otherwise you can get hit on the head. By the way, now very fashionable to use wall panel with pockets, which stored all the small things.

wall design

Color solution in narrow hallways, as we haveIt said, making a significant contribution to the overall impression of your home. To give such a small hallway original design, it makes sense to completely eliminate the use of saturated and dark colors. Of course, they are very practical, but only the chosen solution would reduce the already narrow corridor. That is the most suitable option in this case - the choice of light colors.


corridor design in white

Sometimes the walls of the corridor, you can easily paintwhite. But remember that the corridor - the place where the "hanging out" brought from the street dirt. For this reason, finishing materials have to be durable. Feel free to use washable wallpaper.

Finishing the floor

Sex has to be functional, ie carpet as a floor covering not suitable for narrow hallway. Moreover, it quickly loses its attractive appearance, requires a quick change. It is best to choose tiles. Nowadays, a number of specialty stores have an assortment of strong and quality materials.


Tile the most practical coating

Positive aspects of the tiles are obvious. All accumulated dirt with it you can easily wash. Only one negative point in this floor - a low temperature. In this case, if the tile is covered with carpet carpet at the entrance and leave it at that.

As for the color of carpet there is no consensus amongspecialists. Light option is useful from the perspective of the visual extension of the space, but not practical, fast polluting. Only if the cleaning for you joy, you can use a light carpet.


Linoleum - an economical option for the floor

Sometimes the carpet replaced with linoleum. It is also easy to be cleaned, as well as tile. Before you buy linoleum pay close attention to drawing on it. Sometimes a simple monochrome drawing master of the house did not like it, then choose a picture that will expand the space.

Design ceiling lighting

The color of the ceiling tend to be lighter than the walls. The ceiling of plasterboard can be created, but interspersed with lamps. It turns out interesting interior solution.


Additional LED lights

In the whole issue with the light the apartment is not soacute as in the hallway. Here, no windows, so the half-measures in the light should not be. It is necessary to choose the lighting in such a way that once again highlight the benefits of the design, but the disadvantages should not be visible.

Council. To narrow hallway perfect downlight with frosted glass that diffuses light.


Ceiling and wall lights

Lighting point type you alsoshould be used. Remember, too dim or bright light should not be. Properly organized coverage immediately cheer up you and your guests.



Recommendations for zoning in a narrow hallway

Once again the information about what should bechoose the right color scheme for your hallway. You can complete the entire corridor in one of the same colors, but this interior is not the original, so it is best to divide your space into separate zones. These zones can be finished in different materials, though in different colors.


Also it is necessary to proceed with the floor or ceiling. It really opens the space for creativity and the imagination. On the ceiling, for example, can be quite easy to place different fixtures.

In the long narrow corridor should be usedmore lighting, as only just one lamp will not light up the full corridor along its entire length. As a result, there a feeling of discomfort, and the guests and the owner of the apartment. But there is one important difference Mezhuyev long and narrow corridors.


Photo: White corridor

If you have such a long and narrow "pencil case"light sources is better to install on the ceiling, but when wide corridors can be easily installed directly on the walls. For ordinary apartment corridor you have enough, and 2-lamps, but no one forbids you to place them more.

Many homeowners are looking at his littlehallway, immediately become confident that apply to such a room design approaches did not. With its size to search for interesting and original solutions can not inspire. However, it is still possible in our time significantly transform the small hallway. How? Zoning allows you to easily make it.


It is clear that in a small hallway will not clear. But to organize separate areas to place here your outerwear. Here it is possible to deliver household appliances that you use regularly (such as shoe brushes, umbrellas), it is quite possible. It is best to place a nightstand with a shoe and a tiny peg on one side. And on the other side of the room is recommended that you put a special cupboard for storing seasonal clothes in it.

An excellent design solution is to use the mirror in the hallway. Mirrors can be integrated directly into the furniture.

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