How to choose a wardrobe in the hall: 2 embodiment

Entrance hall - this is the site of our homemeets and accompanies us daily. Here we keep the upper wardrobe and shoes, accompany the guests and create a stylish image in the mirror. It becomes clear why the design of this area can not be ignored. And if we remember how many things every day reserve in the hall, it becomes clear that without roomy not manage the storage system.


  • Tips when choosing cabinet
  • Option №1 - wardrobe
  • Variant №2 - angular design

The optimal solution to all problems - it immediatelychoose the appropriate wardrobe - small enough, but at the same time functional, practical and beautifully designed. After an entrance - a rather limited space, here aesthetics and functionality must be perfectly balanced.


Stylish wardrobe in the hallway

Tips when choosing cabinet

It should be immediately appreciate the functional load on the subject situation. In particular, the cabinet can be used not only to storage, but also as:

  1. Mirrors - mirror doors not only to help you evaluate your image in full growth, but will also increase the visual area of ​​the premises.
  2. Boards for painting - facades covered with slate paint, are the ideal solution for home, where young artists live.
  3. Open shelving for hand-made - will complete the cabinet open shelves, and you get a place to locate its wonderful collection of handmade products.


As for the choice of a specific embodiment, theMany are guided by the price of furniture. But it is important to pay attention not only on price but also on the material of facades, housing, quality of fittings and finishes available.

Important. Accessories in the hallway should be as strong, because the load on it will be higher than in the rest of the furniture in the rooms.


Cabinet made of wood in a classic style

If we talk about the material, then the best choice -an array of natural tree. It looks good and options, decorated with natural veneer or laminate modules "under the tree." And do not forget about the importance of color - if you choose the furniture into a small hallway, prefer bright facades. A dark suit for spacious areas where need deep shades.

Option №1 - wardrobe

Wardrobe, completely closing one of the walls inhallway - this is one of the most popular and sought-after solutions. It provides ergonomic sliding doors, which allows to write such a capacious storage, even in a small room.


In addition, the hall becomes a welcoming and well-groomed appearance, because all the shelves with accessories, footwear, headgear and clothing will be hidden behind the facades.

Important. The optimum width of the inner compartments for clothes - 600 mm, which is equal to the width of the clothes hangers. But you can order a wardrobe and a 400-mm deep, if you want to place it in a very small room. Then the rod on which to hang a coat hanger for clothes, is not along and across.


Sliding doors are popular and because of itsuniversality. You can select a product in the furniture showroom, or order a custom-made according to your own drawing. In the latter case, you can enter the dimensions of non-standard furniture, arrange the shelves up to the ceiling and to complement its rods and drawers to suit your needs.


You can also vary the door trim,choosing mirrored facades, with photo printing, drawing, with imitation leather, stone, wood. These differences may shade the facade - it should pick up, taking into account the color of adjacent walls, floor or ceiling.


You also need to choose the right material. The most commonly used:

  • wood pulp - oak, beech, pine, alder;
  • laminated chipboard - modern budget option;
  • plastic and glass - are used as inserts.

Variant №2 - angular design

This is one of the most roomy and ergonomicoptions. Corner cabinet can be placed in the hall of any size, and the room is neat and spacious. But keep in mind that in the extended premises of this furniture out of place - it is suitable only for those zones which are shaped like a square or rectangle with a slight difference of the parties.


Corner entrance often involves the following elements:

  • area with open shelves;
  • hooks;
  • section closed facades for storage of outer clothing;
  • corner cabinet depth of 600-700 mm;
  • mirror on the cabinet door;
  • ottomans, hollow inside, which are ideal for storing shoes;
  • cabinet with drawers, where it is convenient to place all sorts of stuff and means for footwear;
  • suspension elements for bags and accessories.


There are three main types of corner cabinets for the hall:

  1. With hinged doors - very roomy design that did the Inland filling will not yield to the standard direct model.
  2. Hull - also different capacity, but when you open the shutters go to the side, so that their discovery will have to provide additional space.
  3. Built-in - a good decision, if in the hallwayprovided niche. Such furniture different cost, since the rear and side walls in this case are absent, resulting in appreciable savings in material.

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As for materials, then used for corner cabinets:

  • traditional furniture boards - chipboard and chipboard, MDF;
  • Decorative polymers or natural veneer as decoration;
  • mirrors, metal, stained glass for facades;
  • accessories - high-quality, reliable and at the same time possessing an unusual appearance.

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