How to choose a door: tips and rules

Buying an apartment is often accompanied by a globalrenovation and change of doors. First, determine your own individual taste, and then go to the store and try to choose the right product. This will determine the comfort and safety at home.

  • How to choose a door to the hallway?
  • Choose material
  • A few tips
  • The entrance door and interior design
  • Receptions and features selection
  • Finishing materials
  • The doors of the manufacturer to choose?

Today, the huge choice of doors forhallways. If you live in a mansion, you can not do without a massive element of the interior. Owners of one-bedroom apartment will be purchasing actual metal products. Of course, much depends on the financial possibilities. If you have something to hide, choose steel products. Most people prefer wood or thin metal.

The appearance of the front door to the apartment

In any case, the product must be:

  • safe,
  • heat and noise insulation,
  • able to resist the intellectual cracking.

The design of the door to an array of classic interior hallway

An excellent option for modern homes is the organization and access control. This includes eye, armored glass, video surveillance.

How to choose a door to the hallway?

When choosing the installation location is taken into account. The door is mounted on the outside, if it is a private home. Then it will affect the atmospheric factors. You will need to choose the right material insulation and external cladding.

The front door - hallway business card

When choosing a secure web accountthickness of material is received, the frame structure, the presence and number of stiffeners. To the door not only protects, but also retains heat, insulation and sealant selected. The first applies to mineral wool, polystyrene, polyurethane foam. Most modern materials do not lead to the formation of condensate. Sometimes there is no insulation. The fire-resistant materials can be used as sealants.

Choose material

The strength of the door depends on the production of the material. The most popular is a steel, wood, combining wood with particleboard, fiberboard or plywood.

The front door will not only beautify the main entrance, but also significantly expand the passageway


Steel options are among the mostpractical. They are simple, have a high level of reliability. Check how much the door is durable due to impact not work, so pay attention to the castle and explore the design. High-quality product should not have weld seams. They are very distinguished and bumps of broken integrity.

The iron door to the apartment is highly durable and will look appropriate in a different style interior

Pay attention to the trim, whichclosing the distance between the door frame and the opening for the installation. Particular attention is paid to the transverse stiffeners, because in a few years the upper part may lose soundproof characteristics, and in this place will vulnerability to hacking.

Door lock should be chosen high quality

Box in modern models produced fromthick corner. Sometimes used pipe profile. Relevant buying doors, with horizontal and vertical edges of rigidity. The cavities are stacked acoustic insulation materials.

Wooden models

The most expensive are a massive species. They have an expensive external id. For a more affordable price of products sold MDF and chipboard. The most durable are oak, ash and beech. On sale there polotka black or mahogany. If you buy the door of alder, pine, the service life of such products will be limited.

Wooden front door looks very rich and luxurious

Important! Regardless of the material selected note loop. This is the most vulnerable point, because they are easy to cut. Use the crossbars to provide additional security. When they enter the closing nest box and the whole construction is fixed. It is best to use at least 4 crossbars.

A few tips

The most popular are metaldoor, finished with wood. When selecting note sheet metal thickness, steel grade. Imports are usually made of stainless steel, which is only crumpled bumps. Domestic thicker, but also have weight. So often held the levers set out in the beam bearings.

Metal door can be decorated with inlays of frosted glass

Choose a door that is for edgingrubber gasket perimeter. This option does not allow unpleasant odors to penetrate into your home. Pay attention to where it opens the door. Most often they are made so that they are open to the outside, but it can cause trouble with neighbors.

Differences between the front door to the cottage and an apartment

If you decide to visit the area and choose the product,note the difference between the webs for apartments and private homes. The latter should have a high-quality insulation, because they go out onto the street and in the winter time exposed to the cold.

The front door to the apartment in the style of minimalism

Apartment option can not be seriousinsulation, as between it and the street is still there and the entrance. To use the cottage and the other locking device. Locks are designed for outdoor entrance doors operate effectively even in bad conditions.

The door to the cottage of solid wood with glass insert

The entrance door and interior design

Today, a wide range of differentFinishing materials, allowing lyuboyu unattractive product to turn into a stylish supplement of the interior. For example, if the outside can be sufficient ordinary paint, then decorate the inside of the more thoroughly.

The door to the overall design of the hall plays an important role

Especially a lot of possibilities opens beforethe owners of the cottage. They include variants of armored glass, solid, transparent materials or stained glass. The most popular models are, when added to the glass pattern of forged elements.

Dilute with a large kind of deaf doors capable of original insert in the middle

The color input gamma may be contrasted withshades of the entire structure. Especially if it is decided to focus attention on it. However, more commonly used technique when the porch partially repeated patterns, the color characteristics of the door.

Receptions and features selection

In some residential areas established immediatelytwo entrance doors, which are separated by a small distance. In this case, you can not devote a lot of attention to design, opting for only the outside decoration.

Geometric pattern will make the door more interesting

Sometimes the interior suggests that the doormade tone in tone with the walls. This option is like for monochrome constructivist or minimalist style. Order the appropriate option can be in the company or to pay attention to their own work.

The front door and the walls in one color solution for those who love the perfect combination in the interior

For small hallways or under low ceilingswill help solve the problem of the glass surface or the attachment of mirrors to the front door. Sometimes it is enough to place a narrow strip, if the door is located opposite the window, to get the effect of an additional window.

Door with mirrored insert practical, and everything looks very original

If the owners of the premises are lovers of fine finishes and boundary techniques, the door can be decorated with a relief pattern. To emphasize its design will properly organized lighting.

In modern homes front door can be:

  • decorated with murals,
  • It looks like and interior doors,
  • have a pattern that simulates the wildlife,
  • contrast with the interior premises.

Door with decorative painting to creative personalities

Interesting! Modern manufacturers offer to make the door more beautiful through the use of inserts of colored enamels, curly stickers, stasis, knockouts. Any design depends on other details of the situation, so choose the door with great care.

Finishing materials

As the finishing materials used: wood, velvet, panels, plastic, paint, adhesive film. For external polotka actual laminate, veneer, fibreboard panels, PVC. Most of the material is suitable not only for decorating, but also for improving the characteristics of the door, masking mechanical damage and scuffs. Sometimes it's the only option that allows you to draw the front door in harmony with the design of the dwelling.

A similar version of the door trim is perfect for the modern household

To improve the aesthetic characteristicsuse PVC or veneer. They are distinguished by their low weight and small thickness. Rigid frame they lack. Rotary allows us to give any wooden surface product lines. The film also allows you to simulate other materials.

More durable powder-coated recognized. In fact, this coating, which was carried out in a special way. This increases the maximum durability and strength characteristics.

Door vandal powder-coated

MDF and laminate can be applied only on the inside as on the humidity may affect them. But these two options are distinguished by their affordable price.

Laminated door - an affordable option imitation of wood in the interior

How to define a color for the front door?

If the corridor and rooms decorated in a contemporarystyle, stop the choice on canvas cold shades. This timber may be colored by the metal, bright colors. If the style is comfort, prefer the warm tones.

Light door - simple but tasteful

The universal solution is neutralshades. Their brightness depends on the destination premises, installation design features. For corridor usually buy much more daring colors.

The harmonious combination of colors of the walls and doors

You can choose a color that does not match anywith which, as a universal solution for any room. Regardless of the type of construction, always appropriate stained glass, stickers, pictures, accessories. This bias will go to the design emphasis.

The doors of the manufacturer to choose?

Price (dollars)
Arsenal Steel Service
Does the steel doors on the basis of imported components
From 350
Manufacturing of doors on the individual parameters.
From 600
Production of bent and welded structures. The doors are made on the machine works.
The Finnish company producing doors from a tree. Decorative finishing oil, veneer, teak
The Italian company engaged in the production of country houses, oak, meranti
from 1000
Group factories, which manufactures doors made of wood, metal.
from 1000
The Italian company, which makes products elite class
from 1000

For the price of all the doors are divided into threegroup. The first consists of the product up to 450 dollars. Mainly engaged in the production of small firms. These products have simple structure not provided with aprons and castle defense.

Options traditional entrance door, accessible to everyone

The second group refers to the average range of $ 800. Usually it is the market leader, offering certified products. Standard equipment typically includes locks.

An embodiment of the entrance doors of high quality material with security lock

Elite doors are expensive accessories,valves. They can further be added stiffeners security element for hinges and locks. Today there are in almost every region has its own manufacturers, so many prefer to work under the order, offering consumers quality products.

Doors of valuable types of wood handmade

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