Design a small hallway: the nuances and resheniyaa


As indicated above - will be discussed is abouthallways to a small corridor. Miniature size and is the first to nuance in the design hall design. Take into account all the wishes and skill to fit them in those dimensions that exist - is not always easy. But it is always real. The most important thing in this business - initially firmly proceed from the fact that we have (or rather - what work). Small size? - Well! Discard the dream of a large closet-wardrobe, a pile of nice furniture optional units and additions in the interior (as, for example, a large vase at the entrance and a cozy sofa).

It is the size of the room should be the startingpoint for any decisions. If you do not remember the number of square meters available at all stages (from planning to implementation), the result vozdastsya.Ne think of space as a small. Think of it as an especially non-standard. Accordingly - and the idea occurred to ask for it are special, particularly suitable for your hallway.

hallway-16Other nuances (narrow corridors, corners and turns,low ceiling) - it's already the details and the details of a small hallway. Every time you can beat! And beat profitable! Furthermore - every disadvantage can be turned into advantage. Dark corridor? Worked on the idea of ​​a dark and turn it into a cozy! Low ceiling? Backlight to help.

Corner hallways - transform the problem into a design decision


Corner from all the small lobby - The most problematic. At the planning stage it may seem that in the end do something worthwhile - a hopeless task without those conditions. But despair is not necessary. Let the awkward angle of the hall is not only difficult moment, but the assistant NCCA plays your ideas. Corner hallways are good that all premises solutions can be solved at once. No need to think through how to place all desired along the corridor. In most cases - no need to mess with the definition of cabinet depth (because the angle itself can accommodate large structure in it).

Principles corner hall design

The unity of furniture design. Properly consider how to combine the branch for clothing, headgear, umbrellas, gloves, housekeeper and kaloshnitsu together. Disconnect all this has no meaning, and the corner entrance will not allow to do so for reasons of its features. Simply put: there is an angle - here and use it! In other words - let it work.

Soften corners. If the hall is quite small, but I want to use every centimeter of useful - safely plan in this direction. Furniture design is quite permissible to "flatten" the whole angle. Here are just soften the angles of the furniture design, so that it all looked appropriate and well inscribed in the dimensions of the walls. The convenience is also not to be forgotten: the rounded corners of furniture will not interfere in the way in adjacent rooms.

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