Corridor hanger (photo): choose from a variety of materials and structures

Clothes hanger - a functional anddevice, and a stylish accessory that can transform the space in your hallway. Modern designers create spectacular patterns hangers - and classical, and unusually bright, but each option will remain practical.


  • Key Selection Criteria
  • Please pay attention to the material
  • Correctly select the design

Even if you opt for some exotic piece of furniture in the form of pipes with valves or woody branches - you can be sure that the task of keeping things he can do perfectly well.

Key Selection Criteria

When choosing a hanger for the hall, you will need to answer the following questions:

    1. What material is the product you need. A variety of amazing - from plastic to wrought iron, from laminated chipboard to a respectable solid wood.
    2. Style - can be either neutral or expressed.


Stylish hanger hallway

  1. Type of construction - floor and wall versions are common. If the hallway is compact, it is not necessary to abandon the hangers - just enough to pick up the angular design.
  2. The presence of vacant space determines how much space should occupy in your hallway hanger.
  3. Are you striving for originality or give preference to standard furniture solutions.

Original design wooden hangers

Consider all these nuances, and you chooseremarkable element of the corridor arrangement - it is both functional and stylish. The more that modern hangers - it is not just the hooks arranged in a row. They often take an unusual and intricate shapes, are complemented by several rows of hooks, baskets for umbrellas, even equipped with shelves, tables and banquettes.


Hanger studded leather

Only in the pursuit of stylish design solutions do not forget that the hanger has to be functional and practical, because it will have to withstand fairly heavy loads.

Please pay attention to the material

Hangers can be made from natural andof artificial materials. But leaders in this segment still remains wood and metal - versatile, practical solutions that can be used in almost any interior.


Hanger made of wood

Wooden hangers fit harmoniously into theentrance hall, decorated in the style: Classic, Provence, Country, Scandinavian and EKL. They are well combined with the natural materials - stone, clapboard, floorboard, or high-precision imitation in modern materials such as laminate and agglomerate.


Hanger with hooks made of wood - this can be done on their own

Timber itself does not define the designproduct - be it a classic design with rows of hooks and ornate form of threaded or minimalist solutions of "raw" or artificially aged boards. Wooden hangers are different and construction - have a very bulky and lighter models.


Massive construction may be too cumbersome for apartments

Correctly pick up the hanger can be made of metal forany decor - from Provence and classic to high-tech and loft. Here are the interior design and in which the top row of coat hooks supplemented bottom for accessories and bags, the product in the form of long bars on the legs, wall models, differing in the number of hooks.


Photo: Hanger metal

Important. Hangers made of metal attracts for its diverse range of colors - is not difficult to choose chrome product, as well as any stylish hue: gold, red, black, white, gray, brown, blue. The most popular are the classic colors - gold, chrome, graphite black and brown "tree".


Photo: forged hanger in the hallway

Metal models can belaconic straight strips, are appropriate in the minimalist interior, but most chic provide forged models - they can be as original and bright, that will be the central design element hallway.

In addition to metal and wood hangers for modern use and the most unusual solutions - glass, plastics, polymers, real tree branches, plumbing pipes, horns of animals.


Photo: Hanger of the branches

In the low-end segment is also popularlaminated chipboard - from it are concise design with metal fittings. However, the material can be anything - the main thing that he was reliable in operation.

Correctly select the design

Models hangers there are so many, anddesigners continue to invent new futuristic solutions. But more often we choose from two types of structures - floor and wall, which differ in functionality, practicality, convenience and can be executed in different sizes.


The original design of the hanger in the form of a tree

The advantages of wall constructions

Wall Hanger - is, first and foremost, compact and convenient location. After all, it is attached to the wall adjacent to it closely and does not take up space on the floor.


Wall hanger with shelf

Among the popular models of this type are marked:

    • with hooks in a row;
    • with fittings in several rows - stacked products more roomy as the top row can be used for a wardrobe, and the lower pay for children's clothes or bags;


Hanger of the three brackets with hooks

  • with additional storage for umbrellas, keys;
  • a bar for hangers;
  • from the top shelf for hats.


Above the shelf hooks for hats

Floor models hangers

Hanger floor requires more freespace in the hallway. They may be placed in a corner, or along one of the walls and are extended upwards tripod with hooks arranged in a circle. Below it may have its own set of hooks for bags and umbrellas.


Luxury hanger

Another embodiment of the floor structure - crossbars on the racks. In order to hang the clothes here, it needs to be complemented by "shoulders."


Hanger floor with space for shoes

wood and metal are often used for these models. They can be equipped with wheels to move around the room, but for the stability of the lower base is further strengthened.

Combined solutions

More functional deemed combinedsolutions - for example, a rack with a curbstone. Hanger itself here is a wooden or wrought-iron bar with hooks and the top shelf, and the bottom of the support stand is designed to hold shoes. It is ideal for hallways, regardless of their size, because it allows you to remove all unnecessary items from the floor to the lower cabinet.


Wall + floor design

Often added to structures and coat hangersstools - they are very easy to put on one's shoes. There are also models in which the actual hanger combined with a mirror - it's mostly open cell headset is a combination of wall surface.


Hooks in one design with drawers for shoes

Hangers in the hallway can also be built into theWardrobe - it is a dimensional decision requiring free space. There are also ceiling structures (they must be attached to a concrete slab) - these products are not designed for heavy loads and are not combined with tension or suspended ceilings. They are also used folding portable products - they are "waiting in the wings" in the closet and used only when guests come to you.


Wrought iron hanger

Among the variety of design solutions are notIt is difficult to choose the design that optimally fits into your hallway. Keep in mind that it should be functional, practical and durable, and therefore, preference is given to products with a high build quality and reliable fittings. Do not choose an interesting design only because of the unusual design - sure to consider whether it would be convenient to use every day.

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