Floor tile hallway (photo): choose the design, color and layout option

The floors in the hallway - this is perhaps the most"Loaded" in the flat surface. They constantly get wet, soiled, exposed to salt and household chemicals. In addition, the surface friction acts on the soles and heels of point loads.


  • What should be the tile - Performance
  • Choose a suitable design and color
  • Choosing tile for the floor layout

Not surprisingly, most of the floor in the hallway choose ceramic tiles - wear-resistant, water-resistant and durable flooring. Fearing his design anonymity is not necessary.


A beautiful collection of floor tiles

Modern designers have created many of the mostdifferent collections, which has literally anything - from interesting abstractions to floral motifs, imitations of stone to luxurious patterns of natural wood. But not all of the collection so practical - and therefore should be guided by the marking material and its specifications.

What should be the tile - Performance

There are four criteria which must be weighed against the technical characteristics of the material:

    1. Durability. This indicator assesses the stability of the material by external influences, its resistance to water, dirt, sand. endurance level must be high enough - this will enable the material to remain for a long time attractive. Rate indicator is possible by appropriate labeling - European standard PEI are five categories 1-5, from low to high.


Soft colors with patterned in the center of Pano

Important. The fifth category is designed for industrial load and its use in a residential environment is inappropriate. But choose the material for hall no lower than third class durability - it will last more than 10 years with full of attractive appearance.

    1. Stability upon exposure to chemicals,household chemicals. The floor in the hallway is really very dirty, and difficult stains and dirt can be washed only caustic household chemicals. And the floor has to take a fairly aggressive cleaning without damage. In this segment, there is also a certain gradation, and is denoted by the degree of chemical resistance of a letter grade.
    2. napolnaya-plitka-dlya-prihozhei-10tile layout resembles a bright rugs in the hallway

      For Class AA porcelain tiles can withstandeven a direct impact acids, but to pay for such resistance is not necessary if the tiles will be laid in the apartment. Optimal choice - a material labeled A or B, but the G is considered low quality.

    3. The coefficient of friction. It determines whether the slippery floor is in use. A tile with a glossy surface - not the best choice for the area of ​​the active use as an entrance. In addition, the glossy coating is cleared rather quickly, and in these areas the coating loses its appeal. Best Choice - mat embossed surface, she and practical, and non-slip. With regard to labeling, in which case you need to pay attention to the indicator Anti slip - for a hall suitable material R10 or 11 categories.


Smooth tile is easier to clean and rough - does not slip

    1. water absorption coefficient. It is believed that the ceramic tiles generally does not absorb water. But in practice, to get the perfect material few who can, and therefore allowed to moisture absorption at the level of 3%. To provide such indicators hold different technological manipulation, including high-temperature firing.

Important. The high quality of the coating shows a smooth red stone chip. If you have found out on beige cleavage rough surface, then in front of you - a product of poor quality.


Beautiful floor tiles in a cozy hall

And one moment. And design and color, and even the texture of the material should be not only aesthetic, but also practical. The more sites with pronounced topography on the surface, the stronger will become dirty coating, because the dirt will remain in textural patterns.

Rough tiles can be washed with a brush,abrasives or aggressive cleaning agents, but do not always have such an opportunity. Therefore, if you want your floor always remained fresh and stylish, just choose practical colors - preferably dark, but not glossy.


The combination of floor tiles with mosaic

Keep in mind that light and darken with seamstime - covering itself at this point do not wear out, but because of the stitches will look presentable. As polished and glazed collections, they are, of course, look luxurious and status, but are considered to be too slippery, and then to the floor in the hall is not suitable.

Choose a suitable design and color

Naturally, floor tiles Must correspond to the overall design of the room. As for color, there are 3 basic concepts that you can follow:

  1. The material is chosen so that it was combined with other floor coverings in the house - for example, a brown beige tile laminate flooring in the living room, chocolate brown and so on.
  2. We do contrasting combinations - the classic is the solution, when the black tiles and white laminate located in adjacent areas.
  3. Use bright accents - the floor in the hallway can be a fantastically dynamic, it can attract the maximum attention, especially if located on a background of neutral walls.


It is best if the floor is not monotonous

Design floor tiles in the hallway allowsexperiment and create unusual combinations. For example, to expand the space, choose bright tiles large format tiles and dark shades in this area brings intimacy and compactness. Cozier look cover with warm colors, but they are visually reduce the space. But covering cold colors make the room more spacious and fresh.

Council. Pure black colors should be avoided - they are a very strong stand scratches and dirt.


The geometrical pattern on the floor

The white material for the floor in the hallway is not toosuit - it's too impractical solution. Optimally - we should give preference to lighter shades, which will effectively look under artificial light, as in the entrance hall there is no natural light. As for the picture, there are no restrictions - choose the design that fits your idea of ​​beauty and style. But make sure that pattern combined with wall material and fit the configuration of the room.


Figure tiles draws flowers in circles

Dimensions of tile also play a role. For optimal large format modules hallway, because the smaller the gap is formed on the surface, the easier it is to care for coat. Furthermore, the joints may not be sufficiently water-resistant. And one more thing - the more the size of tiles, the easier and faster the work carried out.

Choosing tile for the floor layout

There are several standard layouts of tiles on the floor:

    1. Inline-stacking. Easy to implement and practical design in which one unit follows the other. This method of stacking often choose domestic inexperienced master, because it is quite easy to implement. But so look flooring in state institutions - you can not say that this is the best choice for the living space.


Photo: Easy layout of the tiles in the hallway

    1. Diagonal installation.


Photo: layout monochrome tiles diagonally

    1. With the offset (brick). rectangular modules are ideally suited for this mounting method. It is better if they are also different colors. Also in this case formed by straight rows, each tile is placed but offset from the previous one.


Brick two-tone tile layout



The layout of the tiles with a displacement of half a tile

    1. Chess. In this case, select the square tiles of different colors (contrasting or similar colors), after which the different modules are placed on the floor in one, mimicking the surface of a chessboard.


Chess figure well suited for hall

    1. Parquet. In this case, it is assumed that the elements will be used to very accurately simulate wood. Modern ceramics reflects the texture, patterns and natural colors with maximum realism, so that the floor looks so delicious. You can select large-simulation, and you can choose small plitochki, with the same dimensions as traditional wooden parquet modules.


Parquet tiles layout patterned wood

    1. Modular. This is the most beautiful but also the most difficult in the implementation of the method of installation. In this case, the installation is carried out with the center of the room, which is laid out specific module or decorative panels. After that, the rest of the ceramic elements are arranged around it. This method of installation is called a mosaic - it is ideal for large halls, where you can appreciate the beauty of design solutions.


One of the variants of the modular layout

    1. Layout with inserts.


Example layout white tiles with black inserts

And finally - choose laths,frieze itself and floor tiles of the same price category. Ideally, this should be one collection - then the floor in the hallway of your home will look impressive, harmonious and elegant.

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