Design ceiling in the hall: the main options furnish

Entrance hall - a room on a daily basis and meetsHe escorted us to the exit of the house. There should be a quality, stylish and practical decoration, and this applies to all without exception of surfaces, including the ceiling.


  • Simple options: painting, plastering, pasting
  • Dropped ceilings
  • Stretch ceiling

Simple options: painting, plastering, pasting

All of these types of finishes have one thing in common - they require the preparation of the surface, its careful alignment. Otherwise, talk about the quality and style of decoration will be impossible.


The stylish design of the ceiling in the hallway


The most democratic in terms of cost, lightweight andmore old-fashioned version. In this case, the ceiling is plastered, leveled, and then made whitewash. It turns smooth white surface - a good option if your budget is limited to repair, but not suitable for design refinements.


Instead of whitewashing is now used staining


Painting the ceiling - this is another way to budget,which also require prior surface alignment. But here, the number of design options more extensively, because you can use a regular paint, forming a smooth surface, and it is possible to give preference to textured, thanks to which the ceiling will get an expressive texture.

Important. Among the advantages of dye - a huge selection of colors and pigments. You can choose the material, ideal to wallpaper, furniture fronts or the surface of interior doors. Even if some of the finished paint can not find a suitable option, you can turn to the colorist, and using carefully selected pigments to obtain the desired tone.


Painting - simple and practical option finishing the ceiling in the hallway

The paint is applied only on a carefully leveled the ceiling smooth, without cracks and ledges. Even thick coating will not hide the obvious flaws, but will only aggravate them.

Decorative plaster

A fun way to finish the ceiling in the hallway,fairly easy to implement. To create this textured coating, and need to be repaired first plaster base, and then apply another layer of plaster, which will be formed, to provide the desired relief. Molding is performed on the uncured solution using a grater of metal and wood, sponge or spatula.


Decorative plaster on the ceiling in the hallway

Decorative plaster can be donestandard without pigment. Then the surface of the paint in the right tone after receiving relief. But you can use the right colored mixture - then the pigment is added at the stage of formation of the solution.


Decorating the walls and ceiling in the hallway decorative plaster

Interesting effects can be obtained using the two compounds with the pigments of different colors - one performed the background, and the second, which will be tabs - brighter.


The standard methods of decorating the ceilingsurfaces applies wallpapering. Among the advantages of such coatings - ease of gluing and variable design. In modern collections will not be difficult to find a suitable decor - textured, patterned or monochrome. Often chosen for the ceiling coatings of the same series as the wall.


Pasting the ceiling in the hallway wallpaper

But do not count on the durability of the decor - Wash the wallpaper on the ceiling is difficult, so they quickly become unfit for use.

PVC tiles

This is a small PVC modulesadhere to the pre-plastered ceiling. Such a finish is considered to be economical and practical. Among the advantages of this material - low cost and ease of installation, but the disadvantages are also present. For example, refined and elegant, this material is difficult to call. So if you are important for sustained style, should give preference to another type of coating.


Pasting of PVC ceiling tiles

Dropped ceilings

Suspended ceilings - is a kind of classic ina residential area. They are often mounted, even though the design such that "eats" and 15 cm in height. But it is necessary to use multiple levels and choose their form correctly, as the room is transformed, becoming more and higher.


Multi-level ceiling with built-in lights

Plasterboard ceilings

More often than not involve the use of false ceilings of plasterboard. It is mounted on a pre-made frame of the guide.

Important. Even at the stage of creating the framework planned layout of electrical wires for the spotlight. After that, mount plasterboard, mounted lights, then the joints between the sheets are sealed, and all surface puttied. Options for lighting the hall will be discussed in a separate article.


Multilevel ceiling plasterboard

Among the advantages of plasterboard:

  • strength;
  • humidity;
  • environmental cleanliness;
  • fire properties;
  • light weight, which makes the installation quite easy and fast;
  • the material is quite flexible, which means it can take many forms.


This form of plasterboard ceiling structure called the "river"

In addition, gypsum board requires carefulsubstrate preparation, its alignment and so on. For sheets attached to the frame, you can hide the ventilation system, electric cables and so on. You can even hold a local repair, if necessary, replacing the damaged portion of the structure.


The complex design of the drywall with rotating spot on the bar

Created plasterboard ceiling can hang,paint, highlight LED ribbons. Two- or three-level designs are perfect for the zoning, but they should be used only in the large square in the hallways or irregularly shaped areas.

The use of plastic modules

To include suspended ceilings and plasticstructure. Some people do not like this finish because of its too "office" appearance, and some choose it for practicality and affordability. Plastic is economical and easy to care for - all the dirt from its surface can be washed with a sponge conventional detergent or a mop.


The ceiling of the plastic panels

It is interesting that today, manufacturers are strivingto produce a variety of designs of plastic panels - among them as a classic white, creamy and delicate watercolor shades with shimmering light, like marble and daring modern solutions - for example, mirror, glossy, accurately simulating the crumpled cloth, leather, metal or natural stone.

Rack ceiling

This type of design is not often found in residentialapartments, but it is very popular in private homes. This is a fairly thin aluminum rails with sputtering. They're going to pretty much the same as the plastic construction, but are more expressive design - a chrome, gold or bronze surface. Naturally, they are not suitable for all styles - for example, in the aristocratic classicism and romantic Provence will be irrelevant.


Aluminum rack ceiling


Natural wood is also not a frequent visitor inthe decoration of our homes, especially when it comes to the ceiling in the hallway. However, eco-friendly trends dictate its direction - and style with the prefix "eco" the best solution is not found.


The ceiling is made of genuine dveresiny

Keep in mind that wood is always not tolerate high humidity. Therefore, be sure the surface treated with special impregnation, and they need to be periodically rebuilt.

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