Design a small hallway: choose materials, colors, furniture

A small hallway - a problem almostall typical apartments on the secondary market. The dark, uncomfortable and difficult to refine ultra-compact space. But at the same time - an entrance shall be deemed the house, and the more comfortable and more attractive will be here. the better for the whole apartment as a whole and for each of the tenants individually. So how do you equip a small hallway?


  • The main methods of increasing the space
  • Choosing the correct color and light
  • Correctly make out the walls
  • Rules for the choice of finishing materials for the floor and ceiling
  • What furniture is suitable for a small hallway?


The main methods of increasing the space

The magic is not possible here, and a variety of re-planning is not always feasible. And to the main principles of visual increasing the space include:

    1. Use as the main design styleminimalism. Under vases, figurines and napkins better highlight area in the bedroom, not to clutter of the hall, which is already suffering from a lack of space.
    2. Open hangers should replace closed, compact and capacious wardrobes. So the room will be almost crushed, and gain integrity.


    1. Let a small hallway will be a few mirrors or one large - on the facade of the cabinet. Suitable and floor design, provide only the safety of its installations.
    2. Interior doors is better to choose translucent,with glass or mirror inserts. You can do them all without taking out openings or arches, pretty curtains. Then in the hall will be more light.


  1. Along the perimeter of the ceiling, you can arrange the lighting - when the entire room will be illuminated and will be deprived of the dark corners, it becomes visually more.

Choosing the correct color and light

In a small hallway very welcome light shades - they extend the wall and look attractive and fresh.

Council. If you need to include in the design of bright accents, make sure that they were few. Each such "inclusion" should be surrounded by perfectly clean surfaces, otherwise the area will look uncomfortable.

And do not forget proper combination of colors - it is not necessary to combine more than three sophisticated colors in a small hallway, with each of the shades should be used at least twice.


Paint the walls in a bright red color

Lighting also plays a huge role in the perceptionpremises. In the hallway there is no natural light sources, so you need to carefully choose the lighting. If it is a long corridor, located on the wall in a spectacular series of lamps or small svetilnichki, and a compact square to better fulfill the bright ceiling light.

Correctly make out the walls

The choice of finishing materials for smallhallway - it's an art. After all, there must be practical perfect harmony with the style and modern design solutions. Among the most popular finishing materials is to provide paint, wallpaper and panels.



Paint the walls in a light color

decoration wallpaper

The current directory is not difficultchoose showy bright paintings in any style of interior. But in the hallway a special role should be given to the material. Paper wallpapers for walls will not work, because they are not durable and moisture resistant.


Wall design wallpaper

The best choice - and non-woven vinyl coatingwith a pronounced embossed texture and a special moisture-resistant coating. In this segment, you can select and wallpaper for painting, which is very easy to update.


Suit also more expensive fiberglass,allowing further reinforced wall, as well as liquid wall - a special composition based on textile fibers, which is applied on the basis of plaster. This material attracts a wide color gamut and good maintainability.

Finishing panels

For the walls of the small hall as a finishing material can be selected panel - MDF and PVC. They are mounted on the frame and characterized by:


Decorating the walls of the hallway paneling

  • durability;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • easy installation - no need for careful preparation of a base;
  • increased impact resistance;
  • a variety of design - is not difficult to find in stock, and high-precision simulation of wood and stone.

Sometimes for finishing walls and hallway corridor use decorative stone.

Rules for the choice of finishing materials for the floor and ceiling

Do not forget that is particularly important practicality of finishing in a small hall, but also the aesthetic properties of the materials can not be ignored.


Tiles on the floor in the hallway

Council. The most practical and stylish materials for floor surfaces in a small hallway - laminate flooring and tiles. However, they should not be textured - all the complex patterns and mnogofakturnost best left to the living room, and should be chosen smooth coating into the hall.


Parquet floor in the hallway

You can combine these two types of coatingissued the zone directly at the entrance to a more practical and durable tiles, and then perform the joint with the other coating is not a straight line, and in a semicircle. Use diagonal laying method to expand the space visually. You should also exclude expressive thresholds in the areas of transition to other rooms.

The nuances of the ceiling design

To make a small stylish entrance hall, recommend the use of hinged or suspended ceilings. Such furnish types have the following advantages:

  • easy to align the original surface without extensive manipulation of putty;
  • characterized by durability, long operational period;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • the ability to use built-in spotlights


Photo: suspended ceiling in the entrance hall

The stretch ceilings can be used with the webphoto printing, with absolutely any image from the clouds to the starry sky. This is a great way to get rid of the top visual boundaries. You do not want to complicate things a pattern? Then give preference to smooth glossy canvas - it will reflect it like a mirror.

What furniture is suitable for a small hallway?

A large number of furniture placed here is not necessary. Optimally - to choose one wall to the location of the built-in wardrobe and choose a mirror for processing valves. Sliding systems are good because they do not require additional space for opening.



Cabinet with open shelves

Wardrobe is best made to order, so that it fills the entire wall, from ceiling to floor. In such a structure should provide:

  • mirror;
  • shoe racks;
  • bedside table for small items;
  • Neat open shelves;
  • Hangers for the wardrobe;
  • boxes.



Hanger with a bedside table

It can also be designed and constructed inthe bottom of which is an ottoman or stool. It can be even more compact furniture - corner cabinets differ perhaps greater capacity, thus really take up very little space. About the options wardrobe internal filling will be discussed in a separate article.


Important. If your hallway sophisticated storage system are not needed, you can instead use an open closet hanger-rack, designed for outerwear. They are available in a concise form and do not clutter up the space. Choose a metal or wooden products - the market they are represented in a huge range and vary in size, design and colors.


Indoor and outdoor cabinets

Suit and open shelves - they are used for different things. But there should not be much, because they crush space, attracting too much attention.


A small hallway in country style

In the last step remains only to pick updecorative elements. Volumetric frames with photos and porcelain figures - not the best decoration of a small hallway. It is better to choose wall coverings with background texture that will emphasize the elegance of the furniture. A good choice will also be translucent glass shelves or ornate wrought-iron products, but do not overdo it with the amount.

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