Decorating hallway and corridor decorative stone: design ideas

Artificial stone - is a spectacular and stylishfinishing material, which closely mimics the natural texture and color. He's incredibly handsome, it looks natural and naturally. But do not use the stone for cladding the entire wall from floor to ceiling - so get too rough pastiche medieval knight's castle. And the price of this coating is quite high. So often it is used for accent - for example, embossed bricks are perfectly framing the doorway.


  • All the advantages of a decorative stone
  • Types of artificial stone for interior decoration
  • Basic rules of installation
  • Interesting design solutions


Making doorways decorative bricks

All the advantages of a decorative stone

You can select such advantages of artificial stone:

    1. Light weight. The material weighs significantly less than the natural counterpart and, therefore, its installation is straightforward.
    2. Excellent operating performance - no tendency to corrosion, cracking, rotting and fungal defeat.


  • Environmentally friendly - the coating can be used in residential areas without restrictions.
  • Fire - coating does not burn.
  • Durability - decorative stone hardly susceptible to damage, abrasion. His term of service - more than 15 years.
  • Easy installation. Finishing is fast, does not require professional materials and special construction skills.
  • The surface is very easy to care for, it is enough from time to time to clean with soap and water.


Decorating the walls around the front door stone

  1. An extensive range - available to simulate any natural species, from raw to polished, from luxury to budget.
  2. Material is perfectly combined with the traditional wall surfaces - wallpaper, paneling, plaster.
  3. Affordable.

Types of artificial stone for interior decoration

For lining the inner surfaces can be used artificial stone on the basis of plaster or colored concrete.


Decorating the hall in a private home decorative stone

Features gypsum

Stone, made from a mixture of plaster, veryeasy to process and very light - half the weight of its concrete counterpart. Consequently, such a finishing material is suitable, if the walls in the hallway are covered with plasterboard (because we can not create more stress on the frame).


Gypsum decorative stone

Among the disadvantages of this coating can be identifiedrelatively low strength and moisture resistance. To enhance these features, at the top surface of the gypsum in the production process is applied polymeric coating. The wall may be further processed after mounting and - moisture resistant acrylic lacquer, for example.


Council. The range of a lot of textures, sizes and colors - there's even a model with a white unpainted surface, you'll be able to paint in any, the most incredible colors.


Slabs cast from a plaster material

The nuances of the use of colored concrete stone

Concrete requires a special toolprocessing - is only cut angle grinder with a diamond disc. Material is heavier than gypsum - weighs approximately 9 kg square meter and more coverage of the previous 15-20%.


billing options

The range will not be difficult to choose linearand corner modules. However, it is worth considering that the elements for design angles, twice as expensive flat. Therefore, domestic masters in the majority decide to save carefully stykuya plitochki smooth in the corners.


Basic rules of installation

Decorating the walls in the hallway artificial stoneIt starts with the careful preparation of the base. At this stage carefully removed all of the existing coating, and then sealed with cracks and irregularities are eliminated. Application of a new layer of plaster is required, if the show up on the wall elevation changes of more than 5 mm. Also, the base is primed mandatory that provides better adhesion of the material.


Technology decorative stone wall mounting

Council. Before installing on a wall, make a preliminary layout on the floor. This will help provide a more natural color transitions and no gaps.

Paste stone plitochki liquid nailsor special glue for gypsum. Also suitable adhesive mixture is considered to be universal and cement structure, but it must be applied very carefully, constantly make sure that there were no streaks and spots remained. Stone necessarily stick to layer.

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