Corridor Design apartment (photo): the choice of materials, furniture, lighting

Many people are willing to spend hours planning a stylishDesign living room, nursery, bedroom and even the bathroom, but somehow always forget about the corridor. Meanwhile, it is a room to meet us and escorts, it forms the first impression of our house. And we are constantly use this room, passing from one room to another.


  • Rules for the choice of colors and decorative materials
  • Features corridor design different shapes
  • The nuances of the selection of lighting fixtures
  • Rules for the choice of furniture for the hall

It complicates the selection of an appropriate design for the fact that the corridor is very limited in size, cluttered with many doors and deprived of natural light sources.


Corridor Design in a modern apartment

Rules for the choice of colors and decorative materials

Corridor Design of the apartment depends on the formpremises of its size and configuration. But always in the design of this zone must be elements that integrate the hall with the other rooms of the house. This applies to the colors and the style - if you place the corridor in the spirit of Japanese minimalism and luxurious living room make-classical dissonance is provided to you.


Luxury corridor design with carpeted floors

In order to visually push the wall of the room, prefer bright, pastel colors in the decoration:

  • champagne;
  • beige;
  • pale pink, powdery;
  • tender light green;
  • muted blue;
  • cocoa;
  • bright green;
  • lime;
  • lilac.


Combining the two laminate coatings and tiles on the floor in the hallway

Do not make too colorful corridor - eachof these colors can be combined with one or two calm tones and turns joyful and incredibly positive interior. Do not forget that the wallpaper should be washable - most often it is vinyl or non-woven fabrics. These types of coatings are also characterized by a spectacular topography and the possibility of staining. But not only the wallpaper used for decoration of the hall - you can prefer to give liquid wallpaper or decorative plaster relief.


Decorative plaster on the walls

Council. To the combination of bright and muted colors were harmonious, you should use the standard zoning regulations when 1/2 or 2/3 of the walls are pasted over with bright paintings, and the remaining part is made a low-key.


As for the ceiling, his task - visuallyadjust the proportions of the room. Depending on the area of ​​the corridor of the apartment you can choose from single or multi-layered construction of plasterboard. Often used as ceilings with a glossy reflective surface or photo printing, the budget ceiling tiles and rack practical slats. If it is a long corridor, the ceiling can be drawn, "wave", and repeat on the floor like smooth transitions.


Glossy tiles on the floor easy to clean

For the floor in the hallway, too, will require specialcoating. Thus, the carpet will not work here, because in the hallway is a lot of dirt and puddles, especially after the bad weather. Budget laminate is also not able to withstand such severe operating conditions - is required to give preference to more practical solutions such as wood flooring, ceramic tiles or expensive commercial-grade laminate with a high degree of water resistance.


Linoleum for laminate - a practical solution for the corridor

If you are looking for a democratic and affordable solution, your choice - linoleum. It is better if the surface is matte, with a slightly pronounced texture - because the floor in the corridor have to wash very often.

Features corridor design different shapes

The most difficult to perform a small improvementcorridor, but it is possible. Only a few rules, and your room will become functional and spacious. Excellent increase the space all the reflective surfaces - this can be glossy ceiling or on the walls of mirrors, wardrobes with mirrored doors. In general, the case - an essential furniture for the small hall. The only important thing to consider fully its content, that it really was able to replace a set of separate hooks and shelves.


Photo: Mirror corridor design

And if the space under the cabinet does not fit a standard hanger and a small shelf to store hats. In one of the available angles may be placed obuvnitsu.

Council. The main features of the furniture for the small hall - it is light, without excessive decorations and a variety of decorations.


Decorating the walls of the corridor decorative stone (cm. More photos)

Ennoble long corridor is also difficult, becauseit resembles a narrow tunnel, which often do not find space for furniture. It is believed that in the long hallway necessarily need zoning - for example, the floor can be laid out of different materials fragments. And to the hallway began to seem somewhat wider, the walls make the light.


Long corridor with rugs on the floor

In the case where a long corridor formed wide,it is possible to further equip the shelves arranged on all walls - so the corridor will become a library or a collection of paintings, handmade works and so on.


The paintings on the walls are illuminated with additional lights

The easiest way to equip Square corridor. Even in a small room of this form will put a shelf for bags, closet, some shelves, hanger and soft ottoman. Make sure that the cabinet was really spacious - that here was placed the entire upper clothes, hangers, shelves for small items, bags and many accessories, headwear. If there is a place - in front of the cabinet you can put even a chest of drawers, and hang a nice looking picture and mirror.

The nuances of the selection of lighting fixtures

The smaller and darker than the corridor, the more itIt should be light. And in order to provide uniform illumination, the best use of ceiling lights - not the central chandelier, and the perimeter, or grouped in zones lamps.


The backlight on the ceiling and perimeter wall in its lower part

But on the wall constructions such as wall lampsrefuse is not necessary - they are perfectly create the necessary focus light near the mirror or in niches, can transform a picture or other decorative design elements, including a panel of photo wallpapers.


The light from the light fixtures directed straight up and vvniz

If the room is compact, then sunshinecompletely replace one central lamp, but it is better still to arrange small lamps on top. And for the design of a long corridor the central lighting fixture can be supplemented with a number of stylish lamps. And of course, all lights must be made in the general style.

Rules for the choice of furniture for the hall

Choosing furniture for the hallway, you can give preference to one of the following types of structures:

  • angular;
  • built-in;
  • dressing;
  • modular.


When selecting a suitable furniture is not setRemember that in the hallway it should be not only aesthetic, but also designed for the solution of the set of functional tasks. There must always be places for:

  • top of things;
  • accessories;
  • various trifles;
  • bags and umbrellas;
  • footwear.


A collection of paintings on the wall

At the same time the overall furniture in the hallway is notwelcome - it must remain compact. You will need a system for storage, as well as a comfortable place to sit. This may be a cabinet with a soft top - did not have to look for a free space for the location of the two items in the kit.


Mural in the design of the corridor

Well, if your hallway to put morecupboard. If not, you should use the maximum niche, setting them shelves, and as the main storage prefer built-in wardrobe with mirror facade. If space is sorely lacking, modest fit mine, located from floor to ceiling. On the other hand do not put a large mirror - this will visually expand the space, make the room more spacious.


Even if a lot of space in the hall, it is not necessaryclutter its massive furniture. It is better to choose narrow cabinets, up to 40 cm deep. Complement them open shelves or glass shelves, and entrance will be taken incredibly easy.


Cabinet with open shelves

Sometimes designers are advised to give upstandard direct arrangement of furniture in favor of the angular designs. It is justifiable solution to save space as much as possible. And best of all to make furniture to order, to the storage system took all the free space from the floor to the ceiling.


Classic corridor design with elements of stucco

Outfitted with the right hallway and finishperfectly selected furniture will be only slightly decorated. In the area remote from the entrance, you can put a soft and comfortable ottoman carpet, and the walls are decorated with original murals, chic pictures or family photos in frames. The walls of the corridor can be a real show, where you will place the entire collection of embroidered works or the best family photos. As for all kinds of vases and figurines, they should not be much. The only exception - if specifically provided under the porcelain collection niche with shelves and lighting.

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