Cabinets coupe in the hall: the internal content and structure

The furniture in the hallway provides convenienceuse this area as well as helping to make an impression on the guests. It should be comfortable, practical and beautiful - and the best model is the wardrobe. This high-quality and spacious storage system, which, moreover, still looks incredibly stylish.


  • Advantages of using closet in the hallway
  • Select the type of construction and decoration of facades
  • The internal filling cabinets in the hallway
  • Correctly select size
  • Tips for Choosing

Advantages of using closet in the hallway

Sliding doors are ideal for small-sized, and large rooms. Among their advantages is worth noting:

    1. Ease of placing all the necessary wardrobe items and accessories.
    2. You do not need other furniture items and, therefore, will be more spacious hallway.
    3. Capacity in conjunction with the relative cheapness. It is much more profitable to order the cabinet than to buy a set of several hull furniture.


The combination of colors with the rest of facades furniture hallway

    1. Inside this cabinet will be a place for the topclothing, seasonal components, accessories, hats, umbrellas and all kinds of shoes. You do not have to change clothes on a hanger, simultaneously trying to place a "surplus" somewhere on the shelves or mezzanines - all will be freely available and at hand.


The main purpose of the closet in the hallway - storage of outerwear

    1. Practicality. You can choose the product with the most reliable and fittings have no problem with the operation for a very long time period.
    2. Wardrobe can be easily supplemented with a mirror andbuilt-in lighting. You do not have to look for a place in the hallway for the location of these essential elements. Also, you can see yourself in full length in bright light - Error in creating the image are excluded.


Mirrored facade doors can replace a single mirror

For small hallways idealdesign with glass facades that reflect light. But for the spacious rooms, you can choose not only double, but the 3- and 4-wing design that could accommodate a completely entire wardrobe of your family.

You can order a built-in design - it fits perfectly into the existing free angle or niche and will cost you quite inexpensive.

Corner wardrobes considered ergonomic and roomy solution that will fit even in the standard type apartment.


Stylish wardrobe in black and white interior of a hall

Manufacturing under the order is advantageous in that you can choose the internal content, the type of fittings and decoration of facades. Often bought furniture, which will occupy an entire wall - the ceiling and the floor.

Select the type of construction and decoration of facades

There are several standard variants wardrobes for vestibules:

  1. The standard rectangular shape. It may be two, three or more sliding doors, according to the length of the cabinet.
  2. D-shaped - two cupboards at an angle to each other. Their ends will touch.
  3. In the form of a triangle - a case is placed directly in the corner and a fully closed façade - it turns out, one of the corners of the room, as it were "cut off."
  4. Trapeze - cabinet design provides additional side shelves.
  5. Arc Radius or shape of the cabinet of the facade design.


The curved shape of the corner wardrobe

L-shaped design is the most compact and corner - perhaps the most functional.

Features facade decoration

When choosing a facade for sliding closet in the hallway youlimited only by your imagination and the existing design of the room. The most budget chipboard material considered - here you can choose a reliable imitation wood or plain smooth surface. Using a mirror on the front will expand the space.

Council. Mirror decorated facades easily. You can use stickers, or sandblasting technique simulating stained glass.


Front with holes for ventilitsii

There is also a common material for facades include MDF, rattan, glass (frosted, transparent, decorated), bamboo. The most stylish solutions of these materials are combined.

The internal filling cabinets in the hallway

Before choosing a wardrobe hallway, decide that you will keep it. Generally speaking, any furniture of this type involves the use of 3 sections:

  • below - sections for shoe storage;
  • middle - hangers and shelves for clothes;
  • at the top - a loft for those things that are rarely used.


An example of internal filling the built-in wardrobe

As for size, there is a lotIt depends on what hall closet is installed. If we are talking about a small hallway in Khrushchev, it is desirable to make the cabinet 40 cm wide, 10 cm of which will be occupied by a sliding mechanism. In this cabinet will not fit standard coat hanger, if you put the bar along, so in the design provide end rod (sliding or fixed).


If you select a hanger bay 100 cm,here you will be able to arrange two pairs of bars on top and bottom, which will place a dressing room the whole family. Rods complement the shelves or drawers baskets, which is convenient to store things that you are not currently using.

Option internal filling corner wardrobe

For convenient storage of shoes usedSpecial shelves, fixed at an angle. Generally, one flange will be sufficient to 2-3 pairs. And that is not used in the current season, it is possible to remove on the mezzanine boxes.


Driving internal filling cabinet in the hallway

You should also provide a small pull-outboxes, which will be convenient to store all sorts of little things: keys, shoe polish, brush, napkins. A popular addition to the basic design are also considered:

  • hooks for bags, handbags, umbrellas, keys;
  • shlyapnitsy;
  • Corner shelves for souvenir photos.

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