Modern furniture hallway: recommendations on the selection

The entrance hall greets us at the entrance to the house and the dailyescorts. The design of this particular space provides a first positive impression from the house, but for the ease of use of space meets the furniture. By the way, today, chests and dressing is not so relevant (of course, if we are not talking about designer furniture) - in favor of minimalism and practicality, complex storage systems behind closed facades.


  • What belongs to Furniture for anteroom
  • Choose a style, design, color,
  • Advantages of wardrobe hallway

However, if it is a small hallway, the clutter of her cabinet furniture is not necessary - sometimes enough to select several individual objects from one set to decorate the space.


Stylish interior hallway

Interestingly will look like and corner segments. But in the area of ​​a standard room are appropriate classical sets of shelves, cabinets, racks and mirrors - in a modern interpretation of all this it is easy to replace a spacious wardrobe.


Corner hallway kit

Wardrobe replaces a set of shelves,lockers - for shoes, hats, accessories and outerwear. Well, if you choose furniture with mirrored fronts - it will help visually expand the space.

What belongs to Furniture for anteroom

Among modern sets hallway notIt is difficult to find a built-in furniture, and drawers and corner suites. These cabinets, racks or shelves can be narrow, compact and roomy deep.

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Corner set of furniture for the hall

Most often acquire modular sets, which consist of individual elements - are easily combined according to the hallway area. Among the needed items:

  • a wardrobe;
  • external hanger or rack to put here the garments that you use on a daily basis;
  • narrow shaft;
  • mirror or mirrored facade on the cabinet;
  • chest of drawers;
  • Hinged boxes for storing small things;
  • stylish holders umbrellas, bags - they can be wall or floor;
  • shelves for hats or accessories;
  • a place to sit - a cozy sofa or ottoman modest.


Photo: dresser for hallway

Naturally, all these things fit togetheronly in the big hall. If the room is not different dimensions, choose only those items that you really need. The main thing that should be in an ergonomic and comfortable space - closet or shelves, as well as a place to sit and a mirror.


A set of furniture for a hall in the shape of the outer corner

Modern manufacturers of furniture setsproducing compact solutions housing in which all these elements are combined. They can be stretched along one wall, bent, angled or square or round, with access from three sides.

Rules cabinet selection

No closet in the hallway can not do - the good, modern furniture does not look bulky, and in the range you can easily pick up a design that is suitable for your area.


Small cupboard with hinged doors

Properly installed cabinet - a great way tothe rational organization of space. Use the model with sliding fronts in order not to hinder the passage of the corridor, or modular complexes depth of 40 cm. Such enclosure dimensions make it a practical and roomy.


Wardrobe with glossy facades

As for colors, the bestoptions - with bright facades or with contrasting colors. You can use interesting mirrored facades or bright mosaic, imitation leather or wood, drawings on the glass - they will attract the attention and visually will expand the boundaries of the room. But do not overdo it with bright spots - because of their risk of getting congested room.


The cabinet door of frosted glass

What should be a hanger

Open wall hanger - a perfect solution for compact hallways, where it does not fit the cabinet.


Many hooks

A few hooks on the rails and shelf - hereYou can store bags, umbrellas, outdoor clothing, which is often used. But the most stylish and modern solution is to hanger in the form of chrome bars on the legs or in the form of "Cactus" - but for such products need space on the floor.


Open hanger

Pick up the mirror

If too much space in the room is no, the mirrorit is desirable to place on the cabinet door. But if you want to use it to decorate the interior, then allocate a separate place on the wall and be sure to be issued in a beautiful frame.


Full-length mirror on the cabinet door

Important. Mirror need proper lighting - directed resources to help visually expand the space.


The mirror above the belt

But do not forget that the mirror is betternot positioned in front of the doorway, and choose a place where the front door will not be reflected for him. After all, according to the teachings of Feng Shui it is believed that such an arrangement of mirrors will prevent incoming energy flow.


Do not place a mirror opposite the door

Incidentally, this method of organizing Chinese space also requires that the angles of the furniture should be rounded, rather than sharp.

Choose a style, design, color,

How should look like your hall? Harmonically, stylish and welcoming. And this requires light finishing materials, as in the hallway little natural light. But furniture should be appropriate, because this room is almost no empty walls - all of them are busy furniture fronts or shelves.


Fashion lover hallway stylish hats

So, when choosing contemporary furniture for the hallway, you will need to assess the following factors:

    1. Style. It is better if the set is used here will be in harmony with all the other rooms. It has the value and area of ​​the room - in modern apartments are unlikely to find much space to show all chic baroque or art deco. Especially because in the trend of minimalism and eco-friendliness, and therefore, simple lines and natural textures.


Hall furniture in modern style

Colour. Here it is necessary to start from the classic concept - bright colors help to expand the space, and the dark will make it visually less. Today, the trend is brown, white, light walnut, jet black, and pastel colors of green and blue or deep red. You can choose a romantic coloring or give preference to the classical solutions.


The furniture in the hallway a bright color

  1. Material. For modern hallways used plastic, metal, MDF and chipboard panels. Purchase furniture with certificate of conformity - it confirms that the surfaces do not release formaldehyde in the air is dangerous. And the most expensive option - made of natural solid wood. It can be painted if the zone is made in a country style or Provence, or leave a layer of lacquer with a pronounced texture, if it is a classic or eco-style. Interestingly will look like and glass inserts, and translucent shelves - they are practical and beautiful.


The high-quality materials, the higher the price of furniture

Important. The organization of the hall space do not forget about lighting furniture. So, on a mandatory basis illuminated mirror so you can see yourself in full and without shadows. And in order to in a roomy closet, you can find the right thing, it is necessary to provide for side illumination. All these elements make the functional area functional and bright.

Advantages of wardrobe hallway

Wardrobe hallway - it's wonderfulmodern solution, practical, roomy and stylish at the same time. This furniture is most often bought individually, taking into account the size of your room. You are free to choose the width, depth and height, so that there are no inconsistencies in the installation process will not occur.


Wardrobe in the beautiful hall

To make the wardrobe more spacious, itextend to the ceiling, and one of the boundaries of the premises can be completely removed thanks to a mirror facade. Use this design can be for storing winter wardrobe and children's things for growth, all kinds of shoes and vacuum cleaner in a specially provided for the lower compartments. There will be a place here, and for a variety of accessories - hats and other headgear, scarves and gloves, umbrellas, raincoats and handbags.

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Coupe and cupboard with open hangers

Please note that the wardrobe is equipped with sliding andnot swing door opening system, which is also extremely economical. A domestic drawers you replace a plurality of shelves, which previously had to seek out a place on the walls. In the liberated areas it is advisable to put a banquette or ottoman so that you can put on one's shoes with comfort.


Hall furniture in the Art Nouveau style

And do not forget that the modern furniture - it is,First of all, high quality performance. This also applies to fittings, designed for thousands of cycles, and the materials facades, perfectly imitating the natural materials.

Furniture sets hallway and durablestrong, and still - incredibly stylish. You may prefer an uncluttered furniture in Scandinavian style, chic colored arrays of Provence or the classic natural wood - only you can decide how it will be framed hall.

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