LED interior composition

LEDs have been used until recently ininterior design only in the form of garlands and hung, and even the boldest designer could imagine a separate piece of furniture, made of diodes.

A few years ago, this idea was implemented, andon the world market were led interior composition, but because of one-sided judgments with regards to the composition of LEDs in Russia were perceived contradictorily. The cause of these contradictions served as formed in our collective unconscious stereotype of the "if you can see diodes - so soon the New Year," which, like most stereotypes, is not baseless.

LED interior composition

The differences with regards to the use of LEDcompositions as an everyday element of the interior extinguished after the creation of a series of interior, exterior which is different from the possibility of additional decorating compositions themed décor, which the manufacturer offers as a solution to this problem.

Decoration LED natural compositionselements (grass, stones, leaves) eliminates the effect of "street" LEDs and gives them a "live" view. The compositions of the interior creates a series of his presence in the house a unique atmosphere, which emphasizes the individuality of its owner. Decorative elements are selected based on the needs or tastes of the house owner.

Decor is chosen for two main reasons:

1. The need to enter into the interior of the composition. If the composition to be integrated into the interior as separate items for their decoration, you can use decorative elements inherent in the required style. For now popular ekostilya good fit "basic" design compositions, which combines soft natural colors and materials.

LED interior composition

LED interior composition

LED interior composition

2. Creation of a thematic design. To create a festive atmosphere in the interior, "basic" design can be changed on a case. As an example, a variant of the New Year decoration vases for wine, which is based on objects, images and colors of the holiday: ekoshary glass, Christmas-tree cones, red berries and artificial snow.

LED Christmas composition

LED Christmas composition

More about the theme

Among the compositions have LED interiorwork focused on the seasonal use. The most interesting seasonal composition in our opinion is a cubic spruce. The appearance and the idea of ​​eating correspond to the concept of "form follows function", and its great external data provide an excellent example of how to save the object functionality without compromising decorative beauty. Designers offer to use a niche in the cubes to house gifts, wine glasses with champagne and decorations spruce. Another interesting song is Jack lantern (pumpkin) and tree Spring (Easter tree).

LED lights composition Jack (pumpkin)

LED tree composition Spring (Easter tree)

Faced with the need to refutestereotype, which we mentioned earlier in this article, we can say the following: LED interior composition essentially similar to the meal at an expensive restaurant, where cold is balanced with sweet, acid and spice interrupted. As sweet to man-made compositions in favor of each work, through which diodes acquire warmth and animation, as well as spices - decorative elements that you will decorate the composition, thereby finally forming its image.

If you believe that the composition is too coldor have a clear direction of the New Year, it indicates that the chef specially added a certain amount of spice and sweet, thus giving the desired taste of the dish. You do not blame the herring, it's too Christmas because she landed "under the coat", is not it?

LED Christmas compositionLED Christmas composition

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