Lamps that can be made quickly with their own hands

How to make lamps with your hands?

Problems with the choice of fixtures are familiar to many. Lamps are bought last, therefore it can be difficult to combine them with all other interior elements. But do not despair. After all, you can make spectacular lamps yourself.

1. Christmas decorations on the chandelier

Lampshade with the decor of beads Christmas.

Plastic beads, which can be purchased in a department Christmas decorations, you can decorate the finished shade. Bright colors and shine in the light turn nastoschee decoration of any interior.

2. Urban Landscape

The original application on the lamp.

The outlines of the roofs of the city, carved out of dark paper, glued to a light shade. This application is easy to transform a dull monochromatic light.

3. The world at a glance

Glowing map of the world.

In every house there are old cards thatlie without years. Of them can make the lamp with your hands. Simply wrap the part of the card is the right size old lampshade. For a more accurate type of paper can be covered with acrylic paint.

4. From the papier-mâché

The lamp in papier-mâché.

To make the original lamp yourhands have to remember the technique of papier-mache, familiar to everyone since childhood. Paper should be ripped into small pieces and left for a few hours in an aqueous solution of PVA. Then we apply a layer of paper by layer of paper to the desired shape, for example, an inflated balloon. After the papier-mache has dried out, your lampshade is ready.

5. The second life of old newspapers

Elegant retro light.

Cut out circles from the newspaper and glue them so that they partially cover each other. An interesting game of light and shadow is guaranteed. In addition, it is better to cover the shade with varnish.

6. Eternal lampshade

Metal - excellent material for lampshade.

From an old metal basket or usualwire can make a lamp with their own hands, which will become a champion in strength and durability. In addition, such a lamp shade is also completely fireproof.

7. From the bright cocktail tubules

Couple parties - and the material for the light with his hands assembled.

Lamp of cocktail tubes looksdemocratic, but at the same time effectively. Proto paste tube on one side of an old lamp shade using a silicone adhesive. If you cut the tube in half, then the lamp will turn smaller.

8. Chic and shine

Glamorous lamp.

Beads, which were not used, you canuse for lamp decor. Put them on a thin jewelry wire (you can buy it in the shops of goods for needlework) and attach it to the metal base of the lampshade.

9. Clear geometry

Shade of the tubes.

Cocktail tubes, colored in gold or silver color, become material for the manufacture of the lamp with your hands. Between themselves, they are fastened by means of threaded.

10. Lace patterns

Lace can not only look elegant, but also dynamic.

wrap or glue a monochrome lampshade with contrasting laces. In the first case, it is better to use elastic laces: they will fit tightly to the surface of the lamp shade.

11. Paper chaos

Paper lampshade.

Plain white paper, rolled-up, becomes the raw material for the original lampshade. Glue them together in a chaotic manner, moving from bottom to top.

Extravagant lamp.

12. Cozy luminaire needlewomen

New life of old buttons.

buttons can be used to make a cute luminaire. Put the buttons on strong threads, and fasten them to the top of the lampshade.

13. In harmony with nature

The lamp of the branches.

A branch of intricate shape will be an excellent basis for an unusual lamp. In addition to it, you need a few bulbs in cartridges. Screw the wires around the branch.

14. Almost edible chandelier

The original chandelier for the kitchen.

The basis of the old lampshade decorated cutlery, looks very brutal. This lamp fits perfectly in the kitchen interior in the style of a country or a loft.

15. Delicate textile petals

Lamps that are accents.

To produce such a lamp is chosen fabric, which does not fall off the edge. Cut out of her petals are attached to the lampshade glue.

16. From decorative rope

This shade is very easy to do even for a child.

Generously spread the foundation for the future shadea thick layer of glue and wrap tightly with a rope with a rough texture. The old lamp can be used as a basis. Use old utensils, for example, glasses or bowls.

17. Lamp in a skirt

Shade for the child or ladies' boudoir.

Translucent textiles, for example, tulle from old curtains, can find a second life. Having gathered it in the upper part in the folds, fasten it on the lampshade.

18. The patchwork

Make light with your hands and can be of fabric scraps.

Plenty of colorful rags tied on the basis of the old lampshade. The more - the better.

19. Of the favorite postcards

Postcards can also be useful.

Cover old photos with a boring lamp, and it will instantly change.

20. All our life - the game

Unusual light of the cards.

The playing deck, in which there are not enough cards, do not need to be thrown away. Dense glossy paper with a contrasting pattern is an excellent material for the lampshade decor, practical and beautiful.

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