14 great ideas for lighting your home

Unusual lighting in the apartment.

Big chandelier on the ceiling, a fewbedside or wall lamps - the traditional lighting scheme, typical for most of the apartments. Somehow, on the illumination think almost last. And very much in vain. For non-standard lighting scheme is able to transform even the most ordinary interior. Share original ideas of lighting appliances that dramatically change the situation in the house.

1. Unusual shelves in the interior

Shelves with LED backlight.

Shelves with lighting capable of replacing conventional wall lights. Especially appropriate they will in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

2. Light Horizontal

Multi-colored lights transform the interior.

Fluorescent lamps with white or multi-colored glow in the interior of the apartment look very original. They can be hung on the wall exactly perpendicular to the floor or in a chaotic manner.

3. Graceful mini projectors

String Light in the interior.

The so-called string lights look much sleeker than similar models in the loft style. Therefore, they will fit almost any decor.

4. Grapes of fixtures ...

Many identical lamps on wires.

Several laconic fixtures, collected together, will decorate any interior. In addition, the wire can be decorated with plastic or wooden elements.

5. A light bulb

Conventional incandescent bulb may look unusual.

It is a paradox, but only an incandescent lamp on a long wire can also be successfully revitalize the interior. This lamp attracts attention due to its brevity.

6. Unusual furniture with lighting

Lighting a floating effect.

LED strip attached to the bottom of the furniture on the perimeter, creates the effect of floating above the floor. To highlight this way the space beside the bed, chair or sofa - you choose.

7. Volumetric light

Fixtures for 3D-panels.

The range of 3D-panels of different materials is quite broad. Therefore, choose the one under which it will be possible to place light sources, is quite real.

8. Extravagant lighting fixtures

Chandeliers in the eclectic interior.

Who said that the room should be only one chandelier? Instead of a bright luminaire hang several smaller and less powerful. Impressive effect garaetirovan!

9. Lamps and mirrors

Non-standard lighting in the bathroom.

Most often, in the bathroom you can see the lights hanging above the mirror or placed on its outer perimeter. But LED ribbon between the mirror and the wall looks much more original.

10. Lamps and paintings

Illumination for pictures.

Painting with light can be a real highlight of the interior. But to paint not dimmed due aimed at their luminous flux, it is necessary to select special led-lamps.

11. Fixtures in the cabinets

Lighting kitchen cabinets.

Such lamps in the kitchen will help draw attention to the beautiful dishes standing on the shelves.

12. Chandelier or floor lamp

Fashion lamp on the leg.

One of the most common and popular modelslamps - large lampshade on curved legs, as if leaning over the floor. Due to its large size it can easily replace not only a floor lamp, and chandelier.

13. Garlands in the interior

Festive garland - a source of good mood.

Make lighting in the house with the help of festive garlands. Garland can be hung on the wall or the head of the bed, and wrap it in a large vase.

14. Light panels

Light panels in the interior.

Light panels are made to order in manyadvertising agencies. Their work is similar to the advertising light boxes, which can be seen almost everywhere. Image of a panel chosen by the customer.

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