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Unique gardens Albert Kahn

History of creation
The gardens are named after the French banker AlbertKahn, whose activities are related to the end of the first third of the 19th and 20th centuries. He has traveled the world, learning at the same time the culture of different countries. Having bought in the late 19th century, the land area of ​​almost 4 hectares on the outskirts of Paris, he set out the idea of ​​creating an ideal garden, which would be implemented vivid memories of his travels.


Invited to implement the idea landscaper Achilles Duchamp began a project to create a French garden. In it he united the two eras: 18th century classicism and art nouveau.
All gardens Kahn created so that, moving from onetheir part to another, if moves to different countries and even continents. The French and English gardens, the Vosges forest - representatives of the European Blue Forest embodies America and Africa, from the exotics palmariuma - Oceania, and Japanese gardens - a symbol of Buddhist Asia.
In times of economic crisis broke Kahn,and its gardens have been fully redeemed by the government. And in 1937, they opened for public posescheniy.V 1999 the park was completely destroyed by the hurricane, but in a short time he revived the almost intact.


Gardens Albert-Kahn made up of different styles of elements
Japanese village;
English garden;
several different colors of forests;
French garden;
modern Japanese garden.

French garden

With French garden began creating allof landscape composition. Classic square stalls here outlined floral border, changing color as the alternation of flowering plants that form it. Next to him - the kingdom of roses, where low bushes interspersed with tall varieties of climbing roses and entwined arcade. Occasionally there are apple and pear rosary give a unique flavor and harmony at the time of flowering, summer is their bright green accentuates the beauty of blooming color roses.


The decoration of the orchard are in this parkfruit trees, shaped in the form of palmettes growing among lawns. The border of the French and English garden is neat lime avenue. And at the exit of the classic French parterre is a translucent mass palmariuma. Its greenhouse grow tropical exotics Oceania and other places plan

English garden

English garden was created under the direction ofAlbert Kahn his gardener Louis Picard. But in the middle of the last century, Michel Furry reschedule the garden, with the result that it has acquired the hilly terrain, more close to the landscapes of England. Then additionally it was planted a lot of beeches, oaks, pines.


In this part of the park reigns peace. In the spring of his lawn delight the eye with a variety of flowering bulbs and shrubs. And in the fall creates a special mood colorful foliage of trees growing around the lawns. The path strewn with fine gravel, leads to the artificial river. The original bridge was built over it in the form of a huge stone, which broke through the river passes. Soft home charm of the landscape gives a miniature house in Norman style.

Vosges and other forests

Landscapes of the park forest reminiscent of the homeland of Albert Kahn - French Alsace and the Vosges mountains. Vosges forest is divided into three zones with increasing altitude:
Gold wood evokes memories of the plainsAlsace. Particularly charming it is autumn, decorated with openwork gold foliage weeping birches. The descent from the mountains with their ends swamp water lilies, irises and reeds. Their border grow spruce and cedar forests of the Blue, so named for the characteristic color him. Among its blue needles bright colors stand out rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas.

Japanese garden


Japanese village, created by Albert Kahn soto her from the terrace of the main house could survey the entire landscape of this garden. Here there are huge trees, tapeworms, rocks, boulders, trees in the style of bonsai and figured clipped shrubs. Every now and then you see here are typical Japanese dry streams of stones with gray pebbles - water and brown - shore. Paths and steps in the traditional style are not only beautiful, but also useful in rainy weather.


Teahouse. To him are flat stage, illuminated Japanese lanterns. Single lion at the house as if guarding his rest. A garden with a low-key plants - symbolically separates it from all over the world.


Modern Japanese garden was created nearly threedecades ago, Japanese landscape master Fumiaki Takano according to the Tao philosophy. Albert Kahn knew her, traveling to Japan. Half meter pyramid of white pebbles is it a symbol of life. From it follows the creek, which flows into the picturesque, colorful pond. At one bank of the lookout towers in the shape of Mount Fuji. Giant cedar and a large beech - a kind of representatives of male and female life. Different-sized facilities of pink pebbles, sharp bends the shoaling, the newly resurgent river, waterfall, which can be overcome by stepping on huge rocks, breakwaters, dividing the broad flow of water - the symbols of the Buddhist comprehension of the life of the famous financier. After all, this garden - the best memory of him.


Fantastically beautiful gardens Albert Kahn uniquely combine to achieve landscape architecture from a philosophical interpretation of life and nature. They give a sense of the joy of their harmony.

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