Reservoirs in Landscape Design


How to make a body of water at the site

As more and more modern landscape designthere are various modifications biovodoemov. These buildings look very nice in the garden and you can cool off on hot summer days in them. The water in the reservoir is always pure and the use of various kinds of chemicals are not required for this.


Biovodoemy laid out on two levels. Less deep islands are for plants, and in the deepest part of you can swim. This shallow area is a kind of treatment facilities, which, moreover, catches the eye with its freshness. Water garden consists of plants that feed on organic matter. In the area of ​​cleaning the plateau, you can place a special micro-organisms that will further purify the water in the pool.


There are various options bioplato device. If you combine a cleansing swim zone, you get a beautiful natural pond with thickets. Dividing the two parts can be obtained separate reservoirs.


The ideal ratio of the cleaning spaceand bathing area is a fifty-fifty. In this case, the water in the pond bude always clean and suitable for bathing. If there is a large area can be cascaded structure with ducts in which the water is saturated with oxygen. The pond will turn into a kind of ecosystem of the self-cleaning system.


Such a structure with a pond treatment system,it is best to do in the trees, as falling leaves will contribute to water pollution and the appearance of unwanted algae. Beauty will be short-lived, and cleaning takes a lot of time.
For this type of device the reservoir is not required to select a flat surface, since it is based on the movement of water from one area to another.


This body of water is different from the natural specialcomfort. The finished pit mounted plastic cup, the bottom of which for the most natural and safe is filled with sand or pebbles. In areas of the cleaning sludge formation plateau is necessary to plant properly developed.


Be sure to set the reservoir cupmechanical filters and a pump that will operate continuously, as water circulation can not be broken. Water must always be filled with oxygen, not to start the flowering process. Just need a good waterproofing, to avoid falling into the groundwater, which disturb the ecosystem.


On the construction of such facilities will need about three months. Only after that all elements will operate normally.

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