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Hedge of plants and flowers, a very nice solution for design

Hedge or border of plants and flowersvery nice solution for dizayna.Samy usual material for curb - stone. It is believed that this natural material it is best to allocate the border flowerbed or lawn. However, more than the original design will be a blossoming lawn lively border. In many European countries, such curbs are very popular, and the most suitable for their plant is considered boxwood. But boxwood is not suitable for the climate of the middle band - he was too thermophilic, in addition there are many plants from which will come great live bordyurchiki. The role of the border may carry out many plants, most importantly, to their height does not exceed 40 cm, and the width was about half a meter. Under these conditions, the curb will not interfere with the plants in the flowerbed, will not obstruct them light. Low-growing shrubs - ideal for live plants curb.


One of these plants for borders isdwarf spirea. This low shrub blooms until mid-July white flowers. It is unpretentious and feels well in any soil. One of the conditions of good growth spirea - good lighting. Cut is made in the period of rest of the plant.


In our view, the use of spicePlants like mint, oregano or parsley - a great idea. These plants are very well serve as a living bordyurchika and after trimming unnecessary leaves can immediately go to the kitchen and to be used in cooking. Pay attention to the mint. Different types of it have different colors. For example, peppermint - dark green, sometimes with a red tint and spikelet mint - light green, that is suitable for the decoration of flower beds in gentle tones. Keep in mind that the Mint has the ability to grow strongly. Therefore, first of all, put it in individual pots, then dug their beds perimeter. And do not forget to regularly trim.


Kochia and gomfena - annuals. Kohiyu called summer cypress. Its shrubs have a spherical shape with a large number of long thin leaves. Kochia prefers loose soil, sour and dry. Gomfena picky. In the soil it is better to plant seedlings after the spring frosts.


To create all the living there are some curbsgeneral rules: a place where the border will grow, should be released from the weeds and fertilize if soil needs fertilizer. Plants are planted like seeds and seedlings. If you decide to use seedlings, then plant the seeds in separate pots, wait until they gain enough strength and planted in the ground. Planted plants (seeds or seedlings), we recommend two rows. The distance between the rows should not exceed 15 cm in order to achieve sufficient density of the border of one meter 15 should fall -. 20 depending on the plant species.


Be creative, experiment, combine living and stone curbs. Surprise yourself and your family diversity!

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