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Country style in landscape design

The garden in country style decorate any country site,bringing warmth and romance of an old-fashioned western villages. For the first time, this style appeared in provincial American towns of the 19th century, absorbing the spirit of the Wild West and adventure. The distinctive features of this style is the love of a small space, clay and wickerwork, uncouth natural wood, adobe, lush flower beds and small fruit trees.
Unpretentious in the care garden, designed in a country style, does not tolerate severe cubic shapes. It is important to observe uneven lines, mimicking the natural randomness in the organization of the garden plot.


Country style has been applied in the design offarmstead sites and gardens thanks to the English landscape designer Gertrude Jekyll. such details have been borrowed from the life of the towns of the Wild West, a low wooden fences of poles, old cartwheels, decorative baskets and hitching post. You can get acquainted with the material on a monochrome garden in landscape design.
Each country implements landscape designin their own way. The British prefer strict consistency and orderliness decor elements, like the French lightness combined with lavender and Provencal herbs rare, pragmatic Germans added nuances Biedermeier style in design Canonicity country-style.


The main attribute that makes these gardensunique, are pots of lush, floral kompozitsiyami.Dikie the spreading of grass and unpretentious in the care of flowers (daisy, buttercups, bluebells) are in harmony with the style of the country and facilitate the task of caring for the portion of the manor.
In order to properly arrange the plot, it is necessary to consider the following stages of its formation:

Draw a rough plan infield device.
Make a flower bed.
Share track.
Pay attention to small architectural forms.
If desired, add the water bodies.


First we need to invent and to outline the areas of design solutions of the future garden: functional and aesthetic areas.


Recreation area can be undeveloped flowerdecorations, benches, fountain. The plot where they grow vegetables and other crops, can be separated from the main recreation area characteristic woven fence, and to decorate the greenhouse will suit whimsical decorative ornamenty.Uyutnye pots with flowers and a fenced area for cultivation of flowers - an integral part of the garden decor in the country style. The best choice would be poppy seeds, sunflowers, hollyhocks, buttercups. Colorful composition pleases the eye and raises the spirits.

Construction of the track on your site

The tracks are designed to not only connect differentgarden plots, but also decorative squirm between extensive colored bushes, tubers and planting. Paths can be tiled, made by natural stone, gravel, sand, wood planks. The main thing that they were winding and not deliberately direct.


If used for the construction of the concrete track, it will be a beautiful addition glass inlay, metal, screws, gears, nuts and other small things.


In order to look busy and gardenoriginal, using hardscape elements made mainly of rough-hewn wood. For example, a pergola made of poles, baskets made of twigs, coach-wheels, carts, wagons. It is recommended to process the wood structure gidrofibiziruyuschim composition, which increases their lifespan.
Wooden trough filled with water fountainsor artificial lakes will bring a saving coolness on a hot sultry day, and will make the contemplation decorative duck pond reed process particularly enjoyable!

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