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The cozy and functional yard where absolutelyeverything is left to chance and live easier, and more enjoyable vacation. That is why the landscape yard design has to be competently splanirovan.Pristupat to the site design plan comes after a thorough evaluation of its shortcomings sostoyaniya.Vse can successfully turn into advantages, and the yard will be like a fairy tale.


Located in a valley area with a highsoil moisture may be small, but their own pond, because the constant amelioration - it is quite time-consuming and costly, and the result will not differ constancy. The yard is on a slope, too, has its advantages, erosion-prone land quickly turns into an alpine slide, you need only to strengthen it with stones and choose the appropriate plants.


As is often the case - and the location is perfect, andsoil there are no problems, but somehow not enough space to roam embody all fantasy is not enough square meters. This problem does not exist as such, the visual correction of the space will make the yard more prostornym.I the main point and starting point of the design of landscape design yard of a private house - a single style decision. Starting arrangement of the court is necessary to assess the architectural style of the house, as a mixture of styles looks at least not in harmony.


Required elements of landscape design everything

Functionality and comfort the owners provide a few mandatory elements that need to be on each adjoining section.
1.Zona rest with protecting from the sun and weather shelter or a cozy gazebo with comfortable bench.
2.Sadovye walkway connecting different parts of the site. They are used for zoning space, and from the house to the garden does not have to wade through the green lawn.


3. In any country house has a fireplace, fireplace in the yard or a barbecue area, and without woodsheds in this case can not do.
4.Sadovy house of small size, and preferably tucked away in a secluded corner of the courtyard. It is used to store agricultural equipment, work clothes and other accessories.


5.Parkovka for vehicles is useful even if the owners of the house does not have its cars arrived on the transport guests do not have to leave the gate equipment.


6.Naruzhnoe coverage area of ​​each section will provide security at night
7.Veloparkovka usually located at the gate.


Little tips area-

What should be done to a small areacreate a fabulous cozy corner? First, select the appropriate direction of design, because not every style of landscape design fit for a small patio.


The most common and favorite styleYour small plots is now German. Its feature is rationality and conciseness. All residents of the eponymous state great aesthetes, so in a German-style design using undemanding dwarf plants, which do not lose their decorative effect throughout the year. In addition, a small area arranged all the necessary items and areas, rock gardens, neat lawns and hedges, and a place to rest - and all of this affects the elegance and functionality at the same time.

Features of arrangement of the small square in design

To begin the organization of landscape designsmall size of the yard should be a resettlement site at the entrance to the house. Covering this area tend to be either padded or solid. Since this part of the yard, to some extent it acts as a home location adjacent to, as a coating is advisable to choose the second option. The ideal material for this purpose will be the clinker bricks or paving stones made of natural stone.


The high cost of these materials is quitejustified by long-life and "warm and cozy" appearance. In addition, if a family has small children, in the fall of such coverage, the downed knees will be less, because the natural materials are not as tough as concrete.
Small footprint requires just save everyFree centimeter area, especially with respect to the selection of plants for landscaping. Container plants landing method in this case is more effective, since if necessary they can easily be rearranged in another location, and in the winter clean room or basement.

Construction dvora- garden furniture

The main condition of its use - it shouldmost naturally fit into the dimensions of a small courtyard. Cumbersome and complex structures simply do not have enough space, a compact folding or collapsible chairs and tables on the other hand, can be transferred to the right place, and hide as needed.


Regarding materials for garden furniture, it is important to remember that plastic furniture "beach" type entirely irrelevant, it is best to choose wooden furniture or in combination with the "weightless" forging.


For each individual patio needs an individual approach, but taking into account the general recommendations and only using natural materials for decoration, you can create a fabulous cozy nook!

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