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Beds and flower beds in the area

Flower beds with their own hands - one of the things thatany hostess garden plot deals with pleasure. When making flower beds at the cottage, you can show imagination and realize all their dreams of a blossoming garden.

Device beds and flower beds can be made from both annuals and perennials from - each of them will be really beautiful.

Device-dimensional flower bed

When the device there is a one-dimensional flower bedtwo ways planting flowers. The first way - the creation of any flower arrangement. Composite beds closer to nature, natural style. Planted in the usual way, but premeditated plan.


The second method - a predetermined pattern,often geometric. Flowerbeds with ornament called the carpet. It stressed parade, fancy beds, but with an explicit hand-made style. Ornament on a flowerbed in advance is marked using pegs and ropes

Multivariate flower

For multi-dimensional device of flower beds, in theGenerally, the frame is made in advance, and then - covering of the mesh. Between the grid and the frame is filled soil in certain places, this grid is cut, and there planted flowers. Cases, however, are different. In the simplest embodiments, the frame is not used, and instead of wire mesh used a mosquito net.


Materials for the arrangement of flower beds

To free device can sometimes flower bedsneed gravel or pebbles - they help to create a decorative dumping. Use any additional materials for arrangement of flower beds at the cottage makes sense in the case of beds: for skirting device.


For the construction of the flanges can be usednatural stone, brick, large river pebbles, concrete, a log with bark and without bark, boards, thin beams, wrought iron elements of the branches is possible to build the fence, from the strip to bend the decorative fence. Small sea pebbles can be used for brick or concrete decor. Also on sale there are many ready-made decorative fences: a fence, brevnyshek, flat repetitive figures.

Making a flower garden or flowerbed

It is always important, as the flower decorated. Proper design of a flower garden provides not less than 40 per cent in flower beds uspeha.Sochetayte vegetables and flowers. Try to consider the flower beds as small paving elements. This is reminiscent of garden units, but the unit - it is a large facility located in the paving break, but the beds elements - a tiny modules are located as could be some paving tiles are located.

Beautiful flower pot framing house entrance

Use in flower beds and garden sculpturefigures. Sometimes garden sculpture can be considered atypical for flower gardens subjects, but, nevertheless, it is worth to try them in this role. For example: old globe, a lamp, a vase or a ladder.
Use to decorate flowerbeds colored gravel.


Tree trunks of trees can be turned into beds for shade-tolerant plants.


Fashion concept design flower garden with his own hands - only wild flowers in a frame of natural stone or a log.
Enter a part of your flower beds with plants"Exotic" unusual "appearance". This may be the most common plants, but with unusual coloring for them, for example, pink kalendula.Soedinyayte within a flower garden flowers, shrubs and low conifers.


Let some flower beds in your garden will begreen, that is composed only of ornamental deciduous perennials. As an exception, when the device of flower beds of perennials, you can add a plant with green flowers.
Organize a large flower garden at the intersection of several major tracks. Then it will be a kind of "main square".


There are already preparing a special form that can becalled mini-beds, and volume, while container and garden figurine. For example, decorative trim well, which can be planted flowers, and decorative bucket well, you can put the container with a flower. These solid structures are perfect for decorating the empty spaces in the garden, especially if these sites have a small area.


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