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How to plant violets from leaf and seeds - step by step instructions

These lovely flowers will decorate a window sillapartments, and a small flower bed at the cottage or in the garden. Violets long enjoyed a deserved popularity. And not only in their ability to bloom almost continuously, but also in the fact that the withdrawal is limited to a few important rules. If you know how to keep track of violets, these worries will not take much of your time. But the most important point, on which depends the future of flowers, - landing. What are the subtleties of this demanding job?

How to plant violets?

What is needed for planting violets?

We recommend that you prepare in advance and buy all the necessary materials. This approach greatly simplifies the task. If you do not know how to plant violets, and you can not choose the way the prepare a complete list of materials. Among them:

  1. a few pots of different sizes;
  2. Special primer for violets (you can find shops);
  3. plastic packaging (cups can be taken both of the yogurt and the usual transparent);
  4. a small shovel, you can work with the ground;
  5. fertilizers (also suitable for violets);
  6. Lamp (relevant for dark rooms and for the winter period).

How to plant violets?

How to choose a pot of violets?

All plant lovers know that different colorsvarious requirements not only to ground, but also to the size of the pot. From it may depend not only on the size of the future of the plant, but also the number of colors, bloom frequency and overall health. That is why many are interested in the pots in which to plant violets. It is important to know that These flowers grow in great distress. Therefore, we recommend that you pick up the pots,to be two to three times smaller than the diameter of the outlet (most plants). For adult plants standard diameter of the pot is 10-13 cm with a height of no more than 10 centimeters.

How to plant violets?

It is worth noting that in a very small and cramped potted violets grow slowly, so regular transplanting flower pot is supposed to appropriate size.

What soil suitable for planting violets?

In any specialty store you will findsoil, which has been developed specifically for violets. Yet experienced gardeners and plant lovers prefer to create the ground for its own colors. If you're willing to spend a little time on this process, prepare materials:

  1. universal primer,
  2. river sand (not used if drainage is laid on the bottom of the pot)
  3. two handfuls of ash,
  4. finely chopped sphagnum moss (2 handfuls).

How to plant violets?

All ingredients are mixed and deposited onseven days. At this time, the soil should be filled with oxygen. If you do not know in what land to plant violets, and are not sure in their own abilities, then give preference to the finished product.

How to plant violets?

Methods of planting violets and a detailed description of the process

Exist Two basic methods of growing violets from leaves and seeds. The second option is preferred by professionals,who have already studied all the features of the plant and are willing to spend their time on the flower. Much violets grow by another plant faster. It takes just a healthy leaf and a little time.

How to plant violets?

How to plant violets by leaf: step by step instructions

So, you have a violet leaf. What do you do with it? And how to get from one leaf whole plant? To get started, choose how you grow "children": just place a sheet in the ground or plant them in the water? The first method is faster, but the second is easier and more suitable for beginners.

How to plant violets?

Do you want to know, how to plant violet leaves?

  1. A healthy leaf is cut so that the stemIt was not more than 1/3 of the total size of the plant. Then the soil is prepared: drainage and soil. The ideal pot for growing violets with a sheet of not more than 5 centimeters in diameter. You can take the form of a plastic yogurt, it is perfect.
  2. In the ground make a small indentation and placeto finely chopped moss, it will help strengthen the sheet so that the roots could appear. Not everyone knows how to properly put on a violet leaf, so often "Kids" does not grow thick layer of earth.
  3. Sprinkle stalk the earth, pour a little warmboiled water and cover with plastic wrap (fit the most common package). Thus you can create hothouse conditions for plants. Keep the room temperature, it should stay at the level of 22-25 degrees. Watering should be ground as drying. After a while, you will notice a small germinating Fialochka.

How to plant violets?

But there is another variant preparation sheet.

  1. In a glass pour clean water to defendroom temperature, and the sheet is placed there. Keep an eye on the water level, as well as watch the growth of roots. They will begin to manifest within 7-9 days, and by the beginning of the second week the plant will be ready for transplanting.
  2. Once the roots are grown by 1-1.5 cm,sheet may be rooting. You can use a combination of two cups of different size (a smaller drain holes need to be made), or use the expanded clay or other drainage. It is poured in a layer 1/3 of the total height of the pot, it is then ground.
  3. In the ground make a small hole, and where you need to put a violet. The root system of the plant will not be filled up to the side. Sprinkle sprout earth, pour the warm water.
  4. On top of the plant is covered with polythene and create ideal conditions for growth: constant temperature, light. sprouts will appear soon.

How to plant violets?

Now that you know how to plant in a pot violets. But there is another technique of growing plants.

Growing from seeds of violets

  1. This will require prepare the following materials:
  2. forest moss or sphagnum moss,
  3. white plastic box (to make the bottom of the drainage holes)
  4. river sand,
  5. charcoal,
  6. drainage,
  7. universal soil,
  8. glass.

How to plant violets?

The sequence of violets growing from seed:

  1. The box is filled drainage. If the holes are larger than the selected drainage, they can partially close shards. The drainage is added a little charcoal. Then a thin layer of sand, a layer of crushed soil and moss.
  2. Seeds poured onto a white sheet and pre-mixed with pounded charcoal. Some gardeners add a little sand.
  3. Sowing, the soil can be carried out in any convenientmethod: forming grooves or not. "Greenhouse" is closed and the glass is exposed to sunlight. The soil requires regular moisturizing, but it must be carried out very carefully. It is best to water along the edge of the box, so as not to wash away the seeds. If you see the dew on the glass, then remove any extra moisture with a dry cloth and then cover with a "greenhouse" glass.
  4. As soon as the shoots, they will begin a fairlyquickly increase in size. Of course, such a small area for a large number of rosettes is simply not enough. Therefore, they must sit in small pots, not larger than 5 centimeters in diameter. Repotting should be done very carefully so as not to damage the fragile roots. First, water the soil, and then gently pull each rozetochki.

How to plant violets?

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