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How to grow a hyacinth at home: distillation and especially care

These lush flowers attracted the attention of breedersin the 18th century. The Mediterranean and Asia Minor were the birthplace of the modern hyacinth. However, the ancestors of these unusual flowers do not differ so exquisite beauty and exuberant flowering. But fans of the plant is not one kind could significantly change, relying on the selection. The result of hard work become modern hyacinths, different color and size.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

What more like these plants? Of course, for their ability to please not only the owners of flowering in spring and summer, but in winter. Lovely aroma will fill your house atmosphere very warm and good days, and hyacinths on the window sill will cheer up even the most sad person.

And let these flowers were once wild, but they are great to grow in the home, just need to properly care for them.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

The main types of hyacinths

At the moment, to this genus include all three main types: Transcaspian. Eastern and hyacinth Litvinova. Previously, there were many more, but the next reorganization of the classification of species has led to the fact that most attributed to other genera.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

Transcaspian hyacinth up to 20 centimeters in height. The leaves have the same width as the stem, and the end. Flowers bright blue color, from 4 to 10 in one inflorescence. Meet it is possible in Turkmenistan in the mountains of Kopet Dagh.

Hyacinth Litvinova characterized by a bluish color of the leaves and the relatively large size, up to 25 centimeters. The flowers are much cut and have a pale blue color. It is found in Iran and Turkmenistan.

East hyacinth - This is the most common type, which became"Progenitor" of all modern varieties. To distinguish it can be on a thin stalk. The flowers can be painted in pale pink, blue and even bright yellow. Another feature - the location of rare flowers.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

There are several varieties, which should be mentioned.

Hyacinthus orientalis whitish You can find the short flower stalks (15 centimeters) and a small number of flowers (up to three). Petals are usually pale white, and do the flowers exude a pleasant aroma.

Hyacinth east Farm not much different from the previous instance of the structure, but is characterized by a rich pink color flowers.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

Also, there are other separation systemhyacinths: in the form of petals (simple and double-flowered), in terms of flowering (early, middle, late) and color. There are 6 groups: red, white, blue, yellow and orange, purple and purple, pink.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

What is best to grow hyacinth?

Many fans of hyacinths flowers grown not in the usual pots with soil, a in small bowls. Fill them with a mixture of water and sand. Such a method is considered to be inefficient, because the plant is not getting enough minerals. Also, there is a risk of rotting bulbs.

It is best to grow hyacinth in containers with drainage holes or a thick layer of drainage of any filler (for example, expanded clay). So you can avoid most of the problems and grow healthy and strong colors.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

How to grow hyacinths in the home?

If you want to decorate your home with these lovely and fragrant flowers, then pay heed to the preparation of necessary materials. Hyacinths can not be called whimsical flowers, but only careful maintenance will allow you to get a beautiful and blooming plant.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

Selecting seed

To grow a healthy plant, you need a good seed. Buy hyacinth bulbs you how to market and in flower shops. But be sure to check quality of the goods. Good bulb should be smooth and denseto the touch. If you notice damage, the density changes and traces of destruction by pests, notify your dealer and select another instance. Healthy onion - a pledge of strong and strong hyacinth.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

Planting hyacinth

Grow hyacinth home, you can not only in the soil, but also in the water tank. For the second method, you you will need a narrow glassBank or flask of suitable size. The container can be made of any non-toxic material. Inside poured nutrient solutionWhich can be purchased at the store or makeown by mixing water with fertilizers. Sama bulb should be placed so that this solution touches only its lower part. That is why to choose an appropriate container is not easy.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

It can be planted in the ground and hyacinth. To do this, you will be We need a medium-sized pot (With a diameter of no more than 12 centimeters), the universal soil, drainage and a clean river sand. Drainage is laid a thick layer the bottom, and then the pot is filled with soil. You can use any soil with low and medium level of acidity. After a thin layer is filled with river sand. A bulb can be planted. Try to place it so that it does not touch the walls of the pot.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

If you do not have several medium, but availableone big pot, the bulbs can be planted in it. Just follow step three to four centimeters between different plants and note the distance from the walls of the pot.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

forcing hyacinth

The advantage of hyacinths that their bloom can be 'programmed' in advance. Want to get a reminder of summer for the New Year? Take training in early October. Do you think present blooming hyacinths in pots on March 8? Mid-December - the recommended planting time.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

Whichever method you choose the landing, then hyacinths must be removed in a dark cool placePreviously covered with polyethylene. This may be cellar or refrigerator. The recommended temperature for a given period of distillation - from 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. It's a comfortable environment in which hyacinth will grow and develop. This step takes from 6 to 10 weeks. Determine the "ready" plants can be the appearance of green shoots at it, the length of which should reach 2-2.5 centimeters.

Do not hurry. If you are too early to proceed to the next step, you run the risk of hyacinth, which never flourish. But do not overdo plant in the cold, because it significantly delay its growth.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

Features care during growth

After the appearance of the shoots, the plant was transferred to the room in which the temperature is kept at + 10 + 12 degrees. During this period, the hyacinths are very sensitive to temperature and sunlight, So they should be kept in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

All care is reduced to the right in this periodWatering: you need to ensure that water does not impinge on the plant itself - only on the ground. As soon as the buds, the plant can be moved in the appropriate place. We recommend that you keep the hyacinths as possible further from the heat source: Radiators, heaters, air flows from the split-systems. Also not recommended to direct sunlightThey can harm the young plants. However, the place should be well lit, so that the flowers opened, and you have pleased lush flowering.

How to grow a hyacinth in the home?

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