Loft in an ordinary apartment: a stylish apartment in Moscow

Is it possible to make a real apartmentloft? Architects from the Moscow workshop managed to prove that the industrial style is good not only in abandoned factories or factories, but it can be used even in an apartment called "stalinka".

Apartment in Moscow, 80 square meters

Loft style: apartment in Moscow

Apartment in Moscow, 80 square meters

The apartment in question is located in Moscow. The area of ​​the apartment is 80 square meters. Here lives a married couple with two children. Their interior was designed by the Ruetemple architectural workshop.

Open Space


Loft style: apartment in Moscow - In one room combined kitchen, dining room and living room

To let into the space as much as possiblelight and create a larger area for communication, the architects decided to unite in one room kitchen, dining room and living room. Plenty of room - one of the components of a loft style. The brutality of the interior gives a concrete wall, rest on the ceiling. It also left and to visually zoned space.


Open space is filled with natural light

Unload unnecessary items from the room helpedauthor Ruetemple modular furniture workshop. This method can take note and do for your living room furniture to order, not a long time to select the right size sofa or configuration.


Modular furniture in the interior of the loft

Black box


Loft in the usual "stalinka"

An interesting object in the apartment was the black volume,slate-colored paint. This is not just an element of decor. In it lies a bathroom, a private bathroom, walk-in closet for coats from the hallway, and a niche for the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets from the kitchen (which is equal to the area of ​​only 3.6 square meters).

Black walls allowed to make spacedeep. Matte paint volume is harmoniously combined with a nice gloss polished wood. A slate surface themselves have become a real entertainment for the whole family. Here, family members leave each other messages, write the menu for the day and draw funny pictures.


The volume of black hide WC, bathroom, wardrobe, refrigerator and kitchen furniture

Interestingly, slate paint canused not only on large surfaces. It will look great in a narrow kitchen niche on the door or on the furniture. Cooking is a real find, which allows you to record new recipes quickly.


The walls in the hallway are yellow, to fill the interior of the additional heat

15 square meters for a child


Children 15 square meters

Customers of this project are very fond of their children. For their room in this apartment was taken 15 square meters. It has two full-size mini-rooms, each of which has its own working place, and in the middle a real gaming panel has been built. The problem with storage systems here was solved simply - they hid things in the steps leading to the sleeping place. Hinged beds also allowed the creation of spacious working areas. Relevant reception in the interior of the loft.


In each room there is a mini-working and sleeping space


Children divides interactive design for games

Minimalistic bedroom with brick wall


Brickwork in the bedroom

When repairing in stalinkas often foundbrick masonry. It happened in this apartment. Architects from Ruetemple decided not to hide this treasure, and made a part of the brick wall of the loft. Especially because it is such a surface are welcome at the interior design in this style.

Instead of using a modular bed herepodium, which holds a lot of boxes, which hid a good part of the things customers. Minimalist, concisely and simply. As they say, nothing more.


Convenient holder for bags

We recently wrote about another apartment in the loft style. Its only drawback was the area, but this did not prevent designers place on 16 square meters of everything you need for life.

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