Apartment studio, interior decoration design


In modern world studio apartments is a model of modern and affordable housing,especially the interior is popular with young couples. Let's look at examples of design. The first is a classic design in a studio apartment.

Apartment studio, interior decoration design

The room where the minimum amount of floor spaceconsisting of a kitchen, toilet and bathroom, but even from this small space can make a cozy apartment. The most common use zoning, mirrors, wallpapers, combined dining and living room.

Apartment studio, interior decoration design

Apartment studio, interior decoration design

How to renew an apartment in the studio

The idea of ​​design studio apartment in a verydemand, at the moment, this makes it possible to visually expand the space of the room, and use the hallway, corridor and a balcony, all combine to increase the effective area of ​​small-sized apartments.

Apartment studio, interior decoration design

Entrance studio apartments

Interior studio apartments allows us to share this space into different zones.
And besides, the studio is considered stylish, trendyand progressive solution that adds modernity and dynamism in our interior. However, the conversion of one-bedroom apartment in the studio accompanied by a number of specific challenges, such structures usually lead you to the need to redesign the apartment, you will need to align your redevelop many instances, but it all goes by the wayside after the repair of your apartment. So, before embarking on the first stage of reconstruction of a studio apartment, you need to consider the space zoning. The role between the zones in the interior may have different colors, textures and line. Spread the furniture in the apartment is not very difficult, although at first this task may seem daunting.
The apartment-studio is the most important goal is to combine functionality and beauty, the best option is to place the furniture on the perimeter walls and on the border with the kitchen.
Furniture, in turn, may also serveexcellent option separation zones. It is desirable in such an apartment does not put bulky furniture, it is better to give preference, inflatable chairs, sofas and folding beds. You can also fill the surrounding space with the help of multi-level vertical cabinets and office furniture.
The principle of zoning of the space can also beachieved by combining several types of structures, it is a different height of the ceilings, decorative columns or arches or falshkaminy. A very common solution is to divide the space and light of different colors and shapes.
When zoning the space you need to follow one rule - all elements of the interior must not impede the free movement of persons within the apartment.

Apartment studio, interior decoration design
Design of apartments - studios may be different. Many designers believe that the most appropriate for the studio is the style of pop art or the principle of minimalism, or you can arrange a room in a popular style- disco. Do not blindly trust the designers, guided by its taste to repair after you feel comfortable with yourself. Follow their desires and fantasies, create your mood.





Apartment studio, interior decoration design

Apartment studio, interior decoration design



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