U-shaped kitchen layout: 35 design ideas on the photo

Layout of the kitchen, in which all systemsStorage, working surfaces and household appliances are located along three walls of the room, called U-shaped. This arrangement is suitable for kitchen spaces of medium and large sizes, square or rectangular. If the kitchen area is less than 10 square meters, then such a layout can create a not very convenient location of important kitchen segments, especially the tops of the "working triangle" - plates, sinks and refrigerators. It is necessary that between these three most important items of the kitchen interior was a distance of at least 1 meter.

U-shaped layout

If your kitchen does not have a through location,Square or rectangular shape and sufficient size, and you need to accommodate a large number of storage systems and various kitchen appliances, then the U-shaped layout for you.

Modern kitchen

U-shaped layout for kitchens of different sizes - options for the location of the dining area

Even in fairly spacious kitchens with U-shapedThe layout, as a rule, does not have a place to accommodate the dining area, especially if there are several people in the family and the table needs an impressive size. In this case, a separate room is needed to accommodate the dining group. Or, a similar layout will be relevant for the studio room, which is immediately a living room, kitchen and dining room with very conditional segregation zones.

Bright countertops

White kitchen

White color kitchen cabinets withU-shaped layout - the most popular option for the design of modern kitchen spaces, especially those that can not boast of impressive size. Stone countertops and stainless steel shine perfectly complement the white composition.

Dark countertops


Another version of the bright execution of the kitchenHeadset with a U-shaped layout of storage systems, work surfaces and household appliances - use of snow-white surfaces of the lower tier of cabinets and light gray color for the upper cabinets. Applying similar colors for finishing the room, it is possible to create a calm and neutral atmosphere of the premises, and a few bright objects of decor or serving, will be able to bring to the kitchen design a note of positive and upbeat mood.

White and gray kitchen

White smooth kitchen cabinets without accessoriesCreate a very impressive and even solid impression in the spacious kitchen. For a modern style, striving for the practical use of minimalism, such a layout and execution can become ideal.

Minimalism in the kitchen

In modern kitchens located in the cityApartments are rarely able to realize the U-shaped layout of the kitchen set with the installation of a dining group - this requires a really spacious room. In private urban houses or country houses, this design and constructive method is easier to implement. The result is a cozy and comfortable kitchen with incredibly high functionality, technology and storage capacity. But for all its rationality and fullness of resources, the kitchen space can look like a country, bringing the motives of rural life, which so organically fit into the suburban housing.

Country style

Add brightness to a kitchen set with a U-shapePlanning can be done by using one of the tiers of kitchen cabinets with the help of a saturated shade. In combination with the light tone of wood furniture alliance will not look too pretentious. But at the same time it improbably diversifies the color palette of the kitchen and introduces an element of positive and even a holiday.

Bright lockers

Manufacturing of kitchen facades with smooth lines,Will cost more than standard performance, and not every material is suitable for such structures, but it is obvious that such expenses will pay off with the original appearance of the kitchen set and the uniqueness of the entire interior.

Smooth lines

Playing contrasts in a small kitchen room

Even a modest kitchen can be equipped withUsing the u-shaped layout. Of course, in this case it is not a question of installing a dining area or kitchen island. To give dynamism to the kitchen set, you can use contrasting color combinations. The most common combinatorics is the combination of white and black. The dark facades of cabinets and light marble countertops will give nobility even a modest kitchen.

Black and white kitchen

White color kitchen set and black tintHousehold appliances will not just create a contrast in your interior, but also uniqueness of the situation will add. If you use bright, saturated colors for finishing the kitchen, you can get a really non-trivial approach to the design of the most practical room in the house or apartment.

Game of contrasts

Another version of the contrast in the kitchen -Use of snow-white surfaces of kitchen cabinets and black glossy worktops working surfaces. In combination with the black-metallic appearance of kitchen appliances, the whole ensemble looks very organic and balanced.

Black countertops

Black and white design

Adding to the black and white execution of the kitchenThe headset is a little woody, you can get not just an original alliance of color solutions, but also a unique interior of the kitchen space. Wooden surfaces, tone in tone suitable for flooring allow creating a truly harmonious and balanced design of the kitchen with a U-shaped layout.

White, black and wood

Kitchen with a U-shaped layout with an island

U-shaped kitchen layout withThe island is suitable for kitchen spaces with an area above the average. To fulfill all the canons of ergonomics and place working areas, household appliances and storage systems with the greatest rationality and practicality, you need a really large room of the kitchen. Obviously, the kitchen island in this case can be used as a dining area for a small number of household members.

Kitchen with island

Traditional cuisine

Classic facades of cabinets in snow-whitePerformance, a spacious island with a marble top and a luxurious chandelier - a classic at all times for spacious kitchen facilities. Practical and rational, but at the same time an incredibly elegant environment of traditional cuisine can fall in love with many homeowners.


An alternative to a white kitchen can be a pastelA shade of maple, for example. Light beige surfaces of the kitchen set perfectly match with the gloss of stainless steel, even the massive kitchen appliances seem lighter against the background of such a gentle color.

Pastel and stainless steel

Gray-blue facades of kitchen cabinets and glossySnow-white countertops look very elegant, but they do not "cut" the eye with eye-catching combinations of colorists claim that such color solutions contribute to a decrease in appetite - for owners who always sit on a diet such methods of influencing their own psyche can come in handy.

Gray-blue color of facades

U-shaped kitchen with peninsula - varieties of color palette

U-shaped layout, in which the islandIs attached to one of the sides of the kitchen set, most often called a peninsular. As a rule, on the inside of this extension there are storage systems, and the outer side has a protruding table-top for organizing a breakfast area or other short meals. This arrangement is very convenient for dwellings with a separate dining room or, the dining area is located in the same spacious room as the kitchen, but outside the working kitchen segments.

Kitchen with a peninsula

Large kitchen cabinets, located fromFloor to ceiling, create a pleasant, warm atmosphere, thanks to the color "under the tree." Even the cool surface of stone countertops causes associations with heat and everything is due to the sandy-brown hues. With the help of lighting it was possible to illuminate not only the working surfaces, but also the lower tier of the peninsula near the floor, creating a feeling of suspension of furniture in the kitchen space.

The tree is everywhere

Even in a small kitchen you canPlace a kitchen set with a U-shaped layout of a small annexe-peninsula with the possibility of organizing a place for breakfast. In a room with modest dimensions, it was easy to fulfill the rule of the working triangle - the sink is placed between the fridge and the stove, while it has a very advantageous location for the hostess, by the window. The neutral gray color of the kitchen facades perfectly harmonizes with the marble countertops.

In dark gray color

White color for small rooms

For kitchens of small size is idealU-shaped layout with a peninsula in light colors. The white glossy surfaces of the kitchen cabinet facades not only visually expand the space, but also are the most practical option in terms of plane care. Against the background of white storage systems, the gloss of stainless steel and chrome surfaces looks particularly impressive.

Bright kitchen

In white color

Snow White Design

As an accent in the white kitchen, you canUse the surface of the kitchen apron. There are many ways to create a plane above the work surfaces - from ceramic tiles or mosaic to glass wall panels with photo printing.

Bright apron

White kitchen cabinets and marble countertops- an excellent in terms of aesthetics and practical in terms of operation and care alliance. Add to this snow-white idyll a bright accent, for example bar stools or a colorful apron and a modern kitchen with a versatile interior, actual for many years, is ready.

White and blue

Kitchen for all time

White glossy surfaces in combination withBright wood, smooth lines of a kitchen set, mirror shine of accessories and lighting devices, as well as mosaic decoration of vertical surfaces - everything works to create a pleasant look and practical in use and care of modern cuisine.

The original design

Add brightness to your kitchen

Contrast combination of bright saturated hueWith white color - a trend in the design of kitchen spaces in recent years. Snow-white countertops and bright crimson facades of kitchen cabinets look impressive, colorful and rich. Finishes an outstanding image of the kitchen shine chrome interior details, household appliances and furniture accessories.

White and crimson

Add brightness and dynamism to the kitchenSpace can be and with the help of contrasting combinations - black and white surfaces in the campaign with wooden planes will create a non-trivial design of the kitchen. For such small spaces it is better to abandon part of the upper tier of cabinets, so as not to block up the premises with modest dimensions. In addition, storage systems will be sufficient for a U-shaped layout with a peninsula.

Black and white contrast

Contrast combination of white with darkWood can also look bright. If you add to the woody-white execution of the kitchen set and a similar combination of ceiling design, you can get an original and memorable interior of the kitchen.

Brightness in white

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