Tiles for the kitchen on the floor: 100 design ideas on the photo

An obvious leader among finishing materials forThe facing of the kitchen floor is ceramic tiles. And there are several reasons for this - ceramics have sufficient wear-resistant qualities, is environmentally friendly and durable, not to mention high aesthetic characteristics of the material, rich choice of colors and textures.

Bright tiles for the kitchen

Among the advantages of floor tiles are the following:

  • Durability - with proper use ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware can last at least 15 years;
  • Wear resistance. Kitchen space - a room with high permeability, which is under the influence of moisture, temperature changes and various types of mechanical influences. For flooring in such a space, a material with high wear characteristics is required;
  • High strength properties - if the tile is installed correctly, the surface will be able to resist high loads, do not collapse when heavy objects fall;
  • Fire resistance - tile coating can resist high temperatures;
  • Environmental friendliness - the material is safe for humans and the environment, non-toxic, does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Resistance to chemicals -The floor covering of the kitchen will often be cleaned using detergents containing harmful, chemically active substances, it is important that the material does not lose its aesthetic properties after their impact;
  • Resistance to direct sunlight - color, ornament do not burn out for a long time;
  • A wide choice of color and textured palette, the ability to simulate stone and wood surfaces;
  • Affordable cost of the material itself.

Tile for style cheby chic

But, like any other facing material, tile from porcelain tiles or tiles has disadvantages;

  • The difficulty of self-assembly without the possession of certain skills and, as a consequence, an increase in the costs of paying for specialist services;
  • Need for concrete tieFloors - if there are voids between the floor surface and the tile, the material will be vulnerable to brittleness when heavy objects fall and the tile may collapse;
  • Some types of tiles may be slippery for flooring;
  • The cost is more expensive than that of laminate and linoleum.

Dark tiles for modern kitchens

Ceramic tiles have one more controversialA property that can be attributed both to advantages and disadvantages - this is heat conduction. The possibility of installing a "warm floor" plays into the hands of a similar coating, but at high temperatures, the tile itself is very hot. About what advantages outweigh the minor disadvantages of the finishing material, it is up to the owners of the apartment or home ownership to decide.

In dark beige tones

Types of tiles for finishing kitchen space

From the point of view of the manufacturing process, the tile is divided into two types:

  1. Pressed. The plastic mixture, which is based on clay and batch with various additives, is pressed, after which it is baked under high temperature and is divided into tiles. The result is an excellent version of the finishing material for the kitchen - practical, resistant to moisture and high temperatures.
  2. Extruded. The plastic mixture is ready to be extruded in a special apparatus and is also fired and cut into products.

Traditional style of layout

By the type of surface of the product can also be divided into 2 types:

  • Glazed - smooth structure of the surface with a glassy coating (gloss), has high strength and moisture resistance properties;
  • Not glazed - does not slip, due to the high coefficient of friction, but inferior in water repellent characteristics.

Neutral shades

For flooring the kitchen is better to give preference to the glazed tile. Its technical characteristics are higher, and the surface can be chosen with a roughness to avoid slipping.

Dark Floor Covering

On the properties of wear resistance, all tiles are divided into five classes from PEI-I to PEI-5. For kitchen space it is better to choose the class PEI-III or PEI-IV.

Tile with ornament

Also it is necessary to pay attention to the propertiesResistance to chemicals contained in cleaning products. Look for the AA label on the package (this will be a tile with maximum resistance to chemistry).
Large size tiles

Also on the package with products for the cladding of kitchen floors there is information on the coefficient of friction (should be more than 0.75) and resistance to moisture (more than 3%).

Methods of laying tiles in the kitchen

One of the most traditional and popular optionsLayout tiles - the arrangement of rows parallel to the walls of the kitchen. In this case, two versions of the cladding are possible - when the next following the first row is a joint in the joint and, when the beginning of the second strip falls on the middle of the first and as a result, a drawing appears, as on a brick wall.

Classic keyboard

Traditional installation

Having a tile diagonally, you can achieveThe visual expansion of the space, the surface of the floor seems bigger, especially if you add a light tone to the layout. But it's important to remember that for a diagonal arrangement, you need a little more finishing material than for the traditional version.

Diagonal keyboard layout

Expansion of the space due to the layout of tiles

Tile of contrasting colors (white and black, andAlso their shades) are often laid out in checkerboard pattern. The received floor covering can not but attract attention and will bring to the kitchen interior the notes of dynamism, contrast and even brightness.

In staggered order

Chess drawing

One of the variants of laying the tiles in a staggered order can occur in a diagonal arrangement. In addition to the obvious contrast, diagonality allows you to visually expand the surface of the floors.

Chess Diagonal

Chess for small spaces

Red tiles in combination with light, laid in staggered order, it will look great with a kitchen set, the facades of which or countertops are made of wood of a similar, bright shade.

Red chess

The size of the tile you choose for outdoorFacing, directly depends on the scale of the room. In a spacious kitchen, small items will not look appropriate, but large tiles seamlessly integrate into the overall situation.

In woody colors

Tiles of small size and even mosaic will beOrganically inscribed into the kitchen space of modest size. But in such premises it is better not to get involved in a motley pattern of a mosaic cloth, it is better to give preference to geometrically motifs or a repeating pattern located at some distance.

Mosaic on the floor of the kitchen

The original appearance of the floors in the kitchen can beAchieve, using a tile of the same color and texture, but of different sizes. To calculate the required amount of material in this case it is better to turn to specialists so as not to overpay for excess products, but also not to get in a situation where the required model of the missing tile from your "lot" is no longer available.

The combination of tiles of different sizes

In pastel colors

Original laying

The English style

One of the original ways of spreadingFloor tiles - "Christmas tree", when the resulting surface resembles a parquet. To create a more effective external image of the sexes, it is better to use contrasting grout - light for dark tiles and vice versa.

Parquet Layout

Figured tiles fit the pattern and createOriginal floor covering. You can use products of the same color or choose different shades. Usually for such flooring requires a little more material and for cleaning it will be necessary to spend a little more time, but an interesting appearance and notes of uniqueness in the interior compensate.

Figured floor tiles

Design, colors and prints - a kaleidoscope of ideas for a modern interior

Dark flooring in the kitchen areaWith a light furniture set - a classic of the genre. This combination helps to visually increase the height of the room. Dark tiles will look luxurious with a light trowel, but it is important to understand that with this combinatorics you will have to apply more effort to cleaning the interlining sutures.

Contrast combinations

Black and white design

Strictly and succinctly

Bright floor tile visually expandsSpace and is great for small kitchen facilities. Many homeowners think that the lighter the material, the more difficult it is to take care of it, especially within the kitchen space. In fact, it turns out that cleaning in a kitchen with a light floor is less likely than in a room with dark floors, on bright surfaces, among other things, there are no traces of water drops and bare feet prints, which can not be said of black tiles.

Light tile for floors

White tiles on the floor will look more expressive if you apply a dark grout. For such a floor covering and care is easier.

White tile - dark grout

In combination with a light finish, floorCoverage in white colors allows creating a clean and even airy image of the kitchen. For many owners of apartments and private houses it is important to have an image of the kitchen space, close to sterility.

Snow-white image

In white color

All shades of gray and beige areAlmost universal for floor covering. Such products are suitable for facing the floors of any stylistic space and will perfectly match with any of the options for decorating kitchen furniture and the rest of the room.

Light gray floor

All shades of gray

Modern kitchen design

Light Beige

A tile with an ornament on the kitchen floor is alwaysInteresting and non-trivial design. Depending on the color combinations, the print on the floor can bring cheerfulness and optimism, an eastern riddle or bright positive emotions to the interior of the kitchen. But it is important with such a bright floor covering to maintain the uniformity of the rest of the room, so as not to knock down the focus and not turn the kitchen space into a bright, colorful farce.

Tile with ornament

Print on the floor tile

The original design

Modest design

Black and white ornament as an outdoorThe drawing was always popular and does not lose its relevance in modern interiors. Such a floor will look harmonious as with a white furniture ensemble, and for a dark performance the headset. If the kitchen space allows the use of dark facades of kitchen cabinets, then in combination with a variegated, contrast tile on the floor, this ensemble will look luxurious.

In black and white version

Black and white ornament for a bright kitchen

Even the most neutral finish of the kitchen canDiversify and "cheer" the tiles with a pattern in patchwork style. Sometimes for this coloring only shades of two contrasting colors are used, but even in this case the floor covering turns out to be very colorful, original and focal.

Patchwork style floors

Original patchwork

Use of tiles with a pattern or ornament inQuality of the calculation in the form of a "carpet with edging" makes it possible to create an interesting design move that will become an unconditional center of attraction for all views. Such a floor drawing will most organically look in the kitchen of medium and large sizes. If the color of the fringing of the flooring is the same as that of the kitchen tops, then you will be provided with a balanced and harmonious image of the kitchen.

Carpet tiling

Unusual design of floors

Hexagonal tiles, the shape of which resemblesBees honeycombs - a popular element of decoration in modern kitchen design projects. Most often you can find "honeycomb", imitating a stone tile of various shades and textures. Such a floor covering will not slide and introduce an element of originality into the design of the kitchen. By the way, this material is perfectly combined with stone countertops.


Floor tiles in the form of honeycomb

Unusual kitchen floors

Similar shape tiles, but in performanceClinker material with a characteristic reddish-red hue will look organically in the kitchen area, where the finish is in the form of a brick wall with unpainted surfaces.

Bright design of floors

Classical quadrangular tile, imitatingNatural stone, will look great in the country style kitchen or traditional stylistics. Artificial stone can be organically integrated both into a spacious room and into a medium-sized kitchen.


Imitation of a natural stone

Imitation of natural stone

Tiles simulating granite, marble or otherTypes of natural stones are highly versatile. You can use a similar floor covering, both in a classic kitchen and in a high-tech style room. The meaning is to a greater extent tint shade, the so-called color temperature.

Original natural pattern

Tile for white kitchen

Tile for brick

An interesting image of the kitchen can be achieved usingFor a floor covering the tile of the same shade, as on a kitchen apron, only of the larger size. Some manufacturers offer ready-made solutions for such combinators - for walls, ceramics are used, and for porcelain stoneware floors of the same texture and color.

Tile on the floor and kitchen apron

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