Tiles for the kitchen: 100 photos of the design of walls, floor and apron

Rarely modern kitchen design does withoutUse of ceramic or stone tiles. It is difficult to imagine a more practical and aesthetic covering for a kitchen apron. For some styles of decoration of the kitchen is typical of the use of ceramics, not only for the lining of the surface between the countertops and the upper tier of kitchen cabinets, but also for floors and even walls completely. To ensure reliable protection for the surfaces of the kitchen from moisture and temperature changes, but do not turn the room into a bathroom or a bathroom, having to withstand stylistic, color and texture combinations, it is necessary to approach the choice of ceramic or stone tiles with special care.

Ceramic tiles for facings of an apron

  • Advantages of ceramic tiles for cladding kitchen surfaces:
  • High resistance to moisture;
  • Heat resistance, resistance to temperature changes;
  • Ease of maintenance and the possibility of using chemical cleaning agents;
  • Resistance to direct sunlight;
  • Durability with accurate handling;
  • A rich palette of flowers, ornaments, drawings;
  • The possibility of imitation of stone, wood and glass surfaces, glossy and matte finish.

Gray and white - classics of the genre

  • But, like any facing material, the tile has its drawbacks:
  • Sufficiently high cost in comparison with wallpaper, painting and wall panels;
  • The impossibility of self-assembly without having certain skills, and therefore, the cost of the material itself will need to add payment to the cladding specialists;
  • The facing process is a rather dirty work;
  • If you change your mind a couple of years or the color of the tiles gets boring, it will not be easy to change the facing.

In gray tones

Useful tips for choosing ceramic tiles

1.One of the main rules of successfully buying finishing materials - go shopping only after you finally decide on the design of the room. If the style of the interior, the color and texture of the facades of the kitchen set, the finishes of other surfaces, other than the kitchen apron or other surfaces that will be tiled, are determined, then you can proceed to the next stage. Do not forget to choose the material and color of the countertop, its combination with the material Kitchen apron Will have considerable weight in the whole image of the kitchen. Determine - do you want the kitchen apron to act as a contrast to the countertop and the facades of the kitchen furniture ensemble, or to maintain a common color scheme?

Ceramic cladding2. When choosing a design for a future kitchen, make sure to make a plan (collage) - on paper or in electronic form. On the Internet it is not difficult to find photos of any variants of kitchen cabinets, a table, chairs, lighting devices and other kitchen accessories. Look at the combination of the color of the furniture and the floor, the finish of the walls and specifically the apron, maybe in the process you decide that the tiling area can be extended to other surfaces. It is better to know this in advance, before calculating the necessary amount of material. If you use material with a pattern for decoration, then you can not do without a visual image.

Stretching by color3. Never buy a tile, which is called "flush". Of course, this material is not cheap, and some collections are very expensive, but having saved, you can render yourself a disservice. Designers and specialists in finishing work do not by any chance recommend adding at least 10% to the estimated number of materials. This stock is necessary in case of an unexpected battle, errors in measurements. Buy exactly the same tile will be difficult, if the store ended "your" party - there may be a different shade and even texture.

White embossed tiles4. In order not to make mistakes in calculating the necessary amount of material, do not stay with extra packs, which the store does not intend to take back, then do not trust the consultants in the store. An experienced salesman and his advice is an excellent help in the calculations, but not the truth in the last resort. If the seller has made a mistake. Prove then it will not be easy and unnecessary tiles back the store is unlikely to accept.

A small apron5. If in your facing will be used decors, friezes and curbs - try to come up with several variations of the composition. So you can not only come up with a new design of the apron, but also make more accurate calculations of the necessary material.

Facing with decor and moldings6. Carefully inspect all the tiles when buying. If after the delivery of the goods you sign the relevant documents on the delivery, then there will be no one to file a claim about the quality of the tile.

Contrast combinations7. Do not take the first available size of the tile, which you liked the design. Regardless of the surface for which the material is purchased - incorrectly sized items can spoil the whole impression. If the tiles in height or width do not fit in the frame of the kitchen apron or do not fit into the floor area - they will have to be cut off, select the drawing (if any). And in the end, you will spend more money, time and effort on the surface, which could not be a hassle.

All shades of gray8. When measuring walls - be sure to put the tape measure in a straight line. Check the shape and dimensions of the sides of the kitchen. It is enough to measure the diagonals of the room - if they are equal, then the corners of your kitchen are ninety degrees and there is nothing to worry about.

Original combinatorics9. Obviously, when choosing tiles for any room, we first of all look at the design of the product - a combination of colors, ornament, texture. But it's important not to forget about the technical characteristics of the finishing material. That your facing for many years served you faithfully, was pleased with the eye and did not cause trouble, try to choose a tile with special protection from chemicals. A kitchen apron is a zone of increased pollution, not only water, but also hot oil, fat gets to its surface. Surely in the future, you will use cleaning agents to care for this area and it is better that your tile is ready for such actions. The tile with antibacterial effect is marked with AA.

Colored Ornaments10. When choosing tiles for flooring, pay attention to the properties of wear resistance (experts recommend buying third-class products on the scale PEI). It is also important to take into account the possibility of sliding the surface of the floor tiles - the coefficient of friction should be in the range from 0.5 to 0.8. If you can buy a tile with a coefficient greater than 0.75 - you will not regret buying for many years. Make sure that the surface of the floor tiles is not porous - the dirt will be very poorly scraped from the pores.

Tiles are everywhere

Color palette - the key to success when decorating the kitchen

Performance characteristics, sizes and even the price of the material we are most often interested in secondarily, the first thing we pay attention to is the design of the products. Select color for Ceramic tiles, Which will become the cladding of the kitchen apron,Business uneasy. First of all, you need to decide - what do you want from your finish? Should the apron stand out in the overall aesthetics of the kitchen or is this role assigned to the furniture headset? Whether you choose a calm color scheme or you want bright accents, because it's the apron that can become the main focus of your kitchen.

Horizontal tile arrangement

A gentle, calm tone of ceramic tilesHarmonizes with the whole palette of the kitchen. Glossy tiles resonate with the sheen of stainless steel appliances and the almost mirror-like surface of the countertops of the peninsula. As a result, a quiet image of the kitchen room in natural colors, but not devoid of the brilliance of modernity and special charm.

Natural palette with glossy gloss

Attractive gloss

For black and white design of the kitchen setA bright apron can become an effective intermediary. The saturated color of the ceramic tile will not only bring diversity to the palette of the room, but also will increase the degree of the whole image, bring a festive note.

Green apron for black and white headset

Bright apron combined with light kitchenSuite - a win-win option. Especially this applies to small rooms where bright surfaces need to be used to visually increase space, and bright accents are responsible for the variety of the palette and the introduction of positive images into the light image of the kitchen.

Bright apron for white ensemble

Combinations of white with green

The combination of green shades in the lining of ceramics with natural, bright tones of kitchen facades creates an excellent mood. In such a kitchen, as if always spring, a holiday and a positive attitude.

Green and woody

Tiles with imitation of marble cover will give even a small kitchen a touch of luxury and elegance, and in a spacious room with a traditional suite will look more than organic.

Imitation of marble - light chic

Metallized tile coating with lightShine and even a patina will look organically in modern stylistics of kitchen decoration. Such an apron will be perfectly combined with household appliances and the brilliance of lighting fixtures.

Tile with a metallic luster

Metallized lining

Modern style of decoration

White apron - timeless classic

The popularity of white ceramic tiles "metro", probably never will. Classic cuisine, in the style of Provence, retro, vintage, country and cheby chic, in Scandinavian style Or even minimalism - it's hard to imagineStyle, in which such a finish could not be organically fit. Matte and glossy, with bevels around the perimeter and without - the tile "metro" is suitable for those who vote against experiments in the interior of the kitchen, considering this room a symbol of the traditional character of the home.

White Tile

Snow White Gloss Apron

White lining for a small kitchen

White apron in a small kitchen

The white tile "metro" in combination with a dark trowel will give some structure to the interior, emphasize the geometry of the kitchen.

White tile - dark grout

The snow-white kitchen

White Cuisine Will never go out of fashion - many of us want toSee the room for cooking not only clean and light, but also light, almost airy. A white kitchen set and an apron of a similar color are only slightly diluted by the gloss of household appliances and natural shades of wooden countertops.

The white colors

Figures and ornaments - a highlight of the kitchen interior

Colored ornaments on ceramic tiles are excellentLook in the kitchen spaces with light, monophonic furnishings. Speaking in contrast, bright tiles not only become a focal point of the kitchen, but also emphasizes the severity of the lines of the laconic color palette of the kitchen set.

Motley ornament for kitchen with monophonic furniture

Original apron with ornament

Attractive apron for white kitchen

Facing an entire wall using tiles with mottledOrnament - a design move, suitable not for every kitchen. In a small room it is better to refrain from such a finish and give preference to monotonous, neutral options. In a spacious kitchen, this method can be justified when using in the ceramics drawing no more than two contrasting colors and their shades, especially if they are already present in the interior design.

Variegated wall in a spacious kitchen

Total ceramic cladding

Unusual tile pattern

A motley apron, made in patchwork style, will look organically only with monochrome furniture and preferably in light colors.

Apron in patchwork style

Kitchen design options with ceramic tiles in the finish

Having the tile horizontally in the finishApron, you visually increase the space of the room, lining the same surface with the vertical arrangement of products - you will achieve a visual increase in the height of the room.

Vertical arrangement of tiles

In traditional style

An interesting visual impression producesLaying tiles "Christmas tree" in the type of flooring parquet. Original design may require more material, but it will organically transform even the most trivial interior of the kitchen.


Tile installation

Textured tile for kitchen apron - infrequentlyUsed option. For obvious reasons, such a surface will be harder to clean, and it will have to be done more often than usual, but the visual effect produced by an unusual coating covers all the temporary and physical costs of caring for the apron.

Textured tiles

Embossed lining

If the kitchen sink is located near the window, thenThe space of ceramic tiles can be extended to the ceiling, not limited to the distance from the working surfaces to the window. Given that the window occupies most of the wall, then the abundance of ceramic finishes will not catch your eye, and you will be spared from the associations of finishing space with the bathroom.

Gray shades

Using a combination of ceramic tiles and mosaicsIn the decoration of the kitchen apron, you can achieve interesting images. If you need to hide the flaws of the surface or flush the plane with a rounding, niches, then the mosaic tile will cope with this task like no other material.

Tiles and mosaics in combination

The location of the tile diagonally contributes to the visual expansion of the space. Such a reception will be especially relevant when using a kitchen set of dark color.

The location of the tiles is diagonal

In combination with dark furniture

Country style

Figured tiles in the lining of the kitchen apron looks more than impressive. Especially when using the contrasting color of the grout, to isolate the contours of the original shape.

Greenery with illumination

Figured Tile

Small items

Bright kitchen

Another original way to protect the surfaceNear working areas from moisture and high temperature - cladding with ceramics. Imitating a tree or stone tile in the form of honeycombs. The consumption of the material will be small, and you can always add products if you see that the area affected by moisture, hot fat and other troubles was more than expected.

The original solution

Ceramic facing, simulating a brick wall, will look organically in kitchens made in style loft, Minimalism, modern style, country and Provas.

Imitation of a brick wall

Tile as a floor covering

Many homeowners prefer not toStop on the use of ceramics for the cladding of the kitchen apron and apply a tile for finishing the floors. This is a very practical, albeit not expensive option of flooring. All the advantages of ceramic tiles used for vertical surfaces can be easily transferred to floor products. And in the case of the use of granite, we get an even more durable and durable coating for the floors.

Kitchen flooring

As already mentioned above, to the usual criteriaThe choice of tiles for flooring adds the properties of wear resistance and non-slip, because in addition to aesthetics and performance, we are important and safety of finishing. An original and practical choice of flooring in the kitchen space can become clinker tiles - hardened in a special way at high temperatures, it is a durable, easy-to-use and durable material for facing. The characteristic color of clinker products will look great in the kitchen, made in the style of country, Provence Or retro. But also for modern directions of design of kitchen premises such coverage can turn out to be a highlight of the interior.

Clinker tiles

An interesting design move that will helpMake the interior of your kitchen unique - use a similar in coloring with the facing of the kitchen apron granite for finishing the floors. Practical, but the original way of finishing the kitchen space can become the main feature of the interior.

Unusual combinations

Another way to diversify the interior withCombinatorics of tiled floors and aprons - using a contrasting black and white combination. For example, for finishing the apron, white tiles with dark trowel are used, and as a floor covering, almost black lining with snow-white trowel is used. Of course, with this coloring intertidal seams on the floor will have to pay more attention during harvesting, but the appearance of the kitchen is worth it.

Black-and-white solutions

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