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Not so long ago the kitchen-island was exotic forOur compatriots. Design projects are all brushed up with options for the location, modification, color and textured palette of the kitchen island. Unfortunately, most kitchen spaces of apartment buildings of standard layout can not boast of sufficient areas for placing not only a minimal set of kitchen storage systems and household appliances, but also a practical, functional and externally attractive module like the island. But over time the situation has changed, more and more apartments of improved planning and studio apartments can offer owners more spacious premises, not to mention private houses of urban and suburban type. An increasing number of Russians, ordering the manufacture of a kitchen set, are considering the option of installing and islands, as part of storage systems, work surfaces and places for the integration of household appliances or sinks.

Kitchen with island

Let's examine the details of modificationsKitchen islands, their appropriate participation in the interior of kitchens of different layouts, the fillability of this module, color, textural and constructive solutions.

White and wood

Kitchen island with different layouts of furniture ensembles

Island in the kitchen is a stand-alone furnitureA module into which both storage systems and household appliances can be integrated. The upper part of the island, as a rule, is a countertop, which can be used as a cutting table or a dining place for short meals. Also, the upper part may be a system for integrating a sink, hob or gas stove. In the base of the kitchen island, in addition to storage systems for utensils and kitchen accessories, household appliances such as a microwave oven, an oven, a dishwasher or a wine cooler can be integrated. Depending on the size of the kitchen island, which directly depends on the scale of the room, and the needs of the family, a "filling" of the base and working surfaces of the module is made.

White furniture

White Island

L-shaped or corner kitchen layoutThe headset most often accompanies the placement of the kitchen island in the cooking area. The fact is that with such a layout of storage systems, working surfaces and household appliances, there is enough space even in rooms of medium size. Experts in ergonomics recommend the installation of the island as a separate furniture module in kitchen spaces with an area of ​​at least 9 square meters.

Corner Layout

L-shaped kitchen

Prolonging the countertop of the kitchen island and leavingFree foot space at its base, you can get a very convenient place for short meals such as breakfast. For houses or apartments, where there are no small children and elderly people. Similar racks with bar stools can serve as dining areas, if there is no separate dining room and all households are not against spending time at a meal sitting on high bar stools or stools. If you plan to spend not only breakfast on the countertop of the kitchen island, but also eating at another time of the day, you can consider the possibility of installing mini-chairs or bar chairs with backs and upholstery.

Contrast combinations

Bright Island

With single-row (linear) kitchen layoutThe headset still has more free space for installing not only the island, but also a dining group within the kitchen-dining room. With this arrangement of working surfaces, storage systems and household appliances, it is easiest to follow the rule of the working triangle, placing, for example, a sink in the distance, within the kitchen island, and a stove and a refrigerator to be built into the headset near the wall. Thus, both security measures and ergonomic rules will be observed. The hostess does not have to "wind" the kilometers around the kitchen to carry out the whole cycle of cooking and cleaning, while she will be provided with a high level of comfort and convenience.

With a dark top

Linear Layout

Arrangement in a row

In modern kitchen spaces an important roleThe installation of the hood plays. The fact is that often the kitchen premise has a direct connection with the space of the dining room, living room or both zones at once. Very often there are open layouts of apartments and households, in which all three life segments are located in one spacious room. In this case, you need a powerful modern hood, the installation of which will save the household, resting in the living room, from the smells of cooking. If the hob or gas stove is located within the kitchen set located near the wall, then there are no difficulties with installing the hood. If the stove is integrated into the kitchen island, then the hood should be installed above it and fasten the structure to the ceiling. Before making a decision to place the hob or plate in the island, it is necessary to clarify the possibility of installation and extraction.

White and black kitchen

Extract over the island

Black and white design

Even a small kitchen island can becomeAn irreplaceable part of the functional kitchen space. Surprisingly, in such a modest module you can build a hob, sink and storage systems. Of course, for this it will be necessary to extend all communication systems to the center of the room and make it under the floor. In private houses of urban or suburban type, this process will not cause problems, except for financial and time costs. But within the apartments such transfers of electrical household appliances, sewerage, gas and water pipes may not be possible.

Unusual Design

In order to install an island in the kitchen withU-shaped layout of furniture and household appliances, you need either a fairly spacious room or a small central unit. Specialists in ergonomics recommend that the island be located at a distance of at least 120 cm from the designs of the main furniture ensemble. This is necessary not only for unobstructed traffic in the kitchen space, but also for the safe opening of doors and the extension of storage boxes.

U-shaped layout

Color and stylistic solutions for the kitchen island as part of the interior

It is obvious that the kitchen island isAn integral part of the interior and must act in harmony and balance with the rest of the furnishings, decoration and decor of the room. But in following this simple rule there are many options - the island can be made in one color palette and stylistic direction, like the rest of the kitchen set, or can act as an accent and focus center of the kitchen space.

Large Kitchen Island

Rainbow colors

Bright-crimson glossy base designIslands and snow-white countertops exactly repeat the color solution of the kitchen set. In combination with the white finish of the room and bright flooring, the kitchen looks festive, positive and attractive. In such an environment, the appetite, mood and positive attitude are rising.

Bright crimson base

In the snow-white kitchen, the island, completely completedFrom wood, it looks very organic. And it's not just that the shade of the countertop of the island repeats the coloring of the flooring, but also that the tree basically fits organically into almost every kitchen setting, and even more so in the traditional.

Island of wood

Opposite contrast was achieved inKitchen area with a wenge-colored suite with matt surfaces and a white island in glossy design. Not only the game of contrasts, but also the difference in textures bring diversity and attractiveness to the image of a spacious kitchen, equipped with the latest technology and executed in accordance with the rules of ergonomics.

Contrasting design

Dark gray kitchen island has become not easyAccent in the spacious kitchen-dining room, and its coordination and focus center. Impressive scale of the island for a large kitchen allowed to integrate into the work surface, not only the sink, but also the hob. In this case, it is necessary to install a powerful hood above the cooking area. Sometimes such designs are equipped with built-in lighting. In this case, the local lighting was awarded a dining area located in the neighborhood, and all the rest of the room provides illumination of the built-in lighting system on the ceiling.

Gray tone of the island

Bright, compared with the basic color of the kitchenThe headset, the execution of the island's base, corresponds to the decor of the space around the working area of ​​the gas stove. Such an accent allows not only to focus our attention in the center of the room and its functionality, but also to diversify the color palette of the kitchen softly and at ease.

Colorful tone

Snow white kitchens will be relevant at all times. Regardless of the style of the facades of the kitchen cabinets, white color gives the room a feeling of freshness, cleanliness, spaciousness and lightness. And the white kitchen island in this case is not an exception to the rules.

White kitchen

Snow White Design

Snow white idyll

Blue-gray shade of the facades of the kitchen set andThe base of the island looks just amazing against the background of snow-white decoration of the walls. Even simple, traditional facades look spectacular in combination with the gloss of stainless steel appliances, fittings and kitchen accessories.

Gray-blue tint

In the kitchen area with a bright finish andA lot of intriguing decorative elements, the kitchen set and the island must be neutral, so as not to create "conflicts" when focusing attention. Gray tone, perhaps, is the most mild and neutral of the possible options.

Bright decoration

Stylistic and constructive solutions

Kitchen spaces in style loft Most often form a suite with a single rowPlanning in strict and concise forms, without decor and excess. A kitchen island in such a room is necessary not only as an additional working surface and storage systems (which is also important), but also to create an emphasis on the adjacent dining area.

The loft-style

With loft style elements

Minimalist design of the kitchen imposes an imprint on the performance of the island - strict forms, neutral coloring, complete lack of decor, only functional, practicality and rationalism.


Minimalist design

Strict forms

In a snow-white kitchen with quite traditionalThe facades of the cupboards note a modern style of the island with its glass surfaces, the original design of the table top and the plastic chairs that stand around.

Plastic and glass

Another example of how the appearance of the kitchenThe island is changing the concept of stylistic design of space. In the kitchen with traditional wardrobe facades, the island, made with elements of country stylistics, brings the charm of rural life, warming the warmth of natural materials.

With elements of the country

Often to a small islandStationary or mobile (on wheels) modules, which, as a rule, represent storage systems. Such designs can serve as a continuation of the working surfaces, for example, as a cutting table. Mobile "islands" are convenient for use at parties and any other receptions of guests - loading the table top with snacks, and the inside with clean dishes, you can roll out the module to the desired place in the living room, veranda or another room with the largest number of guests.

Unusual prefix

The original solution

If the working surfaces of the islands are integratedBasically sinks or hobs, then at the base of these central modules you can place anything - storage systems for dishes, large and small kitchen attributes, wine bottle cells and spice racks. In the end part of the kitchen islands you can often see the placement of open shelves for cooking books and other important trifles that we do not use every day, but their presence in the kitchen space is justified.

Bookshelves from the end

Spacious island

Book shelving in the island

Such design solutions are not found often- two kitchen islands within the same kitchen premise. Such delights, of course, are available only to spacious kitchens. Both islands are equipped with working surfaces and storage systems, and one of them is equipped with a bar for the convenient arrangement of residents for short meals.

Two islands

In some kitchens it is the islandBecomes not just the central element, but is almost the only representative of furniture with integrated household appliances, stove and sink. In the narrow and long room of the kitchen, located near the stairs, most of the functional load came precisely on the island.

Unusual cuisine

Thanks to the original design of the baseKitchen island in the form of mirror surfaces, it seems to dissolve in space. It is a pity that such interesting design finds have drawbacks - mirror surfaces in the kitchen always lead to an increase in time and physical costs for putting things in order and caring for all the planes of the kitchen segments.

Mirror base

Kitchen island needs special attention withPoint of view of the organization of a sufficient level of illumination of its working surfaces. Sometimes lamps are built into the hood, located above the hob or stove. If the hood is not there, then the issue of lighting is easily solved with the help of one large suspended chandelier or a whole composition of small lamps.

Lighting over the island

In white color

Strictly and succinctly

Original forms of kitchen islands

As a rule, a kitchen island is performed inAccording to the shape of the kitchen itself. If the kitchen space is square, then the island too. In rectangular kitchens you can often find an identical furniture module standing in the center. But there are exceptions, there are a lot of design projects with round, semicircular, undulating sides, asymmetrical bevels and other original forms of kitchen islands.

Asymmetrical island

Kitchen island oval shape repeatsRounded sides of the upper tier of hanging cabinets. The kitchen does not need color brightness or originality of the decor, because the very shape of the furniture ensemble brings uniqueness and creativity to the interior of the kitchen.

Smooth lines

Manufacturing of kitchen island of the original formWill cost you a little more expensive than the standard options, but it will pay off the non-triviality of the kitchen set and the interior of the kitchen as a whole.


In this kitchen, the island was not justThe central element of furnishing, but also the focal attraction of attention and all thanks to the original forms of its parts, as if attached to it over time. Contrasting color combinations, marble surfaces, rounded and hard shapes - everything in this kitchen island works to attract attention, not forgetting about functionality and practicality.

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Original form

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