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European styles in interior designBecome more popular among our compatriots. A special place in this line of stylistic trends is occupied by a warm, cozy and rustic home interior style - Provence. It is often called French country music. And there is no mistake in this. Originating in the southeast of France, among the coastal towns of the Côte d'Azur, this style has become almost the hallmark of French design. All who would like to decorate their kitchen space not only with high functionality, but also the warmth of the southern French latitudes, with a special color and coziness, must learn about the peculiarities of the manifestation of the Provence style in the interior.

Provence style for a spacious kitchen

The main features of the Provence style

The style of Provence is simplicity and comfort, it'sNatural materials and interior items made by themselves, this is the desire to create a comfortable environment, which is convenient for everyone. Having absorbed the traditions of good taste of the coastal townships of the south of France, the Provence style became a symbol of warmth and comfort for designers and their customers in all corners of the world. It is considered that this style is ideal for a kitchen located in a country house, spacious and bright, cozy and so "home". But even within the framework of a city apartment (even modest sizes), one can use the basic motifs of the Provence style, interlacing them with design techniques to visually increase space. Let us note in detail the main features of the style of housing in the southern part of France:

  • An abundance of light, which is achieved due to the spaciousness of rooms with large windows or skillfully placed local sources of artificial light;
  • A bright color palette for decoration and furnishing, the use of pastel tints that burned in the sun;
  • Welcome the use of antique furniture or new models with specially aged surfaces, patina, scuffs;
  • Actively used elements of manual work - woodcarving, hand-painted dishes, lacy napkins and tablecloths, wicker baskets;
  • An abundance of fresh flowers - garden plants in vases, room on windowsills and other surfaces;
  • Open shelves with your favorite items of kitchen utensils on display - beautiful dishes, handicrafts, collectibles;
  • Interior in the style of Provence is always a little archaic- There are no clear rules in the arrangement of furniture, household appliances, decor (which is why many housewives who love to cook and collect the whole family at a well-decorated table prefer to decorate the kitchen based on French country).

Wiping in the interior

Warm color palette

Provence for a small kitchen

Obviously, not all of these motifs of styleProvence suitable for kitchen space of modest size. But the basic principles, including the use of a light palette and old furniture, can be used to create a cozy interior with its unique charm. Only at first glance it may seem that with this approach to decorating the kitchen with furniture, it is impossible to use high-tech household appliances. Modern technology, executed in retro style, is incredibly harmoniously integrated into the special atmosphere of the cuisine of French country.

Home appliances in retro style

Harmonious integration of technology

Color palette - business card style

Many of us with the phrase "kitchen in styleProvence "before the eyes pops up a picture with an absolutely bright room. But do not assume that only white color can indicate the belonging of the kitchen interior to the style of French country. The palette of the shades used is wide enough. But immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that to create an authentic interior in the spirit of the dwellings of the French coast it is necessary to use colors that burned under the hot southern sun. Pastel shades are ideal.

Light color scheme

Kitchen in pastel colors

Light interior kitchen-Provence

Not only all the shades of white, but also blue,Sand, olive, beige, mint, cream and gray - each of these tones can be used as a basic or auxiliary color solution. As an accent, you can use non-bleached, clean colors. Absolute taboos in the formation of the interior in the style of Provence does not exist for modern kitchen solutions.

Bright color solutions

All shades of white take a special place inThe concept of decorating kitchen spaces in the style of Provence. White color gives the interior lightness and purity, visually increasing the volume of the room, contributing to the increase in the amount of sunlight. For a kitchen located on the north side, with a lack of natural light or just a small area, a bright image will become the basis for design. But do not zealous with white color, using it for all surfaces when decorating and shaping the furniture environment. Otherwise, instead of a light, but cozy image, you can get a stable association with the hospital ward. Colorful natural shade of the flooring, bright ceramics on the kitchen apron and even a few, but colored decor will be saving accents.

Snow-white image

Kitchen in white

Bright spacious room

Light yellow, sandy, buffy huesInvoluntarily remind us of the grass burned under the hot southern sun. In the Provence-kitchen, such shades will be appropriate as a color solution for kitchen facades. On a light background, such furniture will look great. Similar solutions are suitable for kitchen spaces of modest size.

Design in sand tones

Natural shades

Colorful color solutions

Pistachio, mint and olive shades inPastel variations will be an excellent color solution for wall decoration or furniture set. Pistachio color is perfectly combined with a white finish of the ceiling and walls, wooden flooring.

Light Pistachio Tones

Visual expansion of space

Olive shades

Pastel colors for facades

At least when decorating kitchen facilities in styleProvence uses different shades of blue. Light-blue shade is used both as a color solution for facades, and for local finishing of vertical surfaces. Symbolizing the blue southern sky, this color perfectly harmonizes with other natural shades - white, brown, sand. In the blue tone, the coolness of the sea breeze and the heavenly pacification, but this color must also be used in doses. If your kitchen is located on the north side of the building, then it is better to leave all the shades of blue for the picture on the dishes and other kitchen utensils.

The kitchen in blue tones

Local application of blue tones

Household appliances in blue color

Original color combinatorics

Color of marsala with the addition of white tone, ripeGrapes and plums - all these natural shades can be used as an additional color together with neutral basic shades - white, light beige, sand. Most often, colors from such a palette are used for furniture located at the bottom of the room. Such an example, among other things, helps visually increase the height of the room (provided that the upper part of the room is made in light colors).

Colorful socle

Colorful interior

Cozy atmosphere

In the rustic style

Decorating for the kitchen in the style of Provence

Despite the absence of rigid canons atDesign of the kitchen in the style of French country, there are some recommendations that need to be followed, in case you want to get an authentic South-French design interior:

  • For wall decoration, wallpaper is rarely used (if only locally in the dining area), the painted walls will look much more natural;
  • Ordinary or decorative plaster with the followingPainting is an ideal option for Provence cuisine. The texture of the walls will depend on the scale of the kitchen and its location. In an urban apartment it is better to choose smooth options, in a private house, especially in a suburban housing, you can use a rough texture;
  • For wall decoration can be usedDeliberately aged boards (wall plates in the appropriate version), ceramic tiles, stone and even bricks - more often these types of finishing materials are used as an accent locally;
  • For the design of the kitchen apron is ideal ceramic tiles (the mass of options for choosing a monophonic material or products with a print)
  • Floor covering can be made ofCeramic or stone tiles, as well as using a wooden board (the style of Provence advocates the use of exclusively natural materials, so no linoleum or laminate).

Masonry in kitchen design

Emphasis on the floor

Provence in open plan

In the bright kitchen-Provence

One of the hallmarks of the ceiling inAny kind of country style is the use of wooden ceiling beams. If the height of the ceiling allows, then the use of this design will be an ideal way of recreating an authentic design with a special charm of a village dwelling. Imagine a similar finish in a standard apartment is difficult, but in a country house with a spacious kitchen, this design will look more than appropriate.

Focus on wooden elements

Ceiling beams

Finish for high ceilings

With a bias on the classical style

The only bright spot in the interior of the lightRoom can become a kitchen apron. Bright ceramics with original ornaments will stand out against the background of light, shabby kitchen facades. With the neutrality of the general palette, you can choose any colors for the design of the most vulnerable surface in the kitchen space - the work area.

Focus on kitchen apron

Kitchen furniture for the style of Provence

You can safely say that it is by color andThe design of the furniture set can "learn" the style of Provence among many other country options. Moreover, it is not necessary to use furniture ensemble with the same cabinet facades in this style. Raznomastnaya furnishing, as if assembled from the best models of the long history of the family, can be a difficult harmonious alliance, but become a key element in the design of the kitchen space.

Antique furniture

Harmonious environment

As already mentioned, in the interior of the style of ProvenceThere is no room for artificial materials. Furniture made from solid wood is an ideal option, as a last resort, you can use facades made of painted MDF. No glossy surfaces, chrome hardware and decor. If it is necessary to use metal elements, then let it be products made of bronze, copper, aged patina alloys.

Laconic interior

Focus on household appliances

Facades with glass inserts

Babushkin buffet or chest-pencil, found onExpanses flea markets and flea markets can not only acquire a second life, harmoniously blending into the cozy atmosphere of Provence cuisine, but also to become its main highlight. Aged surfaces (specially or after many years of use), old furniture, even cracks on wooden surfaces will not only not become a hindrance, but also help to convey the authenticity of the interior of the South French dwellings.

Tiles on the floor

Surfaces with scuffs

In a city apartment with a smallIt is difficult to imagine a rational use of space in which a bulky grandmother buffet or an old dining table will be placed. In this case, you can resort to design tricks to create a "new" Provence urban type. A compact kitchen set with modern "stuffing" and artificially aged facades or antique accessories with patina will be an excellent way out.

Focus on the dining area

Elegant facades

The panel and glass inserts, carved elements,Wicker and forged decor - all the facade design options are great for the style of French country. As an alternative to the upper tier of kitchen cabinets (sometimes partially) can serve as open shelves. It is on them that you can put your favorite dishes, spice jars and other kitchen accessories that you need to keep "at hand".

Open shelves

Crockery on shelves

If we talk about the improvement of the dining area,The advantage of furniture made of natural material becomes incredibly weighty. No plastic, chrome-plated elements. Wooden table and chairs will be an ideal option. In country houses, you can use furniture completely woven from a vine or rattan or having inserts from these materials. Wicker furniture creates a special mood. The atmosphere at which you do not want to rush anywhere, but just enjoy delicious food and a pleasant company in the circle of household members or invited guests is a business card of the Provence style.

Focus on

Original dining area

An unusual dining group

In a spacious kitchen

Integrate household appliances into a complex ofIntentionally aged furniture is not easy. In the wide sale there are enough models of plates and ovens, the design of which is perfectly combined with the aesthetics of French country. But if you need to install a washing machine or a dishwasher in the kitchen, it is better to hide them behind the facades of kitchen furniture.

Snow White Finish

Original work area

Kitchen decoration in the style of French country

Provence style in the kitchenGives the owner the opportunity to show all his skills, apply skills of needlework, cultivation of houseplants, drawing up of bouquets and other kinds of applied creativity. If we talk about the textile design of the kitchen in the style of Provence, then we can note several main theses (they are not an axiom in modern conditions, but they represent strong recommendations for creating an authentic interior):

  • Natural cloth of bright colors, withUsing a floral (vegetable) print, it is also possible to use the figure "in a cage" - a colorful tablecloth of cotton or linen will be an ornament not only of the dining area, but of the entire kitchen space;
  • With the help of laces, knitted napkins, tablecloths andAprons can be "domesticated" any interior (but it is important not to overdo it with textile design, especially within a small kitchen in a city apartment);
  • You can use chairs with soft seats and backs (fabric with a floral print is welcome) or on ordinary wooden stools to tighten (tie) fabric covers with a soft lining;
  • Window decoration with the help of textiles in many respectsWill depend on the level of light in the room, the location relative to the sides of the light and the size of the room itself (you can use a translucent tulle, cotton or linen curtains with a variegated print for decoration).

Motley textile for the kitchen

Kitchen decoration

Focus on finishing the floors

Window decoration

As for decorative accessories, there is noThe need to use everywhere the image and figures of the cock (the symbol of France) to create an authentic interior. It is enough to put a vase for flowers or in other areas of the kitchen space in the center of the dining table. If there is a wide window sill, you can put indoor plants in bright ceramic or earthenware pots. You can also use metal pots and small tin cans or buckets, wicker baskets in which sturdy vessels and even bottles are inserted.

Active kitchen lighting

Unusual furniture solutions

Kitchen apron with masonry

It is in the kitchen in the style of Provence will be appropriateLook glasses with a green onion or a long pot of greens, which can be served directly to the table. Do not be superfluous will be ligaments with onions and garlic, beautiful bottles with olive oil, tin cans for spices. Kitchen in the style of Provence - room for the hostesses, who adore cooking, who have hospitality and who love family gatherings and receptions of guests with meals.

Decor in Provence style kitchen

Bright design

Lighting can be safely attributed toDecorative elements of the interior. After all, in addition to its main function for lighting space, beautiful brass or metal forging lamps decorate the image of the kitchen. Some models of lighting devices in the style of Provence are decorated with porcelain, cloth or glass. Even in a small kitchen do not stop at the installation of only the central chandelier, because the style of Provence is always a bright room.

Lighting devices from metal

Unusual lamps

Original chandeliers

Lighting system for the style of Provence

Pay attention to the choice of mixer for kitchenWashing. A modern chrome accessory can nullify all your efforts. In the sale of many models of faucets, made for antiquity - with curved faucets and cruciform valves. There are beautiful mixers made in bronze or painted with white acrylic.

Authentic Mixer

Kitchen accessories in cantre style

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