Kitchen in loft style: interior and kitchen design in industrial style

Looking at the interiors of modern apartments in styleLoft, it's hard to believe that the "attic-mansard" design direction did not immediately find its admirers. Those distinctive features that give this style a special value, at the dawn of its inception, were considered essential drawbacks. Arrangement of abandoned industrial premises in the thirties and forties of the last century was the only opportunity for many Americans to acquire a separate dwelling. However, very soon the idea of ​​recreating the specifics of factory buildings in ordinary city apartments was to the liking not only of the costly students, but also the wealthy homeowners of America and Europe.

Industrial kitchen

Thanks to the efforts of designers of our time,Style loft is reflected in the design of a variety of facilities. The incomparable color of industrial buildings is felt both in the appearance of sleeping and guest rooms, and in modern kitchen interiors.

Factory style food

Why is this style good for kitchen arrangement?

The industrial style of the kitchen is fully appreciatedThose who like a spacious room with enough light and air. High ceilings, painted in white, give the room an extra volume. Wooden beams, pipes, rafters and pillars, available in the apartment, do not have to be hidden or masked. Thanks to these attributes, the kitchen area will acquire a typical "factory" look.

Kitchen with stairs

Kitchen with brick wall

Lamps in the interior of the kitchen

The loft style does not need an exquisite decoration - inInterior of the kitchen will be appropriate quiet colors (white, grayish, brownish, black and blue). The appearance of this kitchen is perfectly complemented by concise doors and rectangular windows. It is not necessary to select something special, the main thing is that they should be as spacious as possible.

Refined style loft

The windows in the loft

The furniture in the loft

Kitchen in the factory style is often divided intoIdiosyncratic zones. With the help of screens and movable partitions, it is possible to create several functional areas in one room. For zoning space, in some cases, kitchen furniture is used.

Furniture in the kitchen in the loft

The bright colors, loft style

The cozy interior of the kitchen

When decorating a typical loft-style kitchenThe most simple and accessible materials are used: brick, concrete, untreated wood, glass and metal. Remarkably, if the room is unplastered brick walls and uneven concrete floors. In some cases, such surfaces are created by an artificial method - using materials that mimic a brickwork or rough plaster.

The snow-white kitchen interior

Brick in the interior of the kitchen

The original kitchen furniture

Use of industrial style for decorationKitchen will allow apartment owners to minimize the cost of repair and decoration of the premises. Materials and technologies used in the decoration of the kitchen area are available even to those residents of the country who are unable to carry out expensive repairs. At the same time, the combination of certain loft style elements will give any interior not only its own distinctiveness, but also a bohemian look. The idea will appeal to first of all, lonely young people and newlyweds, as well as apartment owners who consider themselves to be "creative elite".

Kitchen in factory style

Seven tips for creating a loft-style kitchen

1. When decorating such a kitchen room, designers recommend that one of the walls be selected using a different coloring. There is another option: you can leave the surface in its original form or give it the appearance of a picturesque brickwork or rough plaster, using the available decorative materials. If it is decided to create an imitation of brick walls in the kitchen, it is recommended to cover them with a matte emulsion of white or cream color.

The kitchen area in the loft

Tables for loft kitchen

Modern kitchen

2. Nobody argues that the industrial design direction is most suitable for huge apartments with high ceilings. However, even typical buildings can perfectly combine some elements inherent in the loft style. Moreover - the design of the kitchen interior in the factory style will visually expand the dimensions of the room, make it more spacious and "airy".

As ideas

For owners of small-sized housing excellentThe way out of the situation will be the unification of the kitchen with a loggia or balcony. The area of ​​the kitchen in this case will increase significantly, in the room there will be large windows. Light in the kitchen area will become more natural.

Gray in the kitchen

3. The style of the loft sets special requirements for lighting. In such a kitchen there must necessarily be several sources of artificial light. It is customary to use all kinds of lamps and chandeliers, as well as spotlighting. The form and style of lighting devices is selected in accordance with the general design concept. Everything is permissible here - from classical lamps to chandeliers made in high-tech style. Window openings are made as much as possible open, without curtains or curtains. When decorating kitchen spaces in an industrial style, you can use horizontal blinds.

Chairs on high legs

The original kitchen lighting

Spacious kitchen, loft

4. For the finishing of floors it is necessary to choose the material, combined with the general view of the room. This can be as a rough concrete foundation left in the room after major repairs, and more "warm" types of coatings, such as natural wood. If the floors in the kitchen are covered with an old parquet board, you can simply loop them off and cover with a layer of colorless varnish. When choosing skirting boards, it is recommended to take into account the tonality of the walls - the colors of these surfaces should be as similar as possible.

Advanced kitchen, loft

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen space in the loft

5. When choosing furniture for such a kitchen, it should be remembered that it should be functional and concise at the same time. There is an opinion that furniture accessories for the kitchen area, made in loft style, are very similar to office products. Furniture should not be too bulky - it is these elements of decor will not clutter the interior. In the industrial kitchen, glass countertops, wooden and metal racks, folding chairs look great. Such furniture is usually used in country cottages and cottages.

Wooden kitchen table

Attributes loft style

Pictures for loft style

It should be borne in mind that the loft style is completelyDoes not accept closed shelves and cabinets: in the kitchen there should be many open shelves with kitchen accessories and utensils. Quite the way here will be a mobile table on wheels and a comfortable bar.

The bar counter in the kitchen

Unique style loft in the kitchen

Comfortable bar

6. In such kitchens, very unexpected and original looks old furniture, brought in a decent appearance. Elegant translucent buffets, cozy dining chairs and small sofas, mirrors in stylish frames play an important role in the arrangement of the kitchen. They not only fulfill the function of furniture, but also serve as mandatory interior accessories in the loft style. In addition, kitchen furniture is used to delimit space, create functional areas.

On a note

Do not be afraid of a combination of new and old inSimilar kitchen areas. The industrial design direction allows combining rare furniture with multifunctional modern household appliances. Ancient kitchen buffets perfectly coexist with ultramodern chrome surfaces and glass partitions. Unlike furniture, kitchen appliances in accordance with the requirements of loft style, should be large and massive. Instruments of impressive size in such interiors are associated with those that can often be seen in restaurants.

Brown color in the kitchen

Factory kitchen

Extra long kitchen table

Appliances in the kitchen

7. To make not too expressive interior of the kitchen bright and effective will help all kinds of accessories: modern reproductions of young artists, youth posters and graffiti, figurines and folk art. They should not be much: here it is important not to "go too far." A small number of carefully selected gizmos will give the room a brightness and originality, emphasize its individuality.

Comfortable kitchen furniture

The quiet tone in the kitchen

Modern kitchen interior

Pendant lights in the kitchen

Everyone has the right to decide for themselves whetherCreate a kitchen in such a peculiar style. Thinking a bit, we come to the following conclusion: why not? The option has a lot of advantages. And those who have already joined the ranks of happy owners of kitchen interiors in the loft style, fully appreciated this and do not regret their decision.

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