Kitchen hood: 100 design ideas on the photo

No matter how they call the hood for the kitchen -Air cleaner or a supple- ple filter, and the question of choosing this important element of household kitchen appliances is quite acute. Still some 15-20 years ago, many of our compatriots planning a kitchen renovation did not even think about choosing a hood for a room with a high level of air pollution. Today it is difficult to imagine a kitchen space without this necessary device. Especially acute is the choice of air purifier for kitchen facilities, combined with the living room, dining room, and sometimes all the living space of the apartment or private house. With the growing popularity of the use of open planning in the design of modern dwellings, the need to install high-quality and powerful hoods has increased at times.

Kitchen interier

Cooker hoods

Today's mistresses have already made sure,That the kitchen without a hood is an endless reason for cleaning. Until recently, the snow-white ceiling above the stove had darkened, the walls and hanging cupboards acquired an untidy look. And these are only consequences that can be noticed visually, about the smell of burning and contaminated products of combustion of various food air even speech is not. In order to extend the original image of the kitchen, "as after repair", to save yourself and the household from unpleasant smells, to catch particles of fat that are in the air above the stove and at times to reduce the number of general kitchen cleaning, it is necessary to choose the right hood.

Snow White Hood

Cooker hood in the kitchen

Criteria for selecting the hood for the kitchen

Regardless of the model, all the hoods are designed to clean the air in the kitchen space. This process is carried out in one of two ways:

  • By the method of air filtration in the room - through the built-in filters air is passed and purified returns to the kitchen space;
  • With the help of exhaust ventilation - the polluted air is removed from the kitchen.

Modern models of hoods for the kitchen, most often equipped with a combined system of action - can perform alternately both types of actions.

Covert hood

Suspension model


One of the most important criteria for choosing a hood forThe kitchen is its performance - the amount of air that the unit is capable of passing through itself in units of time. Obviously, the efficiency of the household appliance depends directly on this indicator. If you believe the indicators of sanitary standards, then all the air in the kitchen space should be replaced in 1 hour.

Hood with illumination

Original constructive solution

You can calculate the necessaryThe output of the hood is just for your kitchen. To do this, the area of ​​the kitchen should be multiplied by the height of the ceiling, then multiplied by 12 (this is the rate of air exchange determined by the SES) and multiplied by a factor of 1.3. For example, for a kitchen with an area of ​​6 square meters and a ceiling height of 2.5 m, it is necessary to choose an air cleaner with a capacity of at least 234 cubic meters per hour.

Island hood

Built-in model

The size

According to experts, the width of the hood should not beBe smaller than the size of the cooker or hob. If the hood is significantly less, it will be worse to catch polluted air. If the width of your plate is 55-60 cm, then the hood should be purchased at least 80 cm in size. But not always the space above the hob and the design of the kitchen set allows this rule to be followed. And among the design models of hoods there are many original forms with small size, but high power.

Large dimensions

The masked technique

Modes of operation

As already mentioned above, the kitchenThe air cleaner can work in the filtration mode, cleaning the air that is passed through itself, or it can act on the principle of forced ventilation. Many models are able to work in a combined mode. It is believed that 100% purification of air in the room can provide only the exhaust mode, but, as we understand, the airflow with this method of action does not arise. Choosing the principle of ventilation, you will need to immediately purchase replacement filters and carefully monitor the timely change of products.

Unusual hood

In the traditional kitchen

Filter Models

Virtually all modern models of hoodsEquipped with filter elements. As with water purification, filters for air purification are divided into products of coarse and fine cleaning. The coarse filters detain only the particles of fat and are thin metal nets. Such filters are reusable, they can be washed with the help of special cleaning agents. Fine filters, as a rule, are carbon elements. They need to be purchased separately, and the replacement time depends on the intensity of ventilation mode on your hood.

Inclined model

Vertical arrangement

In modern models, in addition to coarse andFine cleaning, there are intermediate, additional filter elements. Most often they are a thin network of synthetic material. This grid is one-time, it needs to be changed as necessary. Do not forget to check the level of contamination - the exhausted synthetic grid can harm the operation of the entire device.

With a long chimney

In the style of high-tech

Ways to work

The choice of control method for the hood depends on theSolely on your preferences. Modern air cleaners can be equipped with a touch control panel - pressing non-convex buttons. Many homeowners prefer the usual way of control with the help of a button system. Many modern models of hoods are equipped with control panels with simple task panels.

The highlight of the interior

Hood in a modern kitchen

Additional options

Choosing a hood for the kitchen, it is worthwhile to drawAttention and to additional criteria, among which, for example, the residual course of the fan. This function ensures the operation of the extractor after shutdown (as a rule, from 5 to 15 minutes). This "bonus" allows you to completely clean the air after cooking. Additional options include the interval switch-on of the device. For example, 1-2 times per hour the hood is switched on for a short time (5-10min) to ensure continuous air renewal in the room. Even the premises, in which at the moment do not prepare food, needs timely airing.

Original designSome models are equipped with an electronic timer,Which should be turned on at the end of cooking, so that the appliance itself disconnects after a certain time, and you could do your own business without following the work of the hood.

Small modelMany modern models are equipped with built-inSources of light. The most popular devices are halogen lamps that serve for a long time, save electricity and change easily.

Hood above kitchen island

Extractor-lampModern models of hoods can remove up to95% of odors and air pollution. It is especially important when choosing a cleaning device to pay attention to the maximum performance of owners of studio apartments and private houses with an open plan kitchen, dining room and living room. In such rooms, not only the power of the device, but also its "noise" is important.

Vertical installationThe operation of the air cleaner can be compared to a veryQuiet, if the sound is comparable to a whisper (up to 35 decibels). The hood is considered quiet if the sound is comparable to talking at a distance of up to 10 m (it's about 45 decibels). If your kitchen is an isolated room, the hood with a noise level of up to 50 decibels will not be a hindrance. Such a level of published sounds is usually regarded as normal. All parameters exceeding 50 decibels can be considered unsuitable for use in residential spaces - you simply can not ignore such noise.

Brilliant household appliance

Housing material

When choosing a hood, do not stop only on the technical characteristics, and also evaluate the material from which the body of the device is made. It can be:

  • plastic;
  • Enamelled steel;
  • stainless steel;
  • aluminum;
  • strained glass.

Built-in cooker hood

Design in a false ceilingIf we talk about the ratio of price-quality, thenThe most popular technique is with a body of machined aluminum. The matte surface of this material is in perfect harmony with many models of kitchen appliances. The aluminum case is easy to clean, it does not corrode, fingerprints are not visible on its surface.

Hood in the kitchen-dining room

Very stylish and modern looking cabinetA stainless steel appliance in combination with a tempered glass. Such a device will be organically integrated into the kitchen, decorated in a modern interior style. There is an opportunity to order individual manufacture of the device with the necessary set of functions, choice of the material of the case and original design.

Steel and glass

Original design of steel and glass

Island hood with glass

Factors that affect the efficiency of the air cleaner for the kitchen:

  • Air pressure created by the motor. Obviously, high air pressure values ​​will be accompanied by good performance of the device;
  • Mode of operation of the mechanism. The hood extracted into the ventilation shaft works more efficiently than the device in the ventilation mode;
  • Cross-section of grease filters and densityCarbon filter elements (if any). The denser the filter, the higher the air cleaning performance. But it is important to understand that no filtering element will provide air purification by 100%;
  • Performance margin. The most effective is the regime that allows you to quickly clean the air under extreme conditions - when food is burned. When choosing a hood, it makes sense to pay attention to this parameter;
  • Dimensions of the device. The larger the dimensions of the hood, the larger the area taken by the seizure of polluted air. This means that near the kitchen furniture will be produced a smaller amount of swirls of air. It is known that the surface of the kitchen set near the stove or hob is susceptible to leaking due to the constant influence of hot air.

Modern model

Extractor with built-in light

Types of kitchen hoods

Traditional (classical)

This is a suspended model that is mounted to the wallAbove the cooker or hob. Sometimes such an extract is located under the kitchen cabinet of the upper tier. This is one of the most budgetary options for an air cleaner for the kitchen. Manufacturers offer appliances with grease-absorbing disposable filters made of acrylic. Operation in air recirculation mode requires the installation of carbon filters that can neutralize small particles. The smell of such devices is only partially removed.

Traditional exhaust hood

The classic version


The name speaks for itself - the modelIs built into the upper cabinet of the kitchen set, located above the stove or hob. Typically, these hoods are equipped with a pull-out panel, which increases the air intake area, which must be cleaned. This option greatly facilitates the management of the technique and increases its productivity. Typically, similar models are equipped with two motors and multi-layer filters that capture fat particles. Built-in appliances slightly differ from the traditional price. If you choose between these two options, it is better to purchase a device that can be built into the hanging cabinet.

Extractor built-in cupboard

Built-in model

Casing model

Extractor with pull-out panel

Fireplace (dome)

Such models are mounted to the ceiling or wall above theCooker or hob. The name of the hood was obtained for a resemblance to a chimney (chimney). Similar air cleaners come in various variations - all-metal, metal with glass, classical (wood-trimmed). The design of fireplace hoods can be the most creative and suitable for kitchen spaces, decorated in various styles of interior - from traditional to high-tech.

Dome model

Fireplace model

Fireplace hood

To dome hoods can also be attributedIsland models. They are most often located directly above the hob and fixed exclusively to the ceiling. Especially effective are similar models when using the layout of the kitchen space with the island, in which the plate or hob is integrated. Design island models can be very diverse - from a simple rectangular box to, comparable to the space equipment, the device.

Island built-in hood

Island air cleaner

Original island hood

Unusual island model

Vertical (inclined)

The difference between such hoods in the arrangement of the panelGrip in relation to the plate. The extract is located vertically or at a slight angle with respect to the working surface of cooking. Such models help to save the useful space of the kitchen, while not yielding to the performance of traditional devices.

In black color

Original inclined model

Vertical hood

Inclined air cleaner

A small vertical model

Several creative solutions for different styles of interior design

A hood with an original design can becomeThe key element of the interior of the kitchen space. Modern design models can outshine both the bright facades of the kitchen set and the unusual finish of the apron. Particularly impressive looks hood, harmoniously combined with other household appliances in the kitchen.

Unusual design

Brilliant non-trivial model

Luxurious design model

About many modern models of air purifiersIt does not immediately become clear that you have household appliances. Some hoods look like hanging lamps with a lot of decorative elements. By the way, backlight functions such devices also carry out.

Chandelier Extractor

The original design

Glamorous extract

Kitchen in loft style is an open communication on theBackground of brick or concrete walls. Hiding the hood from the eyes is not necessary, the display of this household appliance is part of the design concept. In such design projects, as a rule, massive dome air cleaners with shiny or matte metal surfaces are used.

Loft style kitchen

Unusual kitchen loft

Large and powerful hood

In the kitchen, decorated in a modern style orHi-tech harmoniously look original island models with shiny (often chrome) surfaces. Round and oval, diamond-shaped and asymmetrical forms - there is no limit to the variety of options.

Chrome model

Extractor pipe

Unusual approach

Modern design

The original extract, which isPart of the ventilation pipe. This design allows you to save space over the working area of ​​the kitchen, although it reduces the performance of the device itself.

Extract air duct

The exhaust panel, which serves for air intake, is oftenExtends to one side of the hob. It turns out a kind of shelf, on which you can store the necessary kitchen accessories. As a rule, such a surface is equipped with fixtures. As a result, you get a light source not only over the hob, but also a sink or dressing room (depending on the arrangement of the kitchen island).

Large model with shelf

Practical design

Long panel

For some designers and homeowners the normIt is considered the location of just a couple of identical hoods over a plate or hob. The design of the room as a result only benefits from the originality of the approach, but the air recycling efficiency doubles.

Double cleaning

Double dark hood

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